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I’ve Seen That Movie Too

This the second attempt at writing is underway. It’s been a day where things are a bit off. Bill rented a Zip Car since it’s the last day of the play Pecong and couldn’t find the key card which is usually in his wallet. I have have to confess my relief at not having anything to do with the missing card.

I did see the play last night, Pecong and it was an enjoyable show. Based on Medea and set in the West Indies. A few members of the audience did not know about Medea and so were surprised by the way things turned out.

A very good cast, wonderful lighting and an amusing and sometimes funny script kept the tragic events unfolding hidden from the eyes of the audience. Bill was a most able stage manager and from what I gathered was well regarded by the cast and crew. And it was a good turnout as well, nearly all the seats were filled.

Bill being the stage manager had to make sure everyone was out of the theater space since it gets used as a church on Sunday mornings. I mingled with the cast and crew and soon Bill and I were on a local 3 train downtown to 34th Street.

We walked through Penn Station and up to the street level. As we headed down the stairs to the Path train I spied some guy checking Bill out. When Bill tells me some guy is checking me out I continue on with my usual obliviousness. When I tell Bill the same thing, Bill scans the area.

It turns out he knew the other guy, a bloke named Richie from Bill’s old church. The stood and started chatting to each other as I turned and saw the 12:30 train about to leave the station. Of course by the time Bill was done the train had left the station and I didn’t have many kind words at all to say about Richie, though it wasn’t his fault.

I dreaded having to wait another hour for the next train but as we stood on the platform another train arrived about 15 minutes later. Not a comfortable ride though. For Bill and myself it was but a smallish woman and her oafish boyfriend sat next to Bill.

The smallish woman kept making faces at the size of Bill. I pointed it out to Bill and he didn’t care. As we left the train in Hoboken the woman was throwing knives with her eyes. Bill turned and started to say something but I advised him not to since the moment had passed.

And it was chilly as we walked home, Bill went to bed almost immediately and I followed soon thereafter. Finally I slept really well and probably would have continued sleeping if it weren’t for the fact that today was the Last Sunday of the Month Shakespeare Reading at McSwells.

And today the play scheduled was Macbeth, which happens to be my favorite Shakespeare play. I was up and out to get bagels and the paper and a little while after that I was walking up to McSwells. Bill had left and came back when he realized he couldn’t find his Zip Car key.

I would have helped him look for it but I was pressed for time and not one to favor being late.

On the way there I got a phone call from Lois who was wondering if I was coming. Most of the participants usually have brunch at McSwells, I eat at home. As I walked in there were Lois and five others eating brunch, not even close to being finished.

I sat in the fishbowl in the front room of McSwells and pulled out my notebook, waiting for the others to finish. They eventually joined in the fishbowl, Lois filling a bag with roles for the Scottish play.

As luck would have it, I pulled out the plum role of Macbeth. 685 lines. I also pulled out a few other roles since we only had five other readers and multiple parts are needed. I opted to read Macbeth in what I approximated to be a Scottish burr. By the end my throat was shot.

Still it was a fun time and once again I was glad that I did it. Next month I believe is The Tempest. Lois would love to have other readers to join in, no skills beside a reading comprehension is needed.

So if you find yourself in Hoboken on the last Sunday of the month and it’s around noon and you’re around McSwells, do stop in and join us. Extra copies are generally handy and you never know, you could be Prospero next month.

I just watched the BBC production of Macbeth by the Royal Shakespeare Company starring Ian McKellan and Judi Dench, and not for nothing, we had a better time this afternoon at McSwells.

The National Black Theater

The National Black Theater

3.28.10 Pecong vs Shakepeare reading 003
Bill and some cast members and a fan

Bill and some cast members and a fan

Today's Shakespeare readers

Today's Shakespeare readers

A nonplussed Macbeth

A nonplussed Macbeth

Oh and the head of the RC crutch feels that any connection of him to child rape is merely gossip.

Way Down in the Hole

And now we find ourselves on A Saturday. Still quite cold out.41 degrees. Last week it was in the 70’s. 35 years ago I was in the 70’s. Now here I am a bit nippy, high beams and all. Watched Doubt this afternoon.

Reminded me of my first visit to St. Francis de Sales before I started school. The first time I saw a nun, probably the principal Sister Antonia Marie, was terrifying. Who were these things dressed head to toe all in black, looking like they were hovering above the floor like ghosts?

All that was visible was their faces and hands. This must have been the first half of 1967. The smell of Father Lennon’s cigars wafting through the corridors.

I’ve written before about Sister Mary Octavian who used to spank me and make me stand behind the television set until the kindergarten teacher, Mrs Burson arrived. Sister Mary Octavian had problems with my brother Brian and I’m sure she took out her frustrations with him out on me.

No it was not an environment for me. I’m sure public school wouldn’t have been the answer and any way that was out of the question.

Great acting by all in Doubt though. Of course Meryl Streep is compelling as the old school nun, my doppelganger Philip Seymour Hoffman conveys the right mix of sympathy and compassion. Amy Adams and Viola Davis were quite good as well.

Most of these catechisms were discarded after 1968’s Vatican II conference, a way of bringing the Catholic crutch up to date, relatively speaking.

And nowadays we have the head of the crutch implicated in a child molestation scandal. I say child molestation since that is basically what has been going on throughout the world and is only being reported lately.

The crutch tried to say a few years ago that it was only an American phenomenon but as things are coming to light the phenomenon has been occurring in Ireland and Germany and Brazil for decades and covered up by the crutch so that the police wouldn’t find out, though in Ireland it’s been reported that the government had a hand in the cover up.

In Germany the head of the crutch and his brother have their fingerprints on memos designed to hide the truth and merely move the pedophile priest from one parish to another despite the warnings and alarms brought up by psychologists.

Now the Vatican is claiming that this is all an attempt to smear the pope.

A predator priest in Wisconsin has been reported of molesting over 200 deaf boys and though there had been warning about this monster priest, he was still allowed to be buried in his magical frocks and vestments.

And once again Herr Ratzinger was informed of these crimes and his response was to protect the crutch, not the children.

I don’t see how anyone can still believe in these charlatans, these child molesting men and their systems which are designed to protect and enable these beasts to continue performing such heinous acts.

Oh there I go again, slandering Papa Ratzi.

I’m just staying in this afternoon, avoiding the crutch and killing time before I head out to see Pecong, the play that Bill has been stage managing. The show is at 8:00 and Bill has a comped pass for me and a plus one but I can’t think of anyone who might want to go.

Just went through my phone book on my cellphone but came up empty handed and empty headed. Just as well and just as I planned on going. I only found out about the plus one this morning and that’s too late for anyone I know to make plans to join me.

I just have to get up to Fifth Avenue and 125th Street by 7:45, and it’s almost 4:00 now.