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I Predict A Riot

The guy who lives across the street from me and Bill had a 1957 Corvette convertible in the basement garage, just below street level. I found out today that the car was ruined by flooding. I also heard that the guy has a 1956 convertible at his house down the shoe, but as it turned out that was destroyed by the flooding down there. This was all told to me second hand by neighbor Chris from next door. He still doesn’t have power. The liquor store on the corner is still out, doing business by generator until nightfall.

And now it’s nightfall, a little past 5:30. I’ve been to the supermarket, the only one around these parts, and found it swamped with people. I only needed to buy coffee for tomorrow, I’m using the instant coffee I bought last week as emergency provisions. Of course we are much more prepared for a major storm now than we were. We were OK, but didn’t expect an electrical outage for 5 days. We anticipated running out of food and water, so that we stocked up on. He had heat as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am grateful we had what we had.

It’s hard to believe that last Saturday was when the power came back on.

I walked around town today, stopped by the Guitar Bar on Newark Street where I saw Jim Mastro. I try to make it a point to see if he needed anything. I offered my services if he ever needed something dropped off at the bank or even if he needed to get something from Guitar Bar to Guitar Bar Jr. on 11th Street. He didn’t need anything and hardly ever asks for anything, but one day he will and I am hopeful to be there if and when he does. That includes getting plastic cups.

I am in for the night once again. Not even 6:00. I did not sleep well at all last night. Kept waking up and when I finally had some deep sleep, I wound up waking up shortly thereafter. Bill was not around and that is what I would attribute the fitful sleep to. I have been wary about getting those leg cramps and figured I should eat more bananas. I had a banana yesterday and this morning around 6:00 I had a leg cramp. Not a good way to wake up even if I wasn’t that fully asleep anyway.

Last night I had a phone call from a former co-worker. It was a lot of fun she kept me informed about what was going on, how so and so is up to her usual shady tricks. It proved to me that there were certain aspects of this particular job which I can look back fondly upon, but overall I am quite happy not to be there anymore. The mere mention of certain names made my stomach curdle. I am still trying to improve my lot in life, trying to get to a better station if you will. Time is on my side.

Sts. Peter & Paul Church, where we charged up last week.

Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love 12 Inch Mix

I’d Like To

It’s a late write for me. Tonight that is. It’s almost 11:00PM and I’ve only written these words thus far. Am I worried? No, not particularly. It’s almost 11:00 and I’m grilling chicken.

Had the chicken in the fridge you see and it thawed out so it just had to be cooked. Not going to eat it tonight, though I wish I had time. Been a long time since I made my pesto, penne and chicken dish. Been too hot and I’ve been coming home too late to eat or to enjoy it.

I was back at work today, having had Monday & Tuesday being my surrogate Saturday and Sunday. I was a bit anxious for some reason. I am resigned to the fact that I won’t be telling Marcus and Calvin that I’ve gotten a better paying job anytime soon.

But when I made it in, it was just Calvin & myself and it wasn’t so bad. At least at first. Then the computers crashed and we had to shut the store down for a few hours. That wasn’t so bad either. I was able to enjoy a cigar while sitting with the regular customers for a little while.

The IT guy came in from the corporate headquarters and after an hour was able to get things up and running. Just in time for me to have lunch. And I did go out for a little while for lunch but it was too warm for me so I went back to the backroom and read the biography of Leo Castelli.

Time flew after that, Calvin heading home at 7:30 leaving Sean and myself to carry on. Sean has been morose of late, dealing with his baby mama drama. 20 years old with a 3 year old kid. Eventually Sean left as well at 9:00 leaving me to close the shop.

Unfortunately the IT guy did not connect my cash drawer to the printer and I tried to connect it to the printer to no avail. I gave up about a half hour later, leaving a note and headed home.

In 16.8 minutes I made it from the cigar shop to the bus terminal, thanks to the first 3 songs from New Order, the Substance collection. Onto a crowded bus, I sat and read some more about Leo Castelli fleeing occupied Europe and arriving in New York City.

A trip to the supermarket was in order, needed to buy some items for the rest of the week. Came home and here I am.

Last night Bill & I and Bill’s friend Fred went to see Inception after a nice dinner at the Rocking Horse Cafe. The movie was very good, good enough to warrant seeing again. Many layers, many dreams in the movie.

And much to our surprise it was a full house on a Tuesday night, weeks after the movie has been in general release. Great cast, great story and Tom Hardy was perfect eye candy. And Joseph Gordon Levitt was excellent as usual.

I highly recommend the movie.

Now Bill is in Pennsylvania by the Stroudsburg Pocono Airpark, driving a bus. He probably won’t be home until I’m fast asleep. That’s about all I have to write about tonight.

Me in March 2010

Two Sevens Clash

Despite my occasional insisting that I don’t take naps, I took a nap. And it was good. I was tempted to write ‘winter time nap’ but we all know that it’s not winter time yet. That would be December 21, 2009 at 12:47 PM EST. And by ‘we’ I mean Harpy & Annemarie. That’s right, I’m down to 2 regular readers.

Or rather one regular reader and one irregular reader. I’m not naming names but the irregular reader is not my sister.

It was a good power nap, set an alarm so I wouldn’t oversleep. I woke up and cooked some chicken and made some pasta. The metropolitan area is bracing for a big snowstorm, 10 inches expected. I expect that the supermarket has been cleared out and most corner shops were ready for gouging.

