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What’s In The Middle

Well so far today has been a very good Saturday. But first, last night. I actually went out last night after posting. I put down the knitting, the book and the broom. I admitted that between cradle to tomb isn’t that long a stay and got it together and headed out to McSwells.

Bill was getting ready for bed and I kissed him good night and went out. It was something I hadn’t done in a while. Walked up Washington Street, a few people out, going to bars, leaving restaurants, visiting friends. Saw Roda outside, he was surprised to see me and I was happy to see him. We chatted for a few minutes and then he asked if I wanted to see the band.

It was sold out, but being friends with the manager of the club for the evening got me an easy entry. The Budos Band were playing, and from I gathered, they are a funk band from Staten Island. Maybe about 10 guys on the tiny stage, when I walked in they were cookin’. I got myself a Guinness and Roda hooked me up with a shot of tequila.

Crowded room, with about 150 heads all bobbing in time for the music. They reminded me of one of my favorite bands from back in the day, Konk. Another group of guys playing funk, or attempting to at least. They approximated the funk enough to come up with something new and that’s what the Budos Band seemed to be doing.

Just laying down really funky grooves that lasted a while. I only saw Konk once and that was at a decrepit grammar school on the lower east side. I had an interesting history with Konk. I first heard them on WNYU, the 12 inch single, Konk Party. A killer tune with a “Latin” beat which is what they were trying to achieve.

My Spanish friends laughed when they heard it but I loved it and wound up getting a few copies of it. My friend Jet was living up in Inwood and told me about how he answered his phone one night and the caller asked if he was interested in a Konk Party.

It turned out to be the wrong number but Jet was intrigued. He told me about it and I explained what I knew about Konk. A few years later, I’m living in Hoboken with Jimmy Lee. Nice guy, quite a muso on the guitar.

Jimmy had taken some guitar lessons from Vernon Reid of Living Colour and was looking for a band to play with. As fate would have it, Konk was looking for a guitarist and Jimmy Lee got the gig. He told me that Geordie Gillespie lived in Inwood which made me think that it was Geordie that might have called Jet a few years before.

A while after that Rand, Wolf Knapp and I drove into the city to see Konk. A good show, Jimmy Lee was excellent as was the rest of the band. The Budos band really did a great job and it was fun to be somewhere close to home, within walking distance and seeing a really good band.

I only stayed for the first set but I would check them out again if given the chance. I did tell them during their break down in the basement that they sounded great and they seemed to appreciate the compliment.

I really should get out and see Roda more often, and not just for a free show and the occasional cocktail. He’s a genuinely nice guy.

Today was very nice, waking up next to Bill, a bit chilly but a sunny day. I got back from Manhattan a little while ago and I’m feeling good. Maybe it’s because of spring, or maybe…

Oh yes, one more thing. I got a letter from the New Yorker, telling me my subscription was about to expire in a month or two and to subscribe again it would be $57.00. I checked one of the fly away cards in the magazine and the offer there was $47.00.

So I called them and asked what was up. They had no clear explanation. I then mentioned how my sister was subscribing for a cheaper rate than that. Well she was at one point. I was able to get a 2 year subscription for the price of one. Woo hoo!

Rescue Me

What a fucking day it’s been. Ugh. It started out with me sleeping a little later than usual. About 11 minutes later. I knew it was 11 minutes. Made a big difference. Everything is more crowded, and busier than what I am used to.

I did not like it at all, but made the most of it listening to Konk! which made it to my playlist finally. That pseudo Latin 1980’s East Village dance groove made a nice walk across town.

Got to the office about 25 minutes late and to my surprise no one was in. I was glad at that fact. Allowed me to take my time in setting things up. Soon people came in and everything hummed along nicely. No one said anything about how they had left the office early yesterday leaving me holding the bag. I didn’t bring it up and neither did anyone else.

At one point I had to run an errand which I was glad to do. I brought along my trusty camera and took some pics. As I was crossing Lexington Avenue I spotted some who looked recently familiar. Prior to the errand I was reading AM New York, one of the 2 free newspapers given away at most subway stops for free.

The other is the Metro but Metro doesn’t have dependable people at the stations so I didn’t get one of those. Their both good reading during a morning, how you say….evacuation.

So I am at Lexington and 50th Street, still an intense police presence since Bush Co is still in town. I spot a guy wearing a hat and sunglasses and crocs. Normally I find crocs offputting but I made an exception since I had a feeling I had seen this guy before.

I decided to take a chance since we were both walking up Lexington Avenue and with him I said slight yet loud enough for him to hear, ‘Loudon’. He stopped and turned around. I wonder what he thought when he saw me, in a navy blue pinstriped suit with a light blue tie and light blue cuff links.

I say that because there were a lot of gents like myself dressed in such attire, meaning Secret Service and NYPD Detectives. Of course I am neither but he wouldn’t know that. Perhaps I’ll wind up in one of his stories. Anyway I said I was a fan, didn’t mention Rufus or Martha, deciding to let him have some John time for himself.

I told him that I was just reading about him in the paper. He asked which one and I told him, but held back on what was going on while I read about him. I mentioned that an upcoming show sounded cool. In December he’s playing in Tarrytown with the Roches, another group that hits a soft spot for me.

I was off on the errand but before I left I asked if I could take his picture and he said yes, so here’s a picture of Loudon Wainwright III.

Work was weird when I got back to the office, I didn’t know it then but it seems that the renting of the office is now something that other people are involved in. I wasn’t bringing in the results they wanted, but then again I was trawling on Craigslist whereas they know a few people with the money to rent an office in midtown. I don’t mind that at all.

After work I decided to take a train downtown and check out Oliver Sacks who was giving a free lecture at Cooper Union. I stopped by Farfetched where Harpy was next to Susan. Had a glass of sparkling wine and picked some birthday cards and had a good time with the two of them. An interesting chemistry between the 3 of us.

Back on the street I walked over to Cooper Union and found a daunting line wrapped around the Cooper Union. I turned back, popped into Farfetched again and then I was on my way, walking up Fifth Avenue enjoying a Padron and listening to Raphael Saadiq’s new album.

Got to the Path train and found that I missed 3 of Bill’s calls. I was nervous and considered getting back up to the street to see what was the matter. I was worried that things may have taken a turn for the worse regarding his mother.

I decided to head back to Hoboken and check once I got up to the street again. I checked the voicemail that Bill left and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. His mother did have a stroke though, affecting her speech center and with a paralysis on the left side.

She’ll be in the hospital for a while, then the varies therapies that are required. And she’s disoriented with being in the hospital as a patient when she was a nurse for a number of years.

Now I’m home with Bill and special guest, Juan. We’re all pretty tired.