Daily Archives: December 21, 2005


I was correct. The good feeling didn’t last. New Yorkers are getting surly again, two of the gorgons came to work today. Sometimes I just wish I was wrong. It wasn’t so bad. I was able to flee the office for a spell and hide out at the Post Office which really isn’t much of a refuge, but it beats hell almost every time.

There was a silver lining though. Jamie, the office manager, who I’m liking more and more gave Christina and I gifts. Money cards, which contained a very generous amount. Apparently an office collection was taken up and wow, they came through. Perhaps even the gorgons contributed.

Then my allies in IT, Gazi, Vinnie and Ahsen gave me a separate gift, not for Christina. Cash, very nice, very generous. I was touched, really. I regretted hounding Gazi to return my first volume of ‘I Claudius’. I figured that since I thought I was going to lose my job at any moment that it would be good to get my shit together. But having wrote that I placed it back in my bag, but now I remember that he’s going to be out until next year. I took the DVD back out of the bag. Maybe next year for Gazi.

These guys are great. I really dig them. They all received brotha hugs. They didn’t have to do it. The other day Gazi handed me a stack of photos that I was printing. Not business related, yet not X rated. That was cool of him. I plan to get them things for their babies, they all became dads this year. Vinnie for the first time, Gazi and Ahsen for the second or third time.

I plan to get them some baby things from Farfetched. I was thinking about it before they were so generous, no I am compelled to do so. They’re worth it. I got Jamie a copy of the latest MoJo Magazine from the UK. She’s a big Bruce fan so we sort of bond about him. My knowledge of Bruce is mainly from my brothers and sister.

Lately I’ve been listening to some songs from His second LP, ‘The Wild etc.’ That’s the one I heard the most from Frank’s room, and Annemarie’s room when I was growing up. I have a sweet memory from this past summer with Annemarie, Earl and Stine, Julio’s soon to be betrothed.

Driving through the shore towns, the moneyed shore towns that is, and listening to ‘Incident on Fifty Seventh Street’. But why does he keep singing, ‘Puerto Rican Jane, Won’t you tell me what’s your name’? It’s Jane dummy.

I guess I like ‘Wild’, Born to Run and Darkness out of all his things. But I truly adore his version of Tom Waits ‘Jersey Girl’. A really beautiful song, enhanced by the crowd going nuts every time Bruce mentions New Jersey.

I’d love to hear Tom Waits version sometime. I love Tom. Very challenging. Quite the outsider. I like that. One of the best shows ever was seeing him and his band on Broadway. Brilliant. Would love to see him again, but the last time he played NY the price was quite steep. But I’m sure he’d be worth it. I’d love to go with Bill and Julio. It would be a show unlike any they’d ever seen before.

I missed the Roches, Loudon Wainwright played with the Roches and his daughter Lucy was there too. And I am missing the McGarrigles tonight. C’est La vie.