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The Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar

Didn’t write yesterday, why(?)- I couldn’t tell you. Things have been good on this end. Occasional head butting sessions with Juan, since I have the thicker, larger head I won. But not for long since youth will triumph over age eventually. It was a whole lot of nonsense between me and him but things have gotten better and should improve while we stick to the rules.

I worked at Maxwell’s last night and did run into Juan as I walked home. He invited himself up to the apartment for some wine and before you know it he was nearly horizontal on the couch. He left soon after that and after watching the TV until around 2AM, I went to bed. At 3:30 I was in front of the computer waiting for an alprazolam to kick in so I could get some sleep.

I slept later than usual but that was because I fell asleep later than usual. The world wasn’t waiting for me. In fact the only thing on the agenda was going to see the Brian Eno installation of 77 Million Paintings once again, this time with my darling Bill. The plan was to meet up outside the place at 3:00PM and I was just a couple of minutes late. Bill didn’t mind and we sat on a couch watching the installation regenerate and I whispered some background information to Bill.

On a couch in front of us, a bloke was falling asleep, which was fine. It is a quiet, meditative place hidden away from the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan. After about 45 minutes we headed out, Bill went one way to his classes and I headed back to Hoboken. I might have stayed in the city longer but the weather has been very weird and when it isn’t bright and sunny (like now) it is dark and rainy (like 3 hours ago).

It was good to be back in Hoboken before the rain (or threat thereof). I ran into some neighbors and friends on the street which is happening a lot more lately since I am not such a shut in anymore and in the midst of the Hoboken social scene once again. It’s true, I walk down the street lately and I almost always run into someone I know. I’m not complaining but I do have to give myself some extra time if I have to be somewhere at a certain time so I won’t be late or rude.

Back to work for the next four days, off tonight, but I do have to stop by Maxwell’s anyhow. Strictly business, folks- strictly business.

And rest in peace Taylor Mead.





I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!

This has been a strange day, perhaps a strange couple of days. It’s a Monday so that’s a start. Mondays are generally strange to begin with. But the strangeness started the other day I suppose. A Facebook friend that I’ve known all my life requested that I remove certain pictures. Pictures that they were in as well as other friends. The other friends were not complaining so I merely untagged the photos that this person wanted removed. I went so far as to untag any photos I had with them in it. Seemed to work out fine as far as I knew.

For the past hour today, I have been getting requests from this Facebook friend to confirm tags that they want on the photos. Photos that I untagged. Fine, I confirmed all the photos that they were in, but what really gets my goat is the fact that now they want to be tagged in photos they are not in at all. True certain concessions are to be made since they’re connected in some ways to certain photos but it is pissing me off quite a bit. I’ve ignored the other requests that have been made and confirmed only those photos they are in.

I have been visiting the cigar shop in town, nice guys it seems. I keep getting blessed which is always a nice carrot at the end of the stick. Talking to Raymond was good the other night. I told him of how Zack had a layout in a magazine in September, (no not that type of magazine) and all Zack did was take a photo of the layout and post it to the cigar shack Facebook page. It was a little blurry and you could not read all the wonderful things about Zack nor the tips that he offered regarding cigar smoking.

So feeling sad for poor old Zack, I went to the original website and found the link to the layout and pasted it in the comment box underneath Zack’s attempt. It was there for some time and having spoken to Raymond the other day, I thought I would visit the page. There was the blurry layout with 5 comments listed but only 4 comments shown. My largesse was discarded, no more link to the article saying what an awesome guy Zack is. It was fine by me and showed how pathetic things are back in that shack or at least in that closet like office.

Time to move on I know. Seeing Raymond was good the other night and his friendship (as well as a few other people’s) is what I will keep. The rest will fall by the wayside. I was correct about so many things about that cigar shack, from gauges on cigars to what the word ‘ligero’ means, to discover someone attempting to steal cigars by putting boxes of them in with the empty boxes. It’s a good thing they don’t have the annual inventory anymore since the head Swiss cheeses would be dismayed to find out how much of the inventory is walking out the door.

It’s his fiefdom and he will be happy working in a place that will eventually be shuttered soon enough. Call me Cassandra if you will. And with someone like the possum as his lieutenant who will stab him in the back (I stab in the front) at the first opportunity, I can only hope the cleaning lady doesn’t have too much of a mess to clean up. I think this will be the last I will ever write of that godforsaken cigar shack but I will always remember what GZA said about matters such as this and also remember to tip my hat to Freud, for after all why else would Zack send me an email alerting me to what was about to happen back in May? For that I am grateful Zack is no friend of Bill W.

See? I am such a nice guy that I still don’t post the real names, no threats involved.

Painting by Tim Daly

I met Joe Biden Sunday night

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