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Last night was a funny night on TV. I watched the NBC shows. Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office & 30 Rock. All were pretty funny. All had a Halloween theme since it’s Halloween weekend. During the commercial breaks I put on the World Series for Bill’s enjoyment. He loves his Yankees.

He went to bed before the game was over, listening to it on the radio. I stayed up and watched the repeat of Olbermann which wasn’t hosted by Olbermann. Then the news, followed by some other nonsense then I went to bed.

Woke up with a headache. Had a headache when Bill was kissing me goodbye. I took 2 Advil Gel Caps and tried to sleep some more but that didn’t go so well. I posted on Facebook, Headache, which of course made people think I was hungover.

I really don’t drink anymore. If I do it’s a social thing. And I haven’t done much of the social thing lately. By necessity and by choice. Being social usually involves money and since money is tight, I’m not so social.

Sure I’ll do things on occasion with friends, walking around Hoboken, or gallery hopping but more often than not I am usually home. And it’s fine most of the time until I get tired of being home all the time. It’s not a constant thing obviously.

The headache took a while to go away and it was from being dehydrated. Sleeping with my mouth open is the cause.

It being Friday I did laundry and watched Rachel Getting Married. It’s directed by Jonathan Demme who I generally enjoy and while it was a very good movie it was very downbeat. It’s a very earnest movie and the cast was like a Benneton ad come to life.

And of course some of the actors are from Demme’s stable of actors. Watching the movie I couldn’t imagine a Connecticut family having such a multi-cultural group of friends, until I left the apartment and walked to the library.

Across the street from the library is Church Square Park and it was full of multi cultural kids. I guess I see it all the time. It certainly was the ultimate wedding though, with Robyn Hitchcock and Sister Carol each have a turn at a song as well as Cyro Baptista and a Samba group from Brazil.

I can’t count how many wedding I’ve been to that were just like that.

Though the day was bright and sunny it later turned into another gray afternoon which lent itself to the feeling of the movie. I can’t say I enjoyed the movie, nor was I entertained, but it was engrossing. And the cast was top notch, as was the script. So I’m recommending it.

Then a trip to the supermarket which was somewhat crowded, it being a Friday afternoon and all. Struck up a short chat with the little old lady in front of me.

She spied the cover of a magazine with a bikini clad Britney Spears on the cover and remarked that was how she looked when she was Britney’s age. Of course she was joking. It was a good laugh. She proceeded to tell me of how she wore a bikini back in the day and was worried about what her mother would say when she saw the laundry.

She told me she told her mother is was a belt.

I wished her a good weekend as she walked out the door. Just watched the Simpsons, Bill in the bedroom getting ready for a conference call. No plans for the night, just chillin’. And that’s alright with me.