Daily Archives: April 10, 2006

I Feel Free

That’s the song I played on my Ipod a few weeks ago as I headed to McMann and Tate for my first interviews. Apparently it was a harbinger of things to come. I did well at that interview, well enough to go onto the next round. A total of four interviews over 2 days. I aced them.

On Friday Mr. Matt called me and made the offer. He told me on Friday because he wanted me to have a good weekend and I sure did have a good weekend. Bill was ecstatic that I got the gig, Julio was also quite happy. Probably because they were both tired of hearing me bellyache about it all.

Yesterday was Charlie’s party and it was fun. Saw some old faces that I only see at Charlie and Kathe’s January Holiday party. Andy, an old friend of William and Charlie was there. Andy’s a bear, in the gay sense, wearing the bear flag proudly. We talked about the Arctic Monkeys and the New York Dolls. Charlie, William and Andy used to slip out of their prospective houses to see Television, Patti Smith and the Dolls at Max’s Kansas City, CBGB’s and the Mercer Arts Center.

That was then, today was today.

I woke up still a bit buzzed from the party. Took my time getting to work. It was official now, having sent a pdf to Matt at McMann and Tate, signed and dated. Next I told Jamie, what she already knew since Friday. She instructed me to send an email to her stating my final day at Wanker Banker, so that she could forward it to the improper authorities.

Spoke to Pedro who told me I should just get up and walk out of there.

A sent an email to a few friends and allies, and the recognitions came in return. Jamie sent out an official email through out the company and I received congratulations from all over the company. I planned to show Christina the ropes and Jamie also needed to know since she feels Christina might not ever be up to the task of filling my shoes. I do have size 12 feet for all you fetishists out there.

Speaking of fetishes, I won’t be in a suit and tie everyday anymore, which is really the one drawback I can think of. I do have a pretty decent selection mainly a lot of pinstripes. So I guess for special occasions. It’s also an expense to maintain the garments. I’ll probably get them all dry cleaned and have them under plastic should an occasion arise for suitman to appear!

Up, up and what’s that over there?

If Wanker Banker wants to do something nice they can have a going away party for me. A few drinks, something to nosh. I’m suggesting Carnegie Club, which is up the street, and it’s also a cigar bar.

Hip Hip and all that.

Either Carnegie Club or O.W. which is a gay bar on e58th street and has a smoking area. I think they’d lean more towards Carnegie. The rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel might be open and it’s supposed to be a very nice day so that might be the best. Who knows?

And of course, me being who else but me, had the idea that McMann and Tate are going to call me up and say that they’ve changed their minds.