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People Are Strange

Andy’s mother is sick in the hospital and India. He is understandably stressed out. Andy is an owner of Hoboken Daily News. It was just me and Andy in the store for a few minutes and he was able to unload with tears in his eyes. Other customers aren’t so understanding, whining about not being able to get their scratch off lottery cards in the time that wanted while Andy was on the phone trying to hear what is going on with his mother.

She was in one hospital with some lung problems and on a ventilator. The doctors at the hospital told Andy’s brothers that she only had a few days left. They then moved her to another hospital and things improved somewhat and given a better prognosis. I was glad Andy was able to tell me these things, he obviously needed to talk to someone and that was me.

Other than that, today was a good day. I was up early in the morning and was on the streets at 8:00. Believe me that was a major accomplishment. Wearing a placard and walking up and down the sidewalks between Jersey City and Hoboken promoting the summer on the Hoboken waterfront. I will only have the job when it’s not raining and since today was rain free, I did not mind at all.

Bill is heartbroken, watching the news of the Oklahoma tornados. I came home a little while ago and could tell by the sound of his voice that something was wrong. He needed a hug after watching the never ending news cycle. If I wasn’t busy today promoting events for the summer, chances are I would be engrossed as well. Luckily there is a Mel Brooks documentary on PBS tonight and I think that will be a welcome change from this bad news.

Back to the placards tomorrow. The weather seems cooperative and the looks I get from people when they see me handing out flyers and acting like a shy town crier are charming. I don’t mind. It’s good, honest work. And it isn’t sculpture which is always a plus unless you’re Maya Lin or John Chamberlain or even R.Mutt. My boss tells me if I am good enough with the placards I might be moving up to bunting.

Rest in Peace Ray Manzarek.

Hang in there Oklahoma.
Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, which helps people affected by disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and tornadoes despite Oklahoma Senators Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, who voted against federal aid for victims of Sandy.

I Met Her Today

It was a relatively OK day today. Slept well last night, as did the non-snoring Bill. I can’t say I am getting used to this stay until 9:30 nonsense, but I’m getting paid and it is not saving the cigar shack owners any money so that’s fine with me.

I had an interesting dream last night which featured my dear friend RoDa, but I don’t really recall what it was about over 12 hours later but the dream probably came about since he was interviewed online for the latest AOL venture, Hoboken Patch.

Basically any town in the US can have an AOL Patch page so it’s really no big thing but obviously it registered in my unconscious mind. Hail Xenu indeed! I did not want to get out of bed as usual but I got it together. Bill was gone a few hours already, his back improved over the previous 24 hours.

I did catch the Daily Show this morning, its part of my routine lately. I watch the Colbert Report at 11:30 and catch the Daily Show in the morning so I could watch the 11:00 bad news. I paddled around the apartment, shower, coffee, breakfast then it was out on the street.

I walked to the bus stop, initially listening to Joy Division which I found too heavy so I decided for some lighter fare, and played Squeeze instead. Squeeze were such a great band and fun to sing along with. Rand & I could do a good impersonation of Difford and Tilbrook, Rand covering Glenn Tilbrook and me handling Chris Difford, much like Difford & Tilbrook sounded a bit like Lennon & McCartney. Just like them!

I stopped into Hoboken Daily News where Andy & his brother were quite happy. Andy shook my hand telling me that the 7 Eleven directly across the street from the newsstand was going out of business in six weeks.

I replied I was happy for them but still it wasn’t good to see people lose their jobs, to which Andy pointed to the ceiling and said it was all because of the guy upstairs. I guess the guy who rents an apartment above the Hoboken Daily News has a say in matters such as this.

I waited for the bus listening to Squeeze when suddenly I got a pat on the back, more like a shove. I was ready to throw down when I saw it was Rand. Very good to see my old pal. Been a few weeks. He was looking good and looked like he lost weight. He said he didn’t but I think ol’ Rand was being modest.

We had a nice talk while I waited for the bus and puffed on a cigar. Soon though the bus arrived and I had to get on board though I would have rather spent more time with Rand.

I called Bill once I was in the vicinity of the cigar shack and killed sometime hanging around outside, before heading in with a minute to spare. Calvin phoned in sick so Marcus was there running things while Thomas was trying to be busy.

With Calvin out, that meant that both Thomas and I would be stuck in the cigar shack all day. Every silver lining has its cloud I guess. It wasn’t that bad, and I had a nice cigar on my lunch hour. It wasn’t as peaceful and quiet as I would have hoped but still it was relatively enjoyable.

I’m currently reading A Freewheelin’ Time by Suze Rotolo and it’s a fun read. Suze just passed away a few weeks ago but she does have some interesting things to say about her time with Bob Dylan. Have to return it to the bibliothèque soon.

not my bus

I like this one. Rand does not. Says his eyes are magnified with his spectacles on.

His choice.