To write or not to write? I sent a message to Harpy and Annemarie telling them I wasn’t going to write tonight but here I am with nothing to do, so I thought I would write. Sometimes when I have nothing to write about, it just flows out of me, and I can easily post 500 words.

Other times when I do have something to write about, it can be a chore, trying to find the right words, the right turn of phrase. But here I am now trying the same old thing.

It’s quite cold out. I oughta know. Just walked over to the main post office and thought the outdoor thermometer at the bank said it was 32 degrees, it was certainly colder than that. I had gotten some photographs from my cousin Joe who’s father, my uncle Joseph just passed away.

He entrusted me to send them to the proper people and as far as I could tell, the only proper person was my cousin Theresa. So I wrote a quick note and put the photographs in an envelope, taking care to put them in with some cardboard so they wouldn’t get bent.

And with a hop, skip and a jump I was in the post office where it was nice and toasty. I was going to walk by the Guitar Bar, but I didn’t agree with their menu.

Instead I continued trucking along to the supermarket to buy some juice. I was going to buy a four pack of Guinness to bring to Chaz’ party tonight but thought the price of it, $8.79 was a bit much. With tax that would make it $9.00 and change. I held off and bought my juice and some diet 7Up.

I usually make an orange juice, cranberry raspberry juice and diet 7Up beverage to drink and soon found myself on a very long express line. As I inched closer to the register I side stepped and picked up 2 copies of the Hoboken Reporter, one for myself and one for Julio.

The elderly gent in front of me thought I had cut the line and turned around to tell me so. I explained to him that I had been behind him for the past 10 minutes and that the people behind me would more than likely have something to say if indeed I did cut.

He asked for my forgiveness after clearing up the matter and I forgave him. He said he was going to have to hit me over the head with his loaf of Italian bread if I did cut. I told him that I have quite a hard head and that I would do more damage to the bread if that was the case.

He laughed and I guess he felt bad and offered to drive me home. I told him there was no need, that I would be just fine. The cashier and the guy behind me chuckled to themselves. I passed the gent in the parking lot and wished him a good night and continued on my way home.

I went into Garden Liquor and bought the Guinness there which was a dollar less than it was in the supermarket. The store owner was surprised when I told him that his price cheaper than the supermarket. He also told me not to buy any beer there or he would hurt me.

And once again I have written over 500 words without any problems and without anything to really write about, but then again, do I ever have anything to write about, really? Had some ravioli for dinner, not sure if Chaz would have any food.

Bill is in the city doing some rehearsal for a reading on Monday. He’s going to text me when he’s en route to Hoboken and I guess we’ll head over to Chaz’ house soon enough.


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