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Epistle To Dippy

Sunday Sunday Sunday. No churchy la femme for me. A beautiful day though. Comfortable, around 70 degrees, blue cloudless sky. It almost makes me think somethings going to happen. Perhaps that a hangover from 9/11. Nice days mean trouble. Low flying planes mean trouble. That guy on the street over there means trouble. I go looking for trouble and I just have to open my eyes. Nah, it’s not that bad. So far today has been a trouble free day. Of course I haven’t turned on the news, but it’s a day of sports so the news might not be on at 6:00.

Last night I did very little. I watched Jesus Camp, which I rented through Netflix. I forgot it was in my queue and I watched it. It was pretty creepy this woman out in the Midwest preparing young children to start a christian jihad and to praise a cardboard cut out (at least I think it was. Who can tell?) of the chimp in charge. Oh these kids, towing the line, speaking in tongues. I was relatively religious when I was a kid, going to catholic school and all, but obviously I grew out of that, thanks to my catholic schooling. One year in high school I had to write a paper on the Lutheran religion. And I found myself agreeing with a lot of what Martin Luther had written. That threw my catholicism headed towards doubt. Then as I went through life, thinking for myself and meeting different people with different ideas and backgrounds made me wonder if none of us were right.

Jesus Camp is worth seeing if only to see Ted Haggard, famed for his Monday morning phone calls with the chimp in charge as well as buying crystal methamphetamine and soliciting a male escort. It’s the creepiest!

I wound up watching Nature on PBS. It was about Hippos in Africa, as if they would be anywhere else. Interesting show, had no idea that hippos were so aggressive, and not the pink dancing hippos doing ballet in tu tu’s. They can run and spend a lot of time under water. They are impressive creatures and I would get out of they’re way should a pod of them come headed in your direction.

Then I got sucked into watching How The Earth Was Made on the History Channel. I never watch the history channel so I guess I’m bound to repeat it. Narrated by Edward Herrman, I was totally taken in. Of course, me being skeptical I kept in mind that it’s all guess work, and by guess work it’s theory. To describe something happening 1.5 Billion years ago, how this happened and what that as like, in this day and age with the equipment we have now, we don’t really know. I believe it more than creationism (duh) but geological history from way way way way way etc back then, I don’t think we could really know.

It’s the same thing with the Universe. We don’t know. Our tiny minds on this planet, guessing what’s going on many light years away, we don’t have a clue. The theories are better than nothing but subject to change. I do believe that everything is connected, every thing, every one, everywhere is related. From rocks to plants to animals to air to space to planets, it flows on within you and without you. Oh so groovy like.

It’s funny, watching the Earth show on the History Channel that when they go from something occurring 1 billion years ago to something 100 Million years ago, I think ‘oh that was so recent.’ Like it was last year or so.

Here’s is a link for Keith Olbermann, who sometimes I can’t take. I do think he’s right on the money on this one though (he usually is on the money, but his delivery can be so Keith Olbermann). It has a video and a transcript of the video.
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Today is the first day of Autumn.