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Lights Out!

Nothing like a nice Sunday evening dinner. Even though it’s what eat almost every Sunday, tonight’s pasta and chicken tasted quite good. Very filling, enough so, that I might take a walk after I write this tonight to walk it off. (not in slippers! 7:47PM)

Right now, Bill is behind me watching NCAA basketball, talking about the Tar Heels and how Barack Obama played a pick up game last year with the Tar Heels. Bill was just getting excited about the team going all the way and of course being the champions, invited to the White House to meet you know who.

I spent some time visiting Myrna Loy and William Powell this afternoon. Obviously not their real names, as both Loy and Powell have shuffled off this mortal coil sometime ago. Casey and the missus. Very pleasant time hanging out with the two of them.

Casey actually obtained a patent for something he invented which I won’t talk about here, but since you, the reader, is more than likely sitting in front of a computer screen, it could be of use to you, somewhere down the line. It was exciting to hear about it.

Casey made some chicken chili which I had a little bit of. It was good, hit the spot, but I had my own chicken at home. They came home to roost you see.

I watched the DVD Patti Smith: Dream of Life today. It was ok. I like her, met her a few times when I worked at Arista. It was my job to travel over to the studio where the Patti Smith Group were recording and give them their $1000 per diem.

That made them very happy to see me and got me a big hug from Patti herself. I also helped JD Daugherty win a lawsuit with a cartage company over a drum kit that was lost or destroyed. But I didn’t bring that up then.

The movie took ten years to make, but I thought it was disjointed, going from concert to interview to reminiscing to visits with her Mom and Dad down in South Jersey. Sam Shepard is in it, playing guitar with Patti. They used to live together in the Chelsea Hotel way back when. I did enjoy it more than What Just Happened.

Last night I threw in Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Still a hilarious movie. I threw it in for the Lenten season since Saturday Night Live was a repeat. Bill didn’t stay up for the end, but he sort of knew how it ended. I went to bed soon after.

Woke up to rain which it was supposed to do all day, but it didn’t. Still there was the threat, gray clouds and an overall dampness.

Last night wasn’t all about sitting in front of a screen. I did turn out the lights at 8:30. Actually before 8:30 and walked over to the river to see which lights would be turned off. Empire State Building and the old Met Life building on 23rd Street went dark, as well as the Chrysler building.

Didn’t notice much in the way of lights out throughout the rest of the Manhattan skyline, or in Hoboken. Here are some pictures though.

3.28.09 8:29PM

3.28.09 8:29PM

3.28.09 8:31PM

3.28.09 8:31PM

3.28.09 8:34PM

3.28.09 8:34PM

Crocodile Rock

It’s a Monday, it’s Martin Luther King day and it’s a federal holiday. It’s been a pretty good day overall. A lazy day at that. A festive vibe is in the air, mainly from the inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow.

I watched the HBO broadcast of the inaugural concert last night and I was entertained. Most everyone was good. Garth Brooks is a major hot dog though. Can’t say I ever liked him. He did appear to hang to the right which was a bit impressive. So that’s one aspect of Garth Brooks that I didn’t mind.

Bruce was great of course and Pete Seeger is a national treasure. A wonderful version of This Land is Your Land with Pete, Bruce and Pete’s son in law.

James Taylor was pretty good too. Renee Fleming singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ hit all the right notes.

U2 rocked it with a two song set. They seemed very happy to be there, except for Larry Mullen who you can never tell if he’s ever happy. Too bad he’s the best looking member of the group.

There was a to-do about the omission of Gene Robinson and the invocation before the concert. HBO said it wasn’t their fault and that it was the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s decision not to include it in the broadcast. It was also reported that the speakers were turned off during the invocation.

Not that I care for the invocation or the magic words but Gene Robinson, the first openly gay, non celibate bishop of the episcopal church was supposed to be a salve for those of us that are STILL rankled by the choice of pRick Warren.

So perhaps there a few people in the inaugural committee who just aren’t down with gay people. I just hope this has no bearing on policy decisions down the line. I am trying to get into the swing of things, I am entitled to it. Especially after the money I donated and the time I spent working on the campaign.

Bill came over this afternoon and we watched the concert together as well as other reports from Washington DC. That’s all that’s been on TV all day today making me wish that I was down there. Of course it’s much too late for that and much too crowded for me and much too cold for Bill.

We’d stay with Billie in any event and probably would watch it from his house in the southwest part of the district. I guess I’ll watch it somehow at work. I’m sure the conservatives with the flat screen TV will be watching it and making snarky comments.

It was good being with Bill for a few hours. He definitely is a whole lot better that he was when I saw him last night. Still he wanted to take a two hour nap in our bed. I decided to take a nap alongside him but only lasted about 10 minutes when I was awoke by the sounds of a buzz saw a few doors down.

I watched Barack and Michelle Obama meeting an auditorium of volunteers at a high school in DC. That was really heartwarming. Heartwarming enough to last since I hadn’t read anything about pRick Warren in a few hours.

Here are some pics of the latest snowfall in Hoboken as well as some shots from the bus stop with Bill.











and with pleasure, a final posting of this…

Bring Me Closer

It’s a Sunday and if you’ve been keeping score you probably knew that already. That means last night was Saturday and I’ll tell you what I did. Basically watched TV. Watched the DVR of the second half of last week’s Saturday Night Live which was ok, also The Office which was somewhat sad for Andy.

The showdown between Dwight and Andy for Angela’s had (or body) came to a head. I think Andy won the duel from driving under 5 miles per hour in his Prius and pinning Dwight’s legs to the shrubbery.

