Daily Archives: October 24, 2005

Third Uncle

Stayed up later than usual last night, which put my day into drag mode. Drag as in slow going, not drag as in RuPaul. I was stuck for the name of a drag queen and RuPaul was the only one I could think of. Everyone knows who RuPaul is anyway. Don’t they? Or is it too Nineties? I’ve been waking up and the sun hasn’t risen, and I leave work as the sunsets. And it was cloudy cloudy cloudy today. More rain.

I made an arrangement to meet a ‘Robert’ outside of HSBC in Manhattan today. I met him as I was walking down Fifth Avenue smoking my cigar. I described what I was wearing, my double-breasted gray Givenchy pinstriped suit, lavender French cuff shirt with contrasting collar and cuffs, and a lavender silk tie with a paisley design. Very fly if I say so myself. You may stop laughing now.

Robert appeared and looked better than his photograph. Handsome and willing. But it was just a meeting, a how do you do. We walked eight blocks to 32nd Street. Lot’s of tourists, stopping right in the middle of the sidewalk. At 6:00, that could be dangerous. Robert sure does walk fast, but I maintained my pace. Paranoid me kept expecting him to bolt, but no, he just walks very fast.

I’m sure I can do a Snaporito on him, I just have to get the words right. We exchanged phone numbers and I walked thru little Korea to the PATH train. Got to Hoboken after reading Harpers, and climbed the steps into the makings of a monsoon. Hard rain and strong winds. Goodbye umbrella.

I also remembered to stop by the Library to pick up a book I ordered. Dry by Augusten Burroughs. No relation to William S. Burroughs.

I sort of enjoyed his first book, ‘Running with Scissors’, though some parts were disturbing even with my askewed principles. So I’m giving him another chance. Even if it’s a terrible book, I’m sure it would be a lot better than ‘Who Moved My Cheese’, which was given to me by Bleedin Hope as a way to help mold me into the new regime.

Work was pleasant with Bleedin Hope touring Europe for two weeks. Everyone getting along just fine, with the exception of Zilcha. I was shown an email that the wombus sent out, full of bad grammar. That was funny. It was all about the holidays for next year. Major mistakes. She’s an idiot. And she’s in charge. Very dangerous. I bet she voted for Bush.

If anyone wants to know what a Saporito is, just ask. It’s funny and I don’t mean him any harm. Came home and actually made the worst hamburger in history. I know, for me that is saying a lot. It’s so hard to ruin a hamburger but I certainly found a way. And that has found it’s way into the garbage pail.

Kept up the search for a new job. Not much out there. Got to hang in. Bonuses may be given out soon and I am definitely entitled to one. It’s a change from how I was feeling a week or so ago. The attitude of ‘If I get it I get it. If not, so what? It doesn’t really exist anyway, until it’s in my bank account. Ha! My feeble attempt at Zen Conciousness.