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A lazy good for nothing Saturday and that’s how I wanted it to be. Didn’t do much of anything today. Just relaxed watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it was ok. It was hyped up to me quite a bit so maybe I was expecting too much. It was enjoyable but not gut splitting, which is good since who wants to clean up guts anyway.

Last night was pretty good though. Juan was a lot funnier than Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He stooped by on his way back to Trenton. We hung out and watched most of Zelig and The Times of Harvey Milk.

Of course while watching the documentary on Harvey Milk I got choked up which was a surprise to Juan. He was nice enough to ask if I was alright even though I think it made him a little uncomfortable.

I blubbered that even though I’ve watched the documentary a few times already it still gets me every time. I don’t think Juan had ever seen me like that before and I also don’t think Juan had seen the documentary before either.

He left around 10:00 and I watched the rest of the documentary. I wound up staying up until 12:30. I wanted to sleep late but I couldn’t sleep past 8:00.

I rallied and was out the door, paying 25 cents more for the funny papers. Saw the family unit on the 3rd floor only briefly since Superboy needed a super change and I certainly didn’t need to see that.

After the morning shows I watched the extra disc of the documentary before I had to turn it off. You see since I’m using Bill’s Mac these days, the TV is in the next room and I don’t get any chance to watch it, only hear it, which of course isn’t the same thing.

Right now, The Stand is on. I’ve seen that before a few times. Pretty good adaptation of a Stephen King novel. I can hear what’s going on and I can picture it in my mind.

I still have Wall-E to watch as well as Hancock on DVD. Hancock got so so reviews but I am a sucker for a super hero gone wrong story, so that should appease the 12 year old boy in me.

Also deleting non-existent racks from my iPod. The gray exclamation points show which tracks are no longer there. Rand is fixing my computer and updating my iTunes so perhaps if I take everything off the iPod and reload it, it might work better.

Then again it might not.

In any event I missed the Apple sale where the iPod classic was on sale 20.00 less that the list price. No matter where you shop, the iPod is 249.00 so I guess 229.00 is a big deal. It was a one day sale.

Perhaps as we get closer to December 25 there might be another sale. But even then it’s a bit of an extravagance.

One other thing Juan got a super duper new phone, which he was so happy to have. It does everything, even contains a defiblerator.

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  1. annemarie

    really? a defibrillator too?

    know anyone who works in education? Apple offers discounts one item/year. (that includes those of us in administration, not only teachers)

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