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I Like How It Feels

Ah yesterday when I was young. Yesterday was Sunday and the day before was Saturday and on that day, dear Harpy turned a ripe old age of 60. No one won the pool so the money stayed put. It was a beautiful day and I slept relatively well. I got up and did my thing, intending to go to the supermarket for myself as well as picking up a few items for Bill. Bill’s diet lately consists of almonds, raspberries and soy milk. I don’t know what he eats when he is not home, but that is what he eats when he is here.

I was working on a cuppa before heading out and in walked Bill with his almonds, raspberries and soy milk, so that saved me some dosh. Bill puttered about as I got myself together and headed to the market for my things. He was off to bed since he drove the night before to and from Atlantic City. By the time I came back he was fast asleep. I don’t know how he does it. As soon as his head hits the pillow he is out cold, yet if he needs to he is wide awake in a flash. I sometimes wish I had an on/off switch like Bill does.

There was a plan to go up to Riverdale to celebrate Harpy’s birthday. I invited Bill but he was not going, he needed to sleep and rest since he was driving to Boston today. I hopped on a bus and then onto a train. I picked up a few soft packs of Marlboros for Harpy since they are considerably cheaper on this side of the river. I rode the A train up to 175th Street and walked over to Harpy’s place. He and his girlfriend Deborah were getting ready and I waited a few minutes before we all headed out to the street.

We walked down to Columbia Presbyterian hospital where we caught a town car up to Riverdale. Susan, formerly of Farfetched had it all together. I had asked for the day off from the cigar shack while I was still there and if it weren’t for what happened last week, I would more than likely been unable to attend. But what happened happened and here I was in Riverdale. At the party were Susan and her boyfriend Mitch, as well as other people.

Lois the co-owner with Susan of Farfetched showed up as did Amy Allison. It was all giggles and smiles and hard to believe that we hadn’t seen each other since January 2009 when Farfetched closed down. It was a beautiful day and it turned into a beautiful night with Mitch cooking in the kitchen. I certainly scoffed a few things and was nicely buzzed after a few Sierra Nevada Pure Ales. A poem and some birthday cake followed and then it was time to go.

Lois gave Harpy, Deborah, Amy Allison and myself a ride to Manhattan and we all parted ways. Harpy & Deborah back home, Amy & me to the subway. It was only a few minutes wait before we hopped the A train downtown. I was home by 11:00, after leaving Amy to continue onwards to Brooklyn. Bill stayed up for me and after a few minutes hit the pillow again, out cold. I stayed up and watched some TV before I got into bed next to Bill.

He was up and about once again as I lay sleeping. He gave me his goodbye kiss as he was headed for another bus driving expedition. I slept and slept, eventually waking up and headed to the supermarket after a few cups of coffee that Bill made for me before he left. It was quite warm and muggy and I decided to do some laundry. I figured it would dry soon enough, but there is so much hummus in the air that it’s taking it’s time, a warm and damp experience.

After the laundry I got my guitar and my songbooks and headed out. It was relatively cool by the river and I set myself up and started strumming. I didn’t sing since I wasn’t that comfortable yet but did play a few songs for about two hours. It was crowded and once again I did not put the guitar case in front of me to encourage some money flowing. I wasn’t ready for that and just played songs that no one really knew, and surprised a few toddlers as they went by with their parents, seeing and hearing a guitar right in front of them. The looks of astonishment were priceless.

I got hungry and my hand started cramping up a bit so I headed home. It was a good day overall. Bill just called from Boston, he is on his way back and I hope he does so safely. I may be up when he gets home since he’s expecting to come home around 1:30 and that’s the time I’ve been going to bed lately, so it all might work out nicely.

Entertainment on the platform. La Bamba and Guantanamera were the songs I heard.

the hostess with the mostest with the birthday geezer


my stage

my audience

01 Give Peace A Chance

Touch Sensitive

It’s Thursday and a melancholy Thursday at that. Another co-worker has been given her walking papers. Well a subtenant actually. Trudy who I wrote about the other day as well as a couple of times before.

Through no fault of her own, just the economy. She was an assistant working Tuesday through Friday for a charitable foundation but since the donations aren’t coming in, they can’t afford Trudy.

On my front, my company is making sure that I’m getting paid but who knows how long that will go on for? Till March 2010 is what they told me but anything is possible.

Trudy had tears in her eyes as she told me her bad news and made me swear not to tell anyone and I’m sure I can count on the five or six of you that actually read this to keep Trudy’s secret.

Spoke with Harpy last night and it’s getting sadder each day at Farfetched. Susan and Lois did everything right for 28 years. The holiday season didn’t come through though, and even if they did spectacular, they’d still have to close the store since the landlord wasn’t going to renew their lease. So it’s quite gloomy at 110 Fourth Avenue. There was nothing they could do.

I bought a lottery ticket which I plan on winning so maybe I’ll be able to help everyone out somehow. That’s the only plan I have at the moment. Check with me on Saturday to see how it turns out and think positive people!

Last night I watched the Daily Show and The Colbert Report, both of them funny, but The Colbert Report was that much funnier since it was decidedly hilarious to see Stephen Colbert’s mascara running down his face and gross to see the snot running from his nose due to his being so happy about Barack Obama being sworn in as President.

After that was Lost. The TV show not the actual fact of being not able to find one’s way. It was a good two hours. No Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, just escapism. The second half was the more interesting part, the first half was all about the set up for the season.

And apparently this season will be all about time travel and it’s implications of what you can and cannot do. Since it’s science fiction they can do anything, bring people back from the dead, unleash smoke monsters or even travel through time.

After that it was the news and then bedtime which was earlier than it’s been, 11:45. I made sure to set the alarm a little earlier on the alarm clock so I can get the day started a little bit earlier. Bill texted me warning about a water main break at the Holland Tunnel and that traffic was piling up at the Lincoln Tunnel.

I took my chances and called Bill on the cellphone when I got on the bus. Two seats in front of me, some dork thought I was talking loudly, when I wasn’t and luckily for him, my death glare wasn’t working properly so he lived. It seemed there were assholes all over the place.

Almost saw a fight on an escalator when one guy wouldn’t step to the right to let people pass on the left. He was adamant about not moving, one of those people who just stand on the escalator and stand there. He got called an asshole and not by me. I can only assume there is a proctologist convention in town.