Daily Archives: October 10, 2006

Lost Girls

Tuesday which felt like Monday since Monday was a day off, not hooky, not sick, a legal holiday and those are the best, or at least very cool. Bill looked great as he went to work before me, me bleary eyed him slowly taking the steps downstairs with his bad back and all. I jumped into the shower and did my thing, shaved and got dressed, had some cereal and coffee. What a glamorous life I lead. Brought down the recyclables and garbage and headed to the Path train, stopping by Plantain Man who is a tiresome tease.

The usual faces on the train, all non descript and such drab suited men. Must I show them how to properly wear a suit? Felicia was in the office before me and I mentioned that we need to call the caterer for tomorrow lunch which was actually today. Of course she reminded me what day it was making me feel like a doofus. A happy doofus though. I did improve my attitude and I took my multi-vitamin and B complex which made my urine quite florescent. I know, what the fuck is he writing about the color of his urine for? Well it was really bright. My body took whatever minerals it needed from the vitamins and I had to get rid of the rest. I often wonder how it would have affected Warhol’s Oxidation Paintings, aka the Piss Paintings.

So besides the vibrant color, the B Complex is supposed to help with the stress of the day and it was quite a busy stressful day. Clients, including the berk I mentioned last week, who called me a ‘star’ for getting him a peppermint tea. The presentation was run by Raige Piney who might be warming up to me after what is close to seven months. Or she might be just using me which is pointless since it’s my job to make sure these things run smoothly.

Lot’s of dishes to be loaded and unloaded into the dishwasher. At one point Amiable Alan was in the kitchen with me being his usual demure self and for some reason all I could say to him was ‘Shut Up Bitch’. He laughed, I laughed, and we laughed. It was genuinely absurd. Amiable Alan is a nice guy and I’d never call him a bitch unless it was in jest. No, nothing happened. I wasn’t reprimanded or anything like that.

The day wound down somewhat as clients left in cars that I had arranged to drive them to the airports or wherever else they were headed. Felicia left early yet again on the pretext this time, of needing to buy various items for the office tomorrow since it was announced that we won’t have any water until tomorrow afternoon since a leak has been discovered on the floor underneath us. That means I’ll be running to Dunkin’ Donuts to get boxes of coffee for the office which is fine by me since it will get me out of the office if only for a few minutes here and there.