Daily Archives: April 26, 2006

Fixing A Hole

Today was better than yesterday somewhat. When faced with a statement like not having the energy I portrayed in my interview, I amped up to 11. So fucking positive. Started the office up just right. Felicia traipsed in an hour or so later. She’s quite thin and if I didn’t see her walking towards me I wouldn’t have seen her at all.

Arranged conference rooms, sent out Fed Ex’s (some that had been waiting to go out for weeks, no one could figure out what to do). That happened at Skyline Studios years ago. I was let go since the studio was closing down and stopped by one day after my temp job. People were running around trying to get their Fed Ex’s out and no one could figure out the forms. I took it upon myself to do it for them. They were amazed and I was able to get rehired temporarily on the basis of getting paid in cash everyday that I worked for them.

So I was able to amaze them all by filling out Fed Ex labels online. A step forward into the 21st century. It’s so easy sometimes.

There were meeting and guests and clients. The owner of the company was in today and I wasn’t kissing ass, yet treated him with the respect he was entitled to. After all it’s his signature on my check.

It was a nice day out, even ran some errands on the way to the office, picking up some items that were going to be needed. Once again, going beyond the call of duty. The extra mile. Will it be noticed or appreciated? I don’t know. Can’t get hung up on it.

I did my usual shuffling about the office, doing this, doing that. Keeping busy, and whistling as I work. Really.

A happy productive worker bee I am. I’m impressed. I still yearn for what I left behind. Mainly the friends I had made. I guess it will be up to me to maintain those relationships.

I wandered around the village for lunch, talked to Harpy on the phone. He’s always a hoot. Just walked around looking in shop windows. I found a bench in a park and sat down, finishing ‘Teacher Man’ by Frank McCourt. Sorry to end it. I enjoy Frank’s writing. E’s an inspiration, e is.

Frank McCourt is someone who rose from garbage and worked on the docks eventually becoming a teacher, inspiring and touching many souls. After he taught at several New York City high schools, he retired and somehow became a writer. He won a Pulitzer Prize after his first novel, ‘Angela’s Ashes’.

He’s inspiring to me to keep on living life, meeting people, to go through whatever situations that life throws at me and using my skills to write it down, hopefully in an entertaining manner. Of course, that’s not up to me to decide. That’s up to you. I hope you’re being entertained.

I like to think of these entries as letters rather than a diary. I used to write letters frequently to family and friends. But as time goes on it’s harder to get to a space where I’m able to write letters. So this will have to do.

Thanks for keeping up. Please leave some feedback or comments, ok?

Cheers. ♪

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