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I Have A Dream

A Saturday in the cigar shack and I am happy to be here thank you very much. It’s also Fake Patrick’s Day in Hoboken. I believe I was at one of the first Fake Patrick’s Day parades in Hoboken in 1991,but headed down to Manahawkin instead. That was a trip in itself.

Each year in Hoboken it has been getting worse. Drunken twenty somethings roaming the streets going to bars and pubs and house parties and peeing or vomiting on the streets. This year since it had gotten so out of hand, the powers that be decided to cancel the parade hoping that it would curtail the drunken behavior.

Well that caused a bit of a to do, some people (idiot clergy included) saying it was defaming to the Irish, how unfair it all seemed to be. So Mayor Dawn Zimmer decided to host an Irish Heritage day on Pier A, which I have no idea what that meant. Still it should have kept her political enemies quiet, but no it didn’t quite work that way.

Mayor Zimmer’s enemies have stopped short of blaming the fire at 3rd and Washington on City Hall, since the fire department had a few trucks helping a fight a fire in Jersey City. The fire was put out but the firestorm towards Dawn Zimmer raged on.

A gathering was held last night at a local bar to help the victims of the fire, and even that was under attack from the old school Hoboken politicos, saying that the money was going into the pockets of the organizers and not the people who were the victims. Even with the Rotary Club involved they still spewed their nonsense.

In any event, I am happy to be out of Hoboken today, though I am anticipating some difficulty getting home. I do hope I am wrong. While waiting for the bus this morning I saw groups of young people carrying cases and six packs of beer and funnels heading to house parties.

Julio took it upon himself to text me about how disgusted he was with these young drunkards. Of course he is disgusted. He has a kid now and does not want Alexander to see adults behaving badly. Julio could not help but compare us to the youth of today, annoyed with the youth going to pubs at 10 in the morning dressed in green. I reminded him that we were ourselves, probably green back in the day and leaving Maxwells at 10 in the morning. He didn’t respond to that text which leads me to believe that I might have hit it too close to home.

Thomas is antsy to get out of here. He came in at 10:30 this morning which means he leaves at 8:30 and now it is 8:27. And now it is 8:30 and Thomas has flown the coop, leaving me as a solo. Not a good idea since I just had 2 guys in the humidor and 2 other people came in to look at some pricey items.

I couldn’t leave the guys in the humidor since everything is within reach and fits into pockets too nicely. So the people looking at the big ticket items were ignored and left, leaving me with the 2 guys who just bought individual cigars. That’s the nature of the beats I suppose.

Now I am back in Hoboken. A 15 minute wait for the bus back to Hoboken wasn’t so bad. I killed the time playing solitaire on my smartphone. The ride was uneventful until we got to Hoboken where the drunk girls got on, dressed in green and looking a bit green around the gills.

I got off the bus at a stop early so as to avoid the pub near my usual stop. It’s a rowdy pub most days and on Fake Patrick’s Day night it promised to be even rowdier. So I got off at 8th Street and of course there was a belligerent drunk outside the 8th Street Tavern, some kid drunk off his ass looking for a fight. Any fight with anyone.

Sirens were approaching so the drunk kid vanished with his friends who were doing a terrible job staying out of trouble. I’m home now after stepping around a few puddles of puke, none the worse for wear. Glad to be here and also glad I’m not in my 20’s anymore.

02 African Night Flight

I Don’t Wanna Be Tied

So here I am at work in the cigar shack. Took a while to get in here thanks to Hoboken having it’s annual Fake Patrick’s Day. Hundreds of twenty somethings roaming around the streets looking for parties, looking for bars, looking for booze and beer.

I shouldn’t be surprised but I was sort of. It seems to get more and more crowded each year, and perhaps it gets younger each year. Bill was up before me this morning and I struggled to remain asleep but with little or no luck.

Eventually I was in the shower and getting ready for work after coffee and cereal. Bill sat on the couch watching the reporter from channel 4 report from Washington Street, where I would soon be waiting.

A stop at the bibliotheque and soon I was at 5th and Washington waiting for the 10:30 bus. Throngs of youths walking up and down the boulevard in varying shades of green. By 10:50 I figured out that there would be no 10:30 bus. I called Bill and he suggested that I take the Path train in so I started in that direction.

When I got to 3rd Street I decided to hedge my bets and wait for the bus there. Plenty of people in green standing around plotting and planning their next or maybe even their first moves. Pipe and drum corps walked past me as the bus eventually showed up.

