Daily Archives: March 1, 2007

Lady Stardust

Bullshit. Presently on hold with amazon.com who charged me $79.00 for membership in their bullshit club. One idiot, who keeps telling me to bear with him often enough I felt like an extra in one of Werner Herzog’s last films, Grizzly Man. They’re telling me I have two accounts, one started in 2002 the other in 2003. ‘Well, uh, bear with me…you must have changed a password.’ Uh, no I didn’t. ‘Well it shows you changed your email address. That might have started a new account.’ Fuck amazon, fuck Jeff Bezos. I had enough with Grizzly boy and asked for his manager who is slightly less inept.

This neckbone manager was finally able to refund my money and offered to cancel one of my accounts. I explained to him that as far as I know I only had one account. He insisted on me having two. I told him to cancel the one on the right. Cancel the blue account. I don’t really care. He started to be offended by my reaction to his lack of customer service and I told him to cancel both accounts. If I ever need to use amazon again, I will simply re-enter everything. But I don’t plan on using amazon again. I wonder how many people do they scam with this amazon prime bullshit?

The last straw was the fact they insisted that I had clicked ‘I am a new customer’ rather than ‘I am a returning customer’. No, that never happened. I’ve had slight variations on the password over the past few years. What a bunch of wankers. It’s been about fifteen minutes since I got off the half hour phone call with amazon and still my account is active. Hey, can you spell jerk off? I can. A-M-A-Z-O-N. Yes it was that kind of day.

Woke up ok. Same old, same old. Shower, cereal, email and then on the bus. It being the first day of the month meant the February bus pass expired. NJ Transit offers no 24 hour grace period, hence the long lines of people snaking through the bus terminal. I tried flashing the old bus pass, since Bill told me that sometimes the driver will let it go, but not this driver. He rolled his eyes as I fumbled for change. They can be so cheery, like hepatitis.

I got to the office on time and President Naomi called me into her office. She explained that I need to turn the night phone system on before I leave each night. I know that I did that but somehow it never took (?) and they actually had to run to my desk to answer the phone. I explained that to her and she didn’t like that. She raised her voice and I backed down, kept my mouth shut. Apparently a few people heard her though. Wally and Jake heard her though.

Once again the machine kept breaking down, copiers, fax machines. This started on Monday when I suggested we call for service. This isn’t a big money operation like Wanker Banker or a blood money operation like McMann and Tate. This is a nickel and dime operation it seems. Fine. Jake and I worked on the machine and they ran adequately. Until this morning when they started making grinding noises while Naomi fumed about my insubordination, meaning my explaining of what I had done last night before I left.

Things like this happened a few times today. Got a call from an applicant who calls every other day, talking to Clara who cannot find him a job. Clara was running late when he called and since this guy hates voicemail I suggested he call in the afternoon. He went off about how voicemail sucks. I got off the phone as soon as I could with this irate asshole.

The day progressed and Nomi seemed to be better and apologized to me for being the way that she was. It turned out that both Wally and Jake had a meeting with her, telling her that she was wrong in talking to me that way. Jake later explained that she goes off the rails from time to time and he had seen people leave in tears, or just get up and quit. Good to know. Apparently I had Wally figured out wrong, or at least misfigured. Better misfigured than disfigured I say. I chatted with Bill online about this situation, telling him ‘the bloom was off the rose’. Then I had to explain that I didn’t mean flowers. Am I a magnet for finding freaky people to work with?

You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think. I think that was Dorothy Parker’s. It’s a good one.

March so far sucks the big limp one.

Tomorrow there won’t be a blog entry since I’ll be in Philly with Juan watching the Scissor Sisters. Juan also made me laugh today with this link. Cut and paste time.