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I Still Remember

And so we are back to zero comments which is fine. It would seem odd to start getting comments a week before this here blog goes on a hiatus. Once again I am compelled to write that nothing is wrong. After writing for over six years, at least 500 words a day I deserve a break. Navel gazing is not what it used to be and the lint gathering hasn’t amounted to much. It is not the end of the world and I am perfectly alright. Like I wrote yesterday, I might post intermittently and I might just post photographs.

Annemarie and Harpy have been steadfast and true and I thank them for that. This here blog gets over 1,000 hits a month and out of those hits, two people comment, except for the one called David who commented to recommend setting the camera so the photographs don’t come out with a blue tint. A tint that I did not mind at all but David sure did, enough so that he took the time to write about it. No snark, it was appreciated. And I took his advice to heart and the photographs posted since then have been from my post blue period.

Of course David hasn’t been heard from since. Perhaps he is satisfied and feels there is no need to comment further. Or perhaps he doesn’t read this here blog anymore. It’s lonely writing a blog and I have implored, begged, requested comments and feedback, it never came. Annoyingly sometimes both Annemarie and Harpy would send me emails or telephone me instead of posting here. I felt that if someone had something to say about this here blog, then this would be the best place for it. But like I said, it’s lonely writing this day in and day out.

Up until a few years ago I wrote seven days a week. Then I decided to give myself Sundays off. And even then I would be tied to this here blog since on Sunday I would get my Google Analytics report, informing me that Lazy teat Greg visited the blog once again. Yes despite my reluctance to mention it by name, it would come up late Sunday afternoons, the report of who and where this blog has been read. I do not think anyone in Bala Cynwyd or Kuala Lumpur are going to be greatly upset that they have been tracked via their ISP.

I expect the usual lack of feedback. Sure if someone comments on this here blog I will be notified, but I expect nothing really. I will continue to get the analytics every Sunday and I suppose with the lack of fresh entries six days a week, the hits should decrease. I have no problem with that since for the longest time I thought I had less than a dozen readers. I was happy thinking that and I would still be happy if that was all I got. So no more writing about how this supermarket is better than that supermarket. And no more suggestions, not that I ever got any regarding this here blog.
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