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What a day this has been. They said it would rain, showers actually, but they’ve been saying that at least once a day. Today they were correct. The day started out pleasant enough but by this afternoon, the skies opened up and streets were instantly flooded including my corner. You have to improvise and improvisation in the rain is never easy. Lucky the customers are loyal, unless you get their consumer goods wet, then its ‘whine whine whine‘. The only one who really whined was the sculptor but she’s always whining and oh so easily ignored like most sculptors are.

My friend from way back when, Andrew was in town. I knew him when he was Andy. Now he’s Andrew, married with two beautiful kids and a lovely wife in Southern California. We made plans earlier this month to meet up since he was going to be in town and today was the day to meet up. And then I got this gig slinging rock on the corner and I had to back out of a cup of coffee. Our mutual friend Rand would probably be in town and they could do their catching up without me. Rand and Andrew were once roommates, when they were both known as Randy and Andy. So long ago…

I did get some congratulations from Andrew on the slinging rock franchise I opened up and that was good to read. With this slinging rock formation I don’t know how long it will last but I plan to hang onto that corner as long as possible. The original plan was for six weeks but so many other factors have come into play and it looks like it might be longer. I might be one of those guys, naked in an air tight room putting things into baggies. If that’s the case I hope my coworkers are handsome.

I think Juan is on his way over so that should be fun. It’s been like a week since I last saw him, and I few days since I told him that he could not stop by, Bill wanted to be alone with just me. Bill is on his way home and I texted him to let him know our kid was probably going to be here. No word whether or not that matters, no response so I guess he doesn’t care. And that is fine with me & Juan I guess.

Now I am listening to Patsy Cline, her greatest hits. I love Patsy Cline, ever since I saw Beverly D’Angelo portray her in Coal Miner’s Daughter. Just some connection was made and later in life I found likeminded people who felt the same way for Patsy Cline. Juan just arrived and made a crack about me listening to Loretta Lynn. He’s a wise one that Juan. I of course, explained it was Patsy and he cut me off before I could say ‘Cline’ as he knew who it was that I was listening to, and it wasn’t him.

and this one has been floating around my etherized skull

Kingston Advice

I was out cold last night. Slept like a rock. I was hurtin’ from the Chiropractor so I took a Tylenol PM. By 11:15 was having difficulty keeping my eyes open. Bill went to bed at roughly the same time and we cuddled as I fell into the arms of Morpheus. So deep was the sleep I know not of what I may have dreamt. But I woke up feeling all right, a little groggy, but otherwise samo samo. Puttered about, not bellyaching about having to go to work, for I wanted to see what condition Felicia might be in. I tried calling her last night but got no answer.

I walked to the Path, got some bananas from Plantain man with his pup tent. He’s been looking pretty good lately and has been smiling a lot when I get my bananas. I was listening to the Clash, ‘Sandinista’. A great record, I was playing disc two. One big regret I have is never going to see the Clash live, though I’ve had a few opportunities. What the fuck was I thinking? I mean, they played about 25 shows at Bonds in Times Square in 1980 and I never got it together to go. I suppose I was afraid of having to go alone. That prevented me a lot back in the day. I got over it a short time later.

I got off the Path train at Ninth Street and walked down Sixth Avenue, stopping to get a bagel on Carmine Street. Got the free newspapers and the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal for the office. Set about starting up the office, making a ton of coffee, changed into the extra t-shirt that I keep there since I turn into a big Irish sweater when the temperature goes above 75 degrees. People started to dribble in about 45 minutes later as I sat at my desk. Felicia came in and didn’t look bad at all, no outward signs of having had a seizure.

We chatted and discussed the events that happened yesterday. I was really glad to see her, since I wouldn’t have to be running the show by myself. She was up for the task when all of a sudden, I just lost interest in most everything. I was really fed up and disgusted with working there. Granted I had been in contact with Mark and been leading him on, and I realize that tomorrow I’m going to have to tell him I’m not going to leave McMann and Tate.

I had an epiphany. You see, I said I wasn’t feeling too well and they sent me home around 3:00. I wasn’t physically ill, just wanted to get the hell out of there. I feel better now. The epiphany is that this is my job. I have to hang in there. This might be a symptom of the last fitting in pains. I certainly don’t want to have to go through the whole process of starting at a new job all over again. I came up with the plan to stay at McMann and Tate for a year and decide what to do next April. Seems like a good plan. Anything could happen between now and then.

So the mantra today, and probably for the rest of the week/month/year, will be to hang in there. It was the same mantra last month. Maybe I’m having my period. I don’t know.