Daily Archives: October 21, 2006

Hard Man Fe Dead

A nice sunny brisk Saturday. Woke up a little after 7, just couldn’t sleep anymore. After showering and a couple of cups of coffee while Bill slept. I was quite active this morning. I ran out to the bank and the dry cleaners and the supermarket at various points, all before 11:00. And I did some laundry too. So productive. Now I’m at a loss for words. So I turn to the iPod shuffle.

Warrior- Bunny Wailer ‘Retrospective’
Bunny is of course one of the original Wailers along with Peter Tosh and Bib Marley. He’s also the only one still alive. He is a devout Rastafarian and still tours from time to time.

Ups and Downs- the dB’s ‘Repercussion’
Love the first two dB’s record and live they were great at McSwells last year but I soon got bored hearing the records note for note performed live. It’s my own fault I never saw them back when they were vital. Still these first two records are superb to this day.

Son of a Preacher Man- Aretha Franklin ‘The Atlantic Years Box Set’
Aretha’s totally different version from Dusty Springfield’s take. More soulful and gospelly and laid back funk. Dusty could never pull it off and it’s really just ok. Not one of Aretha’s best if you ask me.

Private Life- Grace Jones ‘Compass Point Sessions’
Grace covering Chrissie Hynde’s composition. Fantastic version and on par with the original version. Grace’s band at that time featured some legendary reggae musicians like Sly and Robby and Wally Badarou to name but three.

Spoilt Victorian Child- The Fall ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace’
Classic Fall from the eighties. Three of their best albums I think. Very McSwells time for me, in fact my friend Charlie had some photographs on the inner sleeve for this record.

Under the Boardwalk- Tom Tom Club ‘Tom Tom Club’
I first heard this version on a special double sided cassette for the Talking Heads and the solo projects from 1981. It’s ok not their best. Their second record is very good and unavailable. I have it on cassette. Must digitize it.

Good Night- The Beatles ‘The Beatles (White Album)’
John Lennon’s schmaltzy song written for Ringo. Follows the harrowing ‘Revolution #9’ darkness and light. Sugary light. Still an odd track to finish off quite a diverse album.

You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory- Johnny Thunders ‘So Alone’
Never really liked Johnny too much, though I love his acoustic record, ‘Hurt Me’ and this song which is great. My friend Rita went to high school with Johnny. Met him once when Rita introduced us at McSwells.

Norwegian Wood- The Beatles ‘Anthology 2’
Really cool version of Norwegian Wood, noticeably different from the version released on Rubber Soul. I like it more than that version.

My Heart Hurts- Nick Lowe ‘Nick the Knife’
Nick Lowe wrote some really great songs. This is a good song. Another ok song.

Quedate Luna- Devendra Banhart ‘Cripple Crow’
Cool song. I thought this was Manu Chao, but it’s not.

Hospital- The Modern Lovers ‘Modern Lovers’
Jonathan Richman 1970, released in 1973 after the group broke up. Classic and influential. Jonathan was eventually featured in ‘Something About Mary’ singing in a tree.

The Cross- Prince ‘Sign O’the Times’
Great song from Prince’s best record. Good enough, great message, almost great enough to make a believer. Almost.