I asked the bus driver what happened to the 10:30 bus, after all it was now 11:00. He had no idea and said maybe it was late. I grumbled and took a seat. The pipe and drum corps got on the bus after the bus stop (an illegal move), and didn’t pay for their ride to the start of the Fake Patrick’s Day parade.

Some idiot got on the bus and immediately started trying to save seats. He placed his leather jacket next to me and wouldn’t allow an older woman to sit next to him. I picked up his leather jacket and threw it back at him, inviting the older woman to sit next to me.

The people the idiot was saving seats for eventually got on and weaseled their way to their seats. The mother of two boys showed the boys where to sit while the idiot shouted out their names. The mother did not want to have anything to do with the idiot seat saver.

As soon as she handed off the kids she plugged into her iPod and after that chatted incessantly into her phone. I did my best to ignore the situation and instead focused on the kid sitting behind me singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

I did call the cigar shop and let the Bradley know that I would be late. He answered the phone like an automaton and without any emotion took the message. Now I am in the cigar shack, it’s a beautiful day outside which means hardly anyone is coming into the shop.

It was supposed to rain today but the storm has passed early. Now it’s almost spring like and I too plan on heading out to enjoy the day. That means I will have to figure out when and where to have lunch, if I decide to eat something. It is so slow though. Not much happening in sales.

I was recently reminded of the first or at least one of the first Fake Patrick’s Days in Hoboken, 1991. I was off from work at the video store and wound up going down the shore to Manahawkin with Chaz and Kathe, William Charas, perhaps Steve Saporito and of course Ann B Davis who was going out with or soon to be going out with a gent named Maurice.

I think Connie met us down there. I was relatively impoverished at the time and did my best to not spend any money since I had no money to spend. It was an over night trip and I felt out of place mostly even though I was amongst friends, and Ann B Davis was always quick to judge.

It was a blur of a weekend with lots of jazzy cigarettes and I was back in Hoboken the next day, in the last weeks of living with Kevin Crud and not knowing what was going to happen come Mother’s Day 1991.

that Bill

Before the Parade Passes By

Well it’s been a day unlike any other like all days are. Today, the first Saturday in March is the Fake Patrick’s Day parade, which causes a lot of youngsters to come to town and get properly shitfaced.

For some odd reason, they decided to allow the bars to open at 9:00AM instead of 11:00 like most weekends. I really couldn’t say since I am not a fan of drinking during the day. Maybe if at a barbecue that’s acceptable but otherwise it just screws up my sense of time.

Last night, Bill wore his mouth apparatus and his apnea mask so no snoring from him. We both got up around 8:00 and I found myself online outside the bagel shop at 9:00 while newly legal boys and girls were queuing up outside bars and pubs.

All these newbies on line to get green bagels. Bill was across the street waiting for his bus and by the time I made it into the store, Bill was on the bus and Rand was at the end of the queue for bagels. I hooked Rand up and got him 2 everything bagels and half a pound of tofu so he didn’t have to wait as long as I did.

I came home, and fixed myself a nice breakfast. I made plans last night with Rand to check out the parade with him and Lisa at 1:00. Bill and I were invited to a brunch next door in the building and I did have plans to check it out.

A few years ago Bill and I bought Kelly green scarves at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan and I spent some time looking for mine to no avail. I did find a big bag of photographs which I had forgotten all about when I moved back to Hoboken 8 years ago.

Back then, before digital cameras I would have my photos developed onto a Kodak CD. This morning I found myself pouring through a bunch of photos and CD’s and decided to upload some pictures from August 2000. A party in Hillsdale with my brothers, their wives and their kids.

Annemarie wasn’t there and I hadn’t met Bill yet. I did have to resize about 15 photographs. Before I knew it, it was time to go to the parade.

Instead of just showing up at the brunch for a few minutes and leaving I opted to head for the parade instead.

I stopped off at the library and dropped off Old Boy, a Korean DVD which I was disappointed by. Perhaps it was because I chose to watch a dubbed version instead of subtitles, but I knew what was up when the lead character was in the sushi bar. I

t seemed obvious to me and by the end I didn’t care a bit.

The streets were crowded with people wearing the green. I wandered over to my usual spot at Sixth and Washington and started taking pictures of various characters and what was going on around me. Rand and Lisa eventually showed up and the parade was highly entertaining.

On the way down Rand and Lisa heard a drum and bagpipe corp playing a Lady Gaga song. By the time the drum and bagpipe corp got to me they were playing Louie Louie while all the other corps were playing When the Caissons go Rolling Along. Made for a very swingin’ difference.

