Well today was a little bit better than yesterday. But it’s still a crazy world. The owner of, a social networking (read: hook up website) site for gay dudes is on record for donating $2300.00 to the McCrazy campaign. How nice, taking gay money and giving it to an anti-gay candidate.

I canceled my account. I was a paid subscriber. Also posted in my Manhunt profile that the owner gave money to McCrazy. That lasted about an hour, then it was censored. So I reworded it and it was censored again. I’m glad to be out of there and I am telling all my online gay friends to boycott. Of course they didn’t know and now that they do, hopefully they’ll cancel their accounts as well. The latest from me to Manhunt:

Dear Team Manhunt,
Thanks for censoring my latest innocuous statement. I am greatly disappointed in Manhunt but I understand that you are probably under siege by other gay men, who are also greatly disappointed and more than likely you’re very busy censoring what they might have to say on the matter.

I did change any political references and did not name names, which is more of a Reich wing thing anyhow. I just don’t see how you can work for a company that would be under attack should the owner of Manhunt’s candidate of choice win the election in November.

I’m glad you appreciate my comments and I am also glad that there are many other outlets to get this information out. I don’t drink Coors beer, not because it tastes terrible but for their politics. Sort of an homage to Harvey Milk, who more than likely would be finding Manhunt’s owner treasonous. Harvey Milk worked on a successful boycott of Coors. I’m sure you can count on the many gay men who don’t care about politics as they admire the political knife that is poised to slit their throats. Perhaps they’ll wake up and act up.

And it is no longer a private matter as more gay men find out.

Yes, ACT UP.

It just pisses me off. It’s disgusting how some ‘people’ can take money from one group and give it to another group working against the first group. Perhaps gay men will wake up and cancel, perhaps they will keep their heads in the sand.

We need a Harvey Milk, we need a James Baldwin. Gay people have to get their act together. Fight the discrimination, the gay bashing and the slaughter. The injustice of murdering a gay man in a ‘gay panic’.

bhikkhu struck a bell a few weeks ago reminding me of what Burroughs had to say about gay people fighting like Mossad and getting whomever bashed us. If we can’t fight them in the streets (for now) perhaps we’ll get them in their wallets.

This is just like the fucking idiots in the VFW who endorsed Bush for the second fucking time as Bush was slashing veteran’s benefits. Gee, what a pretty knife. The last thought before their throats were slit.

If you are gay and use Manhunt, cancel your account. If you’re using it for free, stop. Use Craigslist, Adam4Adam, anything but the gay social network that gives money to John McCain. And if you know some one gay, just put the word out.

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  1. Harpy

    You do know that business enterprises ie. Manhunt often contribute to both parties just to hedge their bets, least a pogrom reigns down on them. Your anger is righteous but perhaps a tad reactionary. I’m sure what ever donation was made to McCrazy’s campaign, was made to stave off further conflict.
    PS I love you baby.

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