Daily Archives: November 8, 2008

Solar Prestige A Gammon

Late posting on a Saturday night. Out of the ordinary. It’s been a busy day somewhat. Last night watched Bill Maher on HBO and once again he was alright, nothing much to write home about. I was home and I didn’t write anything to myself so that proved that point.

Bill’s still out of sorts, dealing with his cousin in law and his mother. The cousin in law pursuing his career, not working and yet somehow busy enough to be able to put Bill down for not doing enough. It’s a good thing I guess that he says this shit to Bill when I’m not around.

If I was there to hear the shit that Bill tells me he said he would be in trouble. The guy’s a washed up crooner with a foot in the early 1970’s glitter rock era. A dick bag that was lucky enough to get his songs on iTunes somehow.

I went into the city today. It was a gray day today, but no need for a umbrella. I was fortunate enough to have timed it well so it was just foggy, no ‘real’ rain. I stopped by Farfetched and saw Harpy who was rather curmudgeonly, enough so that I didn’t want to stay too long.

He was off to a party that he didn’t want to go to, such is the nature of relationships, compromise. I was there for about 20 minutes before heading over to Stuyvesant Town to see Bill. He’s been trying to clean out his father’s stuff and figured there would be some books that I would be interested in. There wasn’t anything really.

I’ve stopped buying books, too expensive a habit to maintain and plus I have a decent public library down the street from my apartment. I found a paperback from the 1960’s about Martin Luther King Jr that I took with me.

I left the apartment and headed to St. Mark’s Place where I met up with Excer. Excer and I were supposed to go to Otisville today and hang out with Pedro and Connie but since Pedro has the bug that I had, Excer and I decided to have dinner together instead. It was his suggestion to go to BBQ which isn’t the best place to go, but since I drew a blank it was where we wound up after having a few pints at a dive a block away.

Some catching up, he’s divorced and his oldest kid is about to turn 21. He also has 2 girlfriends but that’s nothing new since I’ve always known him to have 2 girlfriends. BBQ once again provded a lackluster meal but since he picked up the tab I wasn’t going to complain.

Excer suggested going back to the dive for a few more pints but I begged off saying that I needed to go home and write and that’s where I am now. Home. Writing. It’s best for all concerned I think. Next week is Girl Talk with Juan and that should be more than enough for the month of November.

Still, I am open to suggestions.