All together the parade lasted for an hour. No once accosted the Guinness guy which was nice. There seemed to be a lot of watchers this year than previous years. Perhaps it was because it was 57 degrees out, whereas last weekend we were all digging ourselves out of 14 inches of snow.

During all of this I got a phone call from Pedro who was asking what I was up to. He was headed into the city, had to get out of Otisville. He mentioned some art show he wanted to check out on 34th street. I told him I would give him a call when the parade was over.

Rand and Lisa walked me over to the Path train through the throngs of drunken revelers. The train was pretty crowded to 33rd street so I stood. When I got off the train I called Pedro and got his voice mail. It was OK, I had a back up plan to go up to JR Cigars and get some discounted cigars.

Spoke with Annemarie on the phone after dealing with a guy in the cigar store who didn’t know too much about cigars. I admit I was a bit gruff talking to Anne on the phone. She thought I was wrong not to go to the brunch where I didn’t think it was that big a deal. I did buy my neighbor a silk rose in the colors of the Irish flag and taped it to her door with a note.

I made it back to the Path train and git a seat for myself for the ride back to Hoboken. Had to pee so I went to the train station lavs which smelled of stomach acid. Had to pull my pea coat over my nose to mask the smell.

More drunken revelers on the way home.

Ran into Julio, Stine and Alexander who lost some weight from being so sick the past week. Julio asked who John was and once again Alexander pointed to me, which was so sweet. He also shook my hand when I decided to head upstairs.

Took over 100 photographs today which I spent time uploading to Facebook. Finally after not eating anything since breakfast, I decided to make some dinner. As I sat, about to eat my cellphone goes off. It’s my sister in law Elaine.

She’s worried about Corrine who was having a lousy time in Hoboken. She wants to come over but doesn’t remember where I live. I tell her she’s more than welcome. Corinne called Elaine from somebody else’s phone since her own phone died.

I leave my food on the table and walk downstairs where I see Corinne outside with some guy who was nice enough to see her crying and loan her his phone. She thanked the guy and came upstairs a little bit drunk.

We passed some drunken party-goers or leavers from the brunch next door on the stairs. I hooked Corrine up with some water and sat her on the couch. I offered her some food but she wasn’t hungry. I played some ambient stuff sat and ate in the kitchen while she fell asleep on the couch.

After I ate I called Elaine to let her know Corinne was alright, still breathing and asleep. We discussed getting her on a train home but decided to have Elaine and Frank come down to Hoboken to pick her up.

Corinne eventually woke up in time to watch the Office before we headed downstairs. She’s a good kid, just a little drunk, a little forlorn. Who wasn’t at age 23?

Now I’m writing this, the TAMI Show is on public television. Quite good. James Brown definitely stole the show. The Rolling Stones, so stiff compared to the Godfather.

That’s about it for a busy day. Here are some pictures from today. Enjoy.

My Bill

My Bill

Out in force today

Out in force today

Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 006
Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 009
Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 019
Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 025
This bald dude said he received a $2000.00 summons for an open container

This bald dude said he received a $2000.00 summons for an open container

Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 042
Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 044
El Jefe y Lady Gigglepuss aka Rand & Lisa

El Jefe y Lady Gigglepuss aka Rand & Lisa

My Guinness guy

My Guinness guy

Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 080
Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 094
Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 104
Green shirts are for Pimps

Green shirts are for Pimps

Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 120
Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 122
Fake Patrick's day 2010 1 125

Pretty Bird

Well today is Saturday and it’s definitely a better day than yesterday. Most anything would make for a better day than yesterday actually. I called Annemarie last night after things had calmed down but she wasn’t home. We always talk over the weekend so I knew I would be able to talk her at some point.

When Bill was in my office on Thursday he left his cellphone behind which I retrieved for him yesterday. The cellphone was dead and knowing that I sent him a text message last night, telling him that I hope he had gotten better.

I called him a few hours after that and he was at someone’s apartment helping them with some work. We talked for a few minutes. He offered to call later on to talk and since it was almost 11:00 I said no, it was too late and we’ll talk over the weekend.

I just stayed up watching Bill Maher which was ho-hum, then I watched Letterman and enjoyed Jason Segal, from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and he was quite funny and also seemed genuinely happy to be there. Who could blame him? 2 years ago, who heard of Jason Segal outside his family and friends? Not me.

U2 were also on, finishing up their week as musical guests on the Late Show. They were ok. Sometimes I like U2 a lot, sometimes I don’t. I think it’s mainly the Eno influence they’re under that gets my interest.

Then I watched Jimmy Fallon who is doing an ok job I guess, still has to find that confidence as well as working some kinks out. Drew Barrymore was on and she’s really a charmer. Fascinating that she started out so young, went to rehab in her teens and she’s still here being Drew Barrymore. She’s really someone in her own field.