I do need to go to the supermarket after writing this. It could wind up looking like ‘The Road’ which is a movie I want to see. It’s supposed to be very depressing, but t’is the season and spirit of the holidays, right?


I followed Betty Colatrella’s advice and rented Shine A Light, the Martin Scorsese concert film of the Rolling Stones. I should have stayed with my first opinion that it wasn’t worth seeing, since it wasn’t worth seeing. Perhaps the Stones shot their wad in the 1970’s.

I didn’t finish watching the DVD and plan on dropping it off at the library en route to the supermarket. I did watch the Monk finale finally and it was a nice finish to the end of the series. I didn’t watch it regularly but I usually enjoyed it when I did. Can’t remember a bad episode really and I suppose it was typecasting when Craig T. Nelson played an asshole.

Burned some more CD’s today and have a few more to burn. Something to do when hunkered down this weekend I suppose. More people are joining my Hoboken Daily News group on Facebook which is nice. Andy is still thrilled even though he doesn’t know a thing about Facebook or the Internets.

I am also quite happy that Mike Watt is now a Facebook friend. I requested his friendship and sent a note about how great it was, seeing the Minutemen playing McSwells back in the day. He was touched by that and replied in kind, signing off, ‘On bass, Watt’. Can he get any nicer or cooler?

Uploaded Count Basie’s Greatest Hits on my iTunes. Perhaps I’ll burn that for someone. But who?

I did scrimp and save and cut off all my hair and sold it to get Bill a watch fob for Christmas. Sure I look demented but isn’t that what love is all about? No plans for me tonight except going to the supermarket. I suppose my bald look will draw some stares but I don’t mind.

December 18, 2005 I wrote about the previous evening’s Saturday Night Live which had Lazy Sunday, the rap by Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg. Also wrote about seeing Devo at the Palladium.

December 18, 2006 was all about me having 2 weeks off after leaving Wolff Olins. Expected my year end bonus but they didn’t give it to me since I quit. I did work at Farfetched at the time. I wish I was still doing that. I miss Farfetched.

December 18, 2007 was the day of the holiday party at Bio-IB. Quite an awkward party, at least for me. No bonus in December, it was coming in February which I was surprised to learn. Also the start of the troubles between me and Tom Chin who is also known as Harry Wong in real life.

December 18, 2008 was all about my anger with the choice of Pastor Rick Warren to say the magic words to the iron age sky god during the Inauguration. P.Rick Warren was in the media lately with his friends in Uganda and Rwanda introducing legislation for imprisoning and executing gays and lesbians. He’s still a fat little turd.

Just because he wrote a few bestsellers only means that a lot of misguided or stupid people bought his books.


Hello. Nice to see you. Is that a new shirt? It looks good on you. So what have you been up to lately? Is that right? Me? Well you know, samo samo. Oh, you want to know what I’ve been up to lately, and by lately you mean today? Well, sure I guess I can tell you, but I don’t want to dominate the conversation. I mean, you might have better things to do. Like what? I don’t know. Flossing maybe? They say it’s important and it probably is. Laundry? Well funny that comes up.

I did laundry today. It’s part of the Saturday routine. I woke up around 9:00 to the sound of a jackhammer a few buildings down. Bill left early this morning, having to be back at his parents apartment for yet another home health aide. They rotate every three days, and it would be best for all concerned if Bill was there to meet them. I went out, dropped some dry cleaning off as well as a suit that needed to be mended.

Then it was off to the bagel store, and at the counter before me was Rand. We chatted and walked along Washington Street while he ran in and out of a couple of stores, buying produce. We parted ways after quickly catching up, and I soon found myself online at the supermarket, chatting with Linda the cashier. Got some bagels for Julio and Stine so I knocked on their door and chatted with them for a short time before heading up back to mine for a nice breakfast. Did the laundry, perhaps just like you, only mine hangs in the bathroom on hangers or wooden racks in the kitchen.

Watched a documentary on Marlon Brando on Biography and I never realized how hot he was back, even before A Streetcar Named Desire. Definitely an interesting and ultimately tragic life. Spoke to Martha G, she returned my phone call from a few weeks ago about perhaps introducing her to a woman I used to work with at Wanker Banker, to perhaps get financing for her movies. She gave me the go ahead, so I’ll probably write an email to her next week. I also watched a show on the Roman Empire, which had Peter Weller of Robocop, Naked Lunch fame.

Turns out, not only is Peter Weller a good actor, but he is also an authority on Ancient Rome. I looked it up online. He was also in Buckaroo Banzai. I saw that in 1984, on LSD in Washington DC with Jet and Billie. Then we wound up in a club, and I went back to the home of some guy who had a portrait of Hitler in his literal and figurative closet. He was also a member of the Heritage Foundation, a right wing neocon think tank. Travis was his name.

Took a walk around Hoboken for a while, and on the way to the Post Office, I saw someone canvassing up ahead and decided to pull out the cellphone and pretend to be having a conversation. It worked, the guy left me alone. It was something for children and they insist on information and I insist on having it mailed to me where I would fill out whatever info I might want to divulge and mail it back. They usually give up after a minute or two and I go off on my merry way. That is about it for now, or actually for January 19, 2008. Smell ya later.

Here’s some pics.

Bag filled with water, in a tree, a few doors down

Canal Street from Hoboken



5th & Hudson, Hoboken