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Well it’s later in the day right now. I am home from work. It was an interesting day.

The guy who got fired the other day, the guy I was being groomed to replace, Harold, showed up today. But stayed only in the doorway, like a vampire waiting to be invited in. He’s persona non grata in the cigar shop.

The word from the corporate office in New England, he can’t be banned from the shop. The shop is in a public space and apparently the law says he can go where he pleases. Why someone who had a nasty falling out from his place of employment want to hang out there escapes me.

I just got home a little while ago from working the late shift. It wasn’t so bad. I worked with Raymond who is fun to work with and has the scoop on how things are run. We closed the shop together and he let me count the money and smoke a small cigar (which was very good) in the cigar lounge.

I am drifting away from smoking the larger ring gauge cigars and going back to smaller gauges. The fact that that I’ve been ridiculed about the La Flor Dominicana cigars I’ve enjoyed might have a factor in that decision.

La Flor Dominicana is the third most popular brand in the US, but according to my co-workers, it’s like smoking cardboard. And I have to agree since I’ve been turned onto other, more expensive cigars and they really are better.

The clientele was nicer than yesterday, fun guys who come in and hang out. One of them is a photographer and he just put out such a good vibe. He didn’t smoke any cigars, just hung out in the front with Calvin, Raymond and myself.

Just got a call from Bill, he’s safely arrived in Atlantic City which is one less thing to worry about. He’s doing the trip again tomorrow night, so that means I won’t see him until Sunday, since I’m working the late shift again tomorrow.

Closing with Calvin so I don’t think I’ll be able to smoke a small cigar and count money, like I did this evening with Raymond.

I also stopped by the supermarket this evening before I came home. Had to buy some bread and milk and other foodstuffs. It truly is the supermarket of the damned. Nothing that I bought was on sale which was a drag.

Tomorrow and Sunday rain is expected. I usually get a cigar from the store at lunch and then go out and sit by the park and give a review when I get back. It actually helps when novice cigar smokers come in and I am able to tell the customer about what I smoked previously and how good it was.

Since it might rain I might just smoke it in the cigar lounge with the customers. But wait! The weather report was just on and they said it will probably not rain. In fact it will only rain on Sunday.

Sunday, which is my day off.

I wrote this on Friday night so I won’t be writing on Saturday, but I will be posting it then.

Woke up to Love Shack on the radio. Nice.

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