Then I was fast asleep in bed after a harried day. I did get a message after 1:00AM on Facebook from Rita who asked what I was doing this weekend. I told her my plans and never heard from her since.

Woke up around 9:00 this morning and headed out for some bagels and the papers. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. A few hundred young people, mostly of drinking age I presumed roaming around with cases of Budweiser and Coors Light for Hoboken’s Fake Patrick’s Day.



Ah young people who don’t know anything about beer. They were lined up outside the bagel store where they were selling green dyed bagels. I waited and got a few for myself as well as the family on the third floor. Always a pleasure to see the Lopez family and especially glad to see Julio on his feet, holding Superboy.


Superboy and his daddy

Superboy and his daddy

I think Alexander really looks a lot like Julio in this pic...

I think Alexander really looks a lot like Julio in this pic...

I came upstairs, had breakfast and soon found myself on Washington Street waiting for a bus that might be going down Bloomfield Street since its Fake Patrick’s Day in Hoboken.

I usually attend and enjoy the parade, but I had decided to head into the city to stand in solidarity outside the Spanish Consulate, in protest of a ruling concerning a man who killed a gay couple. It’s all in Blabbeando, my friend Andres blog, listed in the blogroll.

There were about 20 of us standing outside the consulate, no chanting, more just milling about, some holding up bilingual signs of protest. It was timed to coincide with protests going on in Madrid, Barcelona and Vigo which is where the murders took place.

Gay Panic was the defense and it’s what got the piece of shit off the hook. Sometimes gay lives aren’t equal to non gay lives even in an ‘enlightened’ place like Spain. It was a short lived demonstration and not covered by the press.

I mentioned to Andres that even if 1 person showed up it would be a success. Everyone parted ways, made some new friends which I will probably see at future demonstrations.

A few years ago when I used to work the Danceathon for GMHC at the end of the night I told my coworkers that I hoped to not see them again, that perhaps there will be a cure for AIDS and Danceathons like this wouldn’t be needed. They didn’t get it, forgetting the reason there was to raise money to fight AIDS and HIV, instead thinking that it was all about a party.

My comment was about how maybe there would be a cure and things lke this won’t be needed. I never got called back after that.


I had a Padron and walked across town from 58th and Third Avenue. Outside the Plaza Hotel I called up Annemarie and had a very nice talk smoothing things out from yesterday. Nothing but tourists on the streets on the weekends, and I ventured into Times Square where it’s tourist central. I finished the Padron and walked into the soon to be shuttered Virgin Mega Store.

Bought a few CD’s at a discount, the new Bird and the Bee, Jenny Lewis0 Acid Tongue, and 2 charitable CD’s, Dark Was The Night, A 2 CD Red Hot compilation (for AIDS/HIV research) of the big names in indie rock, and also picked up War Child: Heroes which is for children affected by war.

This has a few artists like Rufus Wainwright, TV on the Radio, Lily Allen all covering songs that were picked by the original artists. Brian Wilson picked Rufus Wainwright, Bowie picked TV on the Radio and Mick Jones of the Clash picked Lily Allen. Listening to the Bird and the Bee right now and so far so good, it sounds like the Bird and the Bee.

Walked down to the Path train where it was messed up. Waited for a train, it pulls in and I get a seat. Then it’s announced that the train will not be going to Hoboken. So it’s off the train for me. It’s then announced that the Hoboken train will be on track 1.

I run though a train before the doors close to track 1 and wait only to find the Hoboken train pulling onto track 2 filled with drunken young people in green. Still I got another seat and made it to Hoboken where everyone except me and the police were in green.

I can honestly say that I have never seen as many people on the streets of Hoboken as I have today. Now I’m safely ensconced in Hoboken. Spoke to Bill who was contrite and apologetic. He asked if I was still frightened of him and I told him, frightened no, but wary.

He’s under a lot of stress and I was the only person that he was able to explode on without any repercussions, ie I’d let him get away with it. I did but I didn’t. He needs help though since he has a lot of anger issues and I can’t help him with that. I can be there for him if need be.

So we’re sort of back on track I guess. One step at a time. We are still going to see the Watchmen on Monday with Harpy so that’s something to look forward to.

Andres Duque

Andres Duque







trying to light cigars for the first time ever. awesome!

trying to light cigars for the first time ever. awesome!

when I came home this beefy Leprechaun was waiting for me....and then I woke up.

when I came home this beefy Leprechaun was waiting for me....and then I woke up.