I’ve Been Lonely (For So Long)

Well here I am again and it’s Friday for most, and I guess it’s Thursday for me since I have Sunday off. Then it’s 5 days, Monday through Friday with next weekend off.

I arranged to have August 22 off to see the Specials at Summerstage but they were denied visas to get into the US. They’re touring Canada but not here. Boo State Department, Boo!

So now there is a tentative plan to see the Warhol exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum with Harpy next weekend, now that Harpy is off the mainland and back on one of the islands off the coast of North America.

Today was back at the cigar shop. The mantra continues. It was a decent team, Calvin, Don Birch and Raymond. Marcus is at the tobacconist convention and will be back on Monday. It was a beautiful day that’s for sure. Q

uite nice, almost spring like, or maybe even closer to autumnal. I listened to Pylon, Hits when I went into work. Great way to start the day. They were such nice people, and it’s sad that Randy passed away last year and Pylon will be no more.

One of the best bands from Athens GA in my book. I first saw them opening up for Talking Heads in 1980 at the Dr. Pepper Festival at the Wollman Rink and didn’t quite get them.

Fast forward a few years later, I’m shopping in Free Being, the late lamented record store on Second Avenue and I see a Tyrannosaurus Rex on an album cover with a curved edge. That was enough to get my attention, enough to make me buy it, and I fell in love with them for the first time.

It was their second album and I was smitten. I was lucky enough to see them at Maxwells a few times and also able to DJ for them when they played. And they enjoyed the songs I played and even told me so.

This morning, I was early enough to relax in the backroom before I started my 10 hour shift. An excellent way to lose weight I might add. Standing around for 9 hours will slim the waist quite nicely.

My Friend My Friend came into the shop showing me a photocopy of a saucy picture of him and his family for their holiday card from the past. Quite funny and My Friend My Friend would give Divine a run for the money.

Al Sharpton even made an appearance this afternoon, didn’t say anything as he was talking into his Blackberry. I wondered aloud after he left if he put his hair in curlers when he went to bed at night. Other than that, not much else to write about.

But I have to write more as there are only 463 words written so far. Well a little bit more than that actually. The number is actually closer to 480. A number that I am comfortable with but I’m sure the number crunching word counting reader or readers would beg to differ.

Filthy beggars.

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