My Squelchy Life

Well it’s Wednesday again in case you didn’t know that already. The last day of April. Tomorrow is May day. Fly the red flag. Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains! That used to inspire me, now I’m too busy. I waited for the revolution, but it never came so I moved on. I wouldn’t say I was impatient, but I was ready.

Bill came home last night and we watched the Olivia Show, aka Lawn Hor d’oeuvre SUV. It had the special guest star of Robin Williams who is really good at playing psychotic. He’s funny doing stand up but I really can’t think of any of his movies that were really funny from start to finish. At least any that I have seen. It was good throughout until the end which was completely flaccid. Stabler: He got away. Olivia: If he was cuffed and ran into the water he’s dead. That was it. They didn’t look, they just walked away from the waterside.

You know he’ll be back in the future such a devious villain. But the detectives walked away from the water, no calling in for back up or a search team. Extremely weak, and I even said so to Bill as the show ended. Such cheese. Robin Williams handcuffs outrunning Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay. Went to bed after that. Sleeping really well and waking up refreshed. Not questioning it, blind acceptance. Not hustling to get to the office either. I still get there before everyone and I’m in by 8:30 rather than 8:00.

Bill and I talked a bit about Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former Pastor. I saw Wright on Bill Moyers last Friday night and he seemed like a reasonable man, I agreed with a lot of what he had said. A little over 48 hours and I was convinced the man was a stark raving loon. I was put off on Monday morning’s clips of Wright imitating JFK’s Boston speech pattern, and then after watching the other clips on the Daily Show I was sure he was an asshole. I felt terrible for Obama.

Bill grew up with Pastor’s like that, foaming at the mouth types. My Pastor, Thomas Lennon had to be checked repeatedly to see if his heart was still beating. Always seen with a cigar except in church, Father Lennon would walk through my grammar school, St. Francis de Sales, smoking a stogie. No one minded or complained, that was when everyone smoked. Apparently there’s a David Sedaris article in the New Yorker about smoking. At least that’s what was written in the awful Gawker website. I call it awful since they never publish my comments, so fuck ’em.

I’m going to McSwells this Friday to see Nick Lowe. My pasts imploding. McSwells, Nick Lowe… I got the tickets for brother Brian and his wife Karen, I was going to give them to them as an anniversary gift, but since there is more trouble at home, Karen’s watching the delinquent and Brian is going out. I’m looking forward to spending time with Brian. We get along now, a lot better than we did when we were growing up together. But that’s a whole ‘nother story. A good one too!

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