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Astronomy Domine

The clouds have been rolling in. Yesterday was blue skies, today cream colored. Not complaining. Been around for a bit this afternoon. Had to get a new smoke detector because the one we have is about 10 years old and had to go.

They don’t last forever you know. Take one off your ceiling and you will see a date stamp on the back. Over 5 years, it’s advisable to ditch it. I did the smart thing and went to CVS and bought a new one since the hardware store sells it for $10.00 more.

Today on the news, it was mainly about Jim Bunning the Senator from Kentucky and his blocking the unemployment benefits and extensions. One or two other Senators chimed in, saying that people that are collecting unemployment benefits are living high off the hog.

I was surprised to see that other people thought that way, if thinking can actually be used to described these pigs. And I do understand their resentment, the high off the hogs sentiment must hit too close to home because I can only imagine that these people are fucking pigs.

It’s similar to what fuck tard someone from Bala Cyanide wrote last month when I got out when I could in that tar pit of a scam of a job. That I (and the other unemployed people) enjoy being out of work, without benefits and having to subsist on a much lower rate.

It’s lard asses people like that who seem to think like in that manner and by mentioning thinking as a verb for that kind of person I am showing a largesse that they rarely afford to others.

Today has been a day where I thought about people from the past. I do that most every day, but today I decided to write about it. I was thinking about some people I used to work with at HBJ. There was Annie Carroll who was a lot of fun, quite a lot of fun to be around.

She worked in the Psych department. Last I heard from her was a letter sent almost 20 years ago. She was living in Lodi. My father got the letter and angrily insisted that I immediately inform her that I no longer reside in Lodi.

Carlos Baez was also in the Psych department. He was from the Bronx, a former junkie and having an affair with Flo Ligouri who worked in the PO department. Carlos was one of those people that stopped being my friend when word got out that I was gay.

He thought it was disgusting. More disgusting than shooting up heroin and screwing around with someone’s wife while his own wife was home in the Bronx raising their kids. A class act that Carlos. He then started cheating on Flo with Maria Maldonado.

Looking back I am glad he stopped being my friend. People that lived in shooting galleries on Adultery Lane really shouldn’t throw stones.

Bill Wrice was a great guy that I worked with though. A true friend from those HBJ days. He couldn’t care less if I was gay or not.

We even stayed in touch once I left HBJ, even friends long enough to attend a party I threw in Weehawken. Last I heard he was a corrections officer and like most corrections officer and those in law enforcement he is off the grid.

But perhaps if he Google’s himself, perhaps he’ll find this and drop a line.

That’s about it for now. Anything happens I’ll let you know. You know I will.


Let this be a warning to you if you're planing on attending Fake Patricks Day this Saturday

Let this be a warning to you if you're planing on attending Fake Patricks Day this Saturday


Blood Pt 2

October 11, 2009 Written on the Bolt Bus to Washington DC for the National Equality March on Washington. Got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep and though I’m not at 100% I feel OK. 2 cups of coffee and listening to the Dark Was The Night compilation on the iPod.

At 5:00AM Bill woke me up when his alarm clock was going off, telling me something like ‘The alarm is going to go off every 10 minutes.’ Being asleep I said, ‘Huh? What?’ Then I looked at my watch and said, ‘Oh shit!’ and started to hustle. I did have the foresight to get my clothes and other things together for the trip the night before, so all I had to do was jump in the shower.

I do wonder why Bill was unable to make the trip, since the stage manager thing for Amiri Baraka’s birthday was on Saturday and he was home by 10:00. But his reasons are his reasons and will more than likely remain unknown to me.

The sun is coming up on the NJ Turnpike. It is 7:25AM and we’re scheduled to be in DC at 11:15. Passing by Bordentown and Trenton. Texts with Bill and Meghan Taylor. Bill is in pain, back problems and leg problems. It started yesterday so it probably is a good thing that he didn’t come along.

Very quiet on the bus, some iPod leakage but not too bad. Started texting with Juan and exchanged cellphone pictures with Meghan. Most everyone asleep on the bus.

For myself, this trip to DC is something I felt I should do, ever since that NYC march that Bill and I took part in, when it was first announced in May. I see it as a countering to the tea bagger march on September 12. I just hope we have higher numbers than those numbskulls.

I also did not want to be at home watching it on TV and regretting not participating. (From what I understand, it was not on TV)

I was just thinking of the previous March on Washington that I attended in 1993. I was working at Skyline Studios and was greatly encouraged to attend by Jimmy B, the studio manager. Busses were arranged through the LGBT Center from Union Square and Jimmy B. paid my fare.

Julio had made remarks then, that I was going to meet a man. It wasn’t my intention, honestly but if it happened I wouldn’t mind.

It turned out that I did meet someone. A guy named Cinque. Nice guy but after a few months of dating we weren’t that compatible. He loved Three’s Company without any hint of irony. I couldn’t get past that.

Now the bus is in Delaware, on that very large bridge. This brings up a memory of traveling to Newark with Bill Wrice to visit a college student named Claire who was going to school there. It was one of the stranger excursions I had been on and I was still somewhat closeted.

It was homecoming week down there and I think Claire might have had a thing for me or Bill Wrice. I know nothing happened between Claire and myself, but I cannot speak for Bill Wrice. Slept on the floor.

Now the bus rolls trough Maryland. Delaware is a small state. Reading Mojo with Kraftwerk on the cover. A really fun interview with Brian Johnson from AC DC. Seems like a nice chap.

So far so good, a quiet bus ride, with no incidents. Lush scenery flies by in different colors. I think the guy next to me is listening to Fleetwood Mac, that’s my guess.
Mojo is just too good this month/ Kraftwerk, Brian Johnson, Yoko Ono.

I was about to start to read an article on Big Star but didn’t want to get too involved. I did read an article on raising chickens in the New Yorker by Susan Orlean, which I had passed over a few days ago. Really good and a fun read.

More to come later.

Herald Square 6:15AM

Herald Square 6:15AM