Daily Archives: January 25, 2010

New Position

New day. Lot’s of rain and wind. Did not sleep well. Bill’s snoring was atrocious. I asked Rand how he dealt with it and he replied, lose weight, floss and rinse and brush teeth before sleep and also learn to sleep with your mouth closed.

I did go out into the maelstrom this morning. Needed milk for my cereal. Midway to the store, my umbrella turned into a pretzel. I made in back home soaking wet. A change of clothes was required. And the power went out, then back on, then out again and then back on.

I heard from Greg Stevens many times today. I told him I wasn’t going to make it in, too messy outside, plus I was rather grouchy from missing a good night’s sleep.

In the pit of my stomach is anxiety. From the new job that I am scheduled to start a week from today. More from that than from the stage reading I am doing tonight. Heard from my brother Brian who was encouraging as well as Annemarie and a friend from McSwells, Andrea.

Apparently she reads my blog, probably from Twitter feed that Rand set up. Also been using Google Analytics to see who and where my blog gets read. Apparently a lot more than the 2 or 3 that I usually expect. And from all over the world.

Page views last a minute sometimes, but I suppose it counts. Someone in Mount Holly reads it too. Who do I know in Mount Holly?

And now the reader in Mount Holly will read my writing about the reader in Mount Holly. Maybe they will find it an invasion of their privacy. Maybe they’ll respond and say hello. Or maybe they will stop reading this blog.

I have a phone interview in about 15 minutes with the person who sent me an online application on Saturday night at 11:00PM. I filled out the pre-screening application rather cheekily yesterday, but quite honestly.

The woman who sent it called me back almost immediately to set up the interview. So at 2:30 this afternoon I will be otherwise engaged for about 20 minutes. Then I should have a nice lunch and then get ready for the reading.

Bill and I watched 2 hours of Big Love last night, both good hours, the second hour getting more and more twisted plot wise, and also featured Sissy Spacek. Then we went over the lines I am going to read tonight. I think and Bill thinks it went well.

We’ll see how it goes tonight. I’m just helping out, sitting among the actors. I suppose I will adapt by how they go through their lines and read accordingly. At least I hope I do.

I did go out again this afternoon, things had calmed down quite a bit with regards to the weather. Had to drop off birthday greetings for my dear friend Billie in Washington DC as well as for my brother in law Rex.

Now it’s just drizzling out, earlier I could have sworn a tornado was passing overhead.

Well I just got off from the phone interview. Supposed to last 20 minutes, but I was so well spoken that it lasted 31 minutes. The woman who interviewed me was impressed with my phone manner and was taken with the fact that it was more like a conversation than an interview.

I was basically myself. I mentioned that if she wanted to interview me in person, it had best be soon since I am starting that new position next Monday. She understood.

She was the initial call before the actual company that is looking to hire, which is at the Citi Corp Center a block and a half away from where I previously worked. So basically I was myself, not the charmer, just answering the questions plainly and honestly.

I also did not lie about my education. I’m a high school graduate. I also said I was an autodidact.

Since I’ve written this now, I suppose I will write about what happens later at the reading, tomorrow. Right now it isn’t raining. I hope that continues.