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Dear Prudence

The day after St. Patrick’s day. No hangover here. All is calm, all is bright. Another beautiful day today, enough so that I headed into the city and looked into getting some new eyeglasses.

Not that my eyes are getting bad, it’s just that the lenses have some light scratches in the which can be annoying. I’m on Bill’s insurance and it has an eye plan so I thought I would check it out. I did stop by at the end of January and they gave me a coupon for 50.00 off frames.

I walk in and look over the 99.00 frames. That is when they expertly direct me to the more costly frames. I have a problem with the price of frames. I just don’t believe that an average plastic frame does not cost 250.00 to make. It was their hard sell that ultimately got me out of there.

It must be the main method of the store. But I’ve been lightly browbeaten by them in the past and wasn’t going to go for it again. And they weren’t in Bill’s insurance network anyhow. I made an excuse that I wanted my partner’s input on the decision so the girl suggested that I take a cellphone pic and send it to him that way.

Not the frames I had in mind

Not the frames I had in mind

Gigi was her name and she took the photo for me. Then I said I was going to call Bill and get back to her. I walked outside and did leave a message, then went back inside and told Gigi that I was going to talk to him and take a walk while I waited.

She told me I had better come back.

I walked over to Lens Crafters and had an exam there. They were in Bill’s network. It turns out my vision hadn’t really changed since my last exam 2 years ago. And my left eyelid was a little droopy which was the first I ever heard of that. I think if it is, it was always that way.

I took over 300 pictures when I was in Manhattan. I went crazy. A lot of people out and about. I think they came out good. Not much different than photo I’ve posted in the past from Manhattan, just about 280 more than usual.

Currently trying to upload them in Facebook. But that’s not working out as well as I hoped. Maybe it’s the amount of pic that causing the trouble, but I continue to try.

From my notes the past week: I’ve decided to write about the blogs I read every day. They’re all in the blogroll to the right. I usually read at night, hours after most of the entries have posted. Most f the blogs report news of some sort whereas mine is mainly news about me.

I usually open tabs for Rod2.0. Jockohomo, JoeMyGod and Towleroad as well as Blabbeando. Rod 2.0 is news from an African American and gay slant. Lot’s of news for everyone as well as the occasional side of beefcake. Rod was the first blogger to ever comment on this blog, almost 5 years ago.

Then there’s Jockohomo who has turned m onto a lot of great music. I credit him turning m onto Girl Talk.. Lot’s of fun Pop Culture stuff as well as beefcake and great links. Joe.My.God is great, a lot of fun, and mainly political info but lot’s of fun stuff too.

Bill and I have met Joe a few times at various demonstrations and I remember seeing him outside the Highline Ballroom having a cigarette during my ill fated ecstatic trip to Blow Off last June. I don’t know if he recognized me and I’m not really sure if I recognized him, being an an altered state of mind at the time.

Towleroad is the most newsy of the the first for, and least daily newsy. A many layered cake of information, videos and pictures. It takes a while to get thorough it all so out of the first four it’s the last one I read.

Blabbeando is a personal favorite of mine. Written by a really nice guy, Andres who I’ve also met at demonstrations around Manhattan. A political and cultural blog which offers a Latin view point. He’s also very supportive, we collaborated on a blog that’s also in the blogroll. Won’t say which one, I’ll let you guess.

I use Google Analytics every now and then to see where my blog is being read and since the beginning of March I’ve had 658 visits, the most visits being from New York. The surprising thing is no one in Hoboken reads it. I found that out yesterday. Since I’m been analyzing the stats, it was quite a surprise.

Still having so Facebook problems uploading pics. In the meantime here are but a few.

3.18.10 NYC ETC 003
3.18.10 NYC ETC 006
3.18.10 NYC ETC 010
3.18.10 NYC ETC 015
3.18.10 NYC ETC 018
3.18.10 NYC ETC 031

Everything Is Broken

Thursday evening and all is well. Last night things had gotten better by the time I had gotten home, Bill on the couch watching Scrubs, me tired. My nose was a bit out of joint though. I called Bill in the middle of my existential morass, but he was on his headset at work and I hate it when he’s wearing that thing.

The microphone is too far away from his mouth and leaves him sounding disjointed which frustrated me more than anything. I can’t fault him as he was being supportive, but I did get my point across about how all I needed was a hug. I didn’t get the hug when I walked through the door. I sometimes fly up from where I’m sitting when he comes home and help him get his backpack off, hug him, kiss him, take off his hat, make sure he’s ok and let him know he’s safe and sound at home.

I guess it was too much to ask for something similar when I came home. I could have used it. No, Scrubs was on and he was comfortable sitting there in his underwear. Not much was spoken. I was probably looking like my father. All that was missing was my mother walking through the door 30 seconds before me saying ‘watch out!’.

I did eventually get the hug I needed, though I was sitting down while he was getting ready for bed. It was nice, but like I said- I needed it a lot more earlier. These are the ups and downs of a relationship. I did make a point to go into the bedroom a little while later and gave him a kiss and let him know that I love him. He said that he knew that already.

I watched Michaelangelo Signorile on his website, The Gist. Signorile is a gay activist from back in the day and now has a radio show on Sirius. He had Bill Donahue from the dreaded Catholic League on. It was interesting to watch and listen to.

Donahue always barks loudly when he sees something he considers Catholic bashing, feeling it’s unjustified, because in his world, the Catholic church can do no wrong. Lately Donahue is trying to get Andy Towle (of the excellent blog Towleroad) expelled from reporting on the Democratic Convention.

Fittingly enough after that I watched a dvd called Deliver Us From Evil all about a priest named Oliver O’Grady who went from parish to parish raping children for quite a number of years. Of course the diocese did it’s very best to keep the police out of the matter, accusing the children of perhaps leading the priest on, or even making up stories.

Yes, children do that often, telling stories about an older man inserting his penis in a vagina or mouth or rectum. Harrowing is not the word that could be used, heartbreaking is more apt. And heartbreaking not because of the church doing such things, but the families of the raped are torn asunder with their faiths shattered by these beasts in fancy frocks protecting their billions of dollars.

In particular, one family, the father converted to Catholicism to please his Irish born wife’s family. He bought into the whole schmear of the church, having Father O’Grady stay with his family and even sleeping in the daughter’s bedroom, not knowing that the daughter was being penetrated. He believes in no god anymore. A truly horrible story.

The church just lied and lied and lied affecting perhaps hundreds of families because of this priest from hell.

The father of the victim is the one in the documentary who states that his 5 year old daughter wasn’t molested, she was raped by this beast. Father O’Grady eventually did prison time and was deported back to his homeland, Ireland where he still receives a pension from the church and is seen hanging around playgrounds.

The family that I’ve mentioned made a trip to Rome to see the former Nazi pope to present a letter but of course, they could not get an audience.

Ratzberger was probably trying out some new ermine furs or Prada shoes.

Dirty filthy fuckers.