No Love Lost

Just when I thought work couldn’t get anymore degrading, it does. Not a good day yet again. The usual morning routine, getting out of bed, showering, seeing Bill off to work, breakfast and coffee and out the door myself. I walked to the Path train, steeling myself for whatever event might unfold before me. I knew Andrea was going to be in today after gallivanting around Manhattan and Brooklyn with her varied New York friends. She’s a good kid and today they started pressuring her to move to New York and become the office manager. A few meetings spread throughout the day for her, all rather hush hush.

I certainly haven’t been selling her on the idea of moving to New York. I’ve been emphasizing staying in San Francisco. I’d rather be there anyhow, closer to my sister and her family, nice city, clean, great art and music scene, and relatively cheaper than Manhattan from what I’ve heard. One transplanted San Franciscan was telling me how she was renting a house in lower Pacific Heights for $750, which is cheaper than the rent that Bill and I are sharing here in Hoboken. It would be a major upheaval for anyone to move across the continent. I thought about it before, and now Andrea is thinking about it, more seriously than I ever did.

Alan is a blessed soul, he sees me suffering and is doing his darndest to get me happy. Yesterday he lent me the Sufjan Stevens Christmas collection of extended play cd’s which I uploaded. He’s definitely into the holiday thing and I am simply not feeling it as of yet. Today he gave me a cd full of 917 mp3’s each and everyone a holiday song. I offered him the Beatles Christmas messages which really only hold an appeal if you are as big a fan of the Fabs as I am. He respectfully declined. Last night while walking around after work I mentioned to Alan that I was tired of complaining about the work situation. He’s lucky, Alan flies under the radar. Lizzie Borden is almost the same though she’s had enough of the nonsense in the office.

Today, the office alpha male, Sean was looking at a gift box of candies and chocolates in the kitchen with Mina Theta and PJ Softskull. They stood there making jokes about the gift box when Sean picks up a bag of chocolates and empties it on the counter right in front of me. He turned and said, ‘Oh sorry mate. Just fooling around.’ It’s great to fool around and make a mess and have someone cleaning up after you. I am the one who had to clean it all up. The majority of people finish off boxes of chocolates and candies and instead of turning 2.5 feet to throw it away, they just leave the empty boxes and bags on the counters.

They do it with glasses, just leave them on the counter. One glass was left there and I didn’t touch it for over an hour. Finally I got fed up and walked the glass four feet and put it in the dishwasher. Something that none of these fantastically creative inbreds are able to do. They wonder why I don’t participate in various office ‘fun’ events, one reason is I am so cut off from everyone physically that I have no idea what is actually going on, and do I really want to hang out with people that are so inconsiderate like these ‘people’? No I really don’t, so I won’t.

Also had the honor of having to pick up a used tissue that someone left on the counter. I have got to get the fuck out of here, the sooner the better. Fuck the bonus. It’s simply not worth it. If I had a job offer and they wanted me to start tomorrow, I definitely would. No love lost. This is quite possibly the worst job I ever had and it’s a wonder that I have lasted this long. Basically they can all go to hell. Except for Alan and Lizzie Borden. Maybe one or two others. That’s it. The boat is full.

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