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I Feel A Change Comin’ On

Well here I am, in front of the keyboard on a Sunday evening. Later than usual, or rather pretty much on time as of late. Many distractions preventing me from actually writing, but I persevere and here I am, presenting to you with your bated breath, the latest entry on my ongoing saga of my life.

Last night I was able to write the entry in less than 30 minutes. But with the Frankenstein computer I have it took an additional 15 minutes or so to post the pics, which were worthwhile I would wish. Went down to the third floor abode of Julio + Stine.

Superboy was asleep a few rooms away, leaving us, the adults to talk and have a few glasses of wine. Julio, Stine and I haven’t hung out like this in over a year, before Alexander came on the scene.

Stine told me about how she caught one of the neighbors (a horrid group of college students always throwing trash on our property) climbing out of his window to take some flowers out of our yard. Stine caught him dirty handed and red faced and he slunk back through his window.

Then she told me about how their land line (house phone) was split into a new building a few doors down presumably to pass a building inspection for their sprinkler systems, leaving Julio & Stine without Internet access for a few days.

Stine’s parents were here for 2 weeks and I think Julio & Stine were glad to be alone again. They asked me to write a letter on Stine’s behalf with information on myself as well as about Stine. How long do I know her? When did I know of the marriage? Things like that.

It should be no problem. Julio said I could email it, just the basics, no flourishes. I hung out with them for about 2 hours. They were up past their bedtime and I was tired myself.

I came upstairs and saw Bill was home and asleep in bed. I watched some of Lost before I too hit the hay. I woke up with Bill kissing me goodbye before he went off to church. I slept about a half hour more before I got out of bed.

I was having a drink of coffee when Julio called. He sounded irate and was on the street. I told him to wait up and headed down to meet him.

He was on the phone with the landlord complaining about his upstairs neighbor who decided to do laundry in the middle of the night and let the spill over basin spill over, causing Julio’s ceiling to get some water stains.

He went up to talk to the neighbor but they wouldn’t open their door. The original tenant is nice as pie, her boyfriend is a dick with an attitude. Of course nothing was done since the landlord is a bit inept.

Julio and I parted ways, he and Stine with Alexander were off to a Holy Communion a few blocks away and I was off to the supermarket. Came home, read the papers and ate a nice breakfast.

Then after that I vacuumed the hallway (4 staircases and 5 landings thank you very much) as best as I could. I thought I did a good job but when I came back later in the day I did see a few spots I missed, but overall I would give it a B+.

After that, I changed my drenched with sweat clothes and changed into dryer clothes. It’s been a drizzly day, I don’t think Rand and Lois had their gate sales.

Today was the Hoboken Art & Music Festival and it was quite a dismal turnout. I went for the last hour, running into the Chasms as they strolled down the boulevard. Saw about 4 songs of the Boxtops with Alex Chilton as they ended the festival.

Saw Jim Mastro and said hi. Saw Todd from McSwells and didn’t say hi.

The Chasms were heading back home and I wandered around taking some pics of the tail end of things.

That’s about it. Have a good week!

Low and wet turnout

Low and wet turnout

The Boxtops with Alex Chilton singing 'the Letter'

The Boxtops with Alex Chilton singing 'the Letter'