30 Rock was good though not one of their best, but of course the scenes with Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek were the funniest.

I channel surfed and wound up on Back Beat, the 1994 movie about the Beatles in Hamburg with Stephen Dorff as Stu Sutcliffe and Sheryl Lee as Astrid Kirscherr and Ian Hart as John Lennon. The guy who played Paul McCartney was too tall, a few inches taller than Lennon but only trainspotters like myself would know or care about something like that. It was an enjoyable way to kill an hour or so, despite the movie being hokey at best.

After that I watched Saturday Night Live which had Rosario Dawson hosting and Fleet Foxes as the musical guests. I read about Fleet Foxes a lot lately in Mojo and Uncut, so apparently they’re big in England and only starting to make a splash here in the states, despite coming from Seattle.

I thought they were ok, a bit like Crosby, Still and Nash which if you like CSN you would probably like them. Me, I am fairly indifferent towards them. A bit twee as Lennon supposedly remarked when CSN tried to sign with Apple Records back in the day. Rosario Dawson was good but overall the show lacked.

Right now Jamie Foxx is doing an impersonation of Barack Obama on the HBO rebroadcast of the Inaugural concert this afternoon. Jamie Foxx is the new Vaughn Meade?

Betteye Levette is doing a duet with Jon Bon Jovi of Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come. I’m sorry but I don’t think Jon Bon Jovi should ever sing this song at all. Either in a duet or solo. It’s hard to imagine Jon Bon Jovi being oppressed and denied his civil rights.

Betteye should have kicked his butt off the stage. Nothing against Jon. I’ve met him, he’s a nice guy and I’m friends with his cousin.

This afternoon I made it into the city again, stopped by Farfetched and saw Harpy, this time working with Susan. Good to see Susan, both she and Lois are going through the stages of grief over the loss of their business. It’s a sad thing.

Have to get Susan a job somehow, as well as Harpy, Billie, Rita, Steve and various other friends who are presently out of work. Bill is still sick but a little bit better than he was yesterday.

I picked up 2 quarts (a half gallon) of chicken soup as well as a hero from Subway for Bill and walked over to Stuyvesant Town and dropped them off. I sat with Bill for a little while, then headed out and decided to finish the last of my La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero cigars which should make Harpy happy since I don’t think

I’ll be writing about them again any time soon. It was a difficult cigar, not an easy draw and I’ll stick to my Padron cigars from now on. Since I was smoking a cigar I decided to walk from 14th street and Avenue C to 32nd Street and Broadway and it was a good walk, listening to D’Angelo.

Got a seat on the Path train back to Hoboken where I ran into (or was almost run into) by Julio, Stine and Alexander. They were driving to Jersey City to see if they could see the US Air airbus in the Hudson River. Stine and I walked over to the river’s edge while Julio and Alexander stayed in the car. Couldn’t see much but I think I got one workable picture.

A little fuzzy but the US AIR airbus is right in the middle

A little fuzzy but the US AIR airbus is right in the middle




Came back and took some more pictures of Alexander and Stine took a picture of Alexander and myself. Now I’m just watching the rebroadcast of the inauguration which was good, but still I’m glad to watch it here though I wish Bill were here to watch it with me.

I’m trying to get into the swing of the inaugural spirit but I can’t. The pRick Warren debacle just tarnished Obama in my eyes. I can’t help but feel spurned after the work I did for the campaign. And more and more bad news about pRick Warren keeps seeping out.

How the work against AIDS in Africa that Warren has done mainly consists of meeting up with anti-gay religious nut jobs who’s work counted on faith based initiatives and abstinence only programs that don’t do anything but offer the damaged hope that people just won’t have sex until they’re married as well as pRick Warren actively participating in the demonstration of setting condoms on fire which certainly doesn’t prevent the spread of HIV.

This seems to be the thinking that that is what the sky god from the iron age wants them to do. And I can’t omit the video of the Saddleback Church 25th anniversary celebration from 2005 where pRick Warren implores his followers to be like the followers of Hitler with their devotion to pRick Warren’s plan for the next 25 years of Saddleback douche baggery.

It seems that each time I inch closer to how I felt on November 5 some more news about pRick Warren emerges.

He’s a dangerous man and I still feel he is the wrong choice to deliver the invocation for the inauguration of Barack Obama, but then again I feel religion should have no place at all in the inauguration (or government) and we know that will never happen as long as the belief in an iron age sky god exists.

Old subway cars being sent off shore to be deposited into the ocean and hopefully create man made reefs.

Old subway cars being sent off shore to be deposited into the ocean and hopefully create man made reefs.


this little guy makes everything worthwhile again....

this little guy makes everything worthwhile again....

Cindy Tells Me

It’s brutally cold out. No, really, it is. Last night it started to drop, the temperature that is. I watched Into the Wild last night.

It was directed by Sean Penn and starred Emile Hirsch, Catherine Keener and Hal Holbrook with William Hurt and Marcia Gay Harden as the parents. It was very good and a few times I had to rewind it and watch due to being distracted.

I like Emile Hirsch, he was quite good as Cleve Jones in Gus Van Sant’s film, Milk. It has a sad ending though. A few characters in the movie seem to know where Chris/Alexander (played by Emile Hirsch) is going to end up.

Those were quite touching scenes, especially with Hal Holbrook. It’s recommended if you feel like being bummed out, which I try not to be. I wasn’t expecting a laugh riot though, I sort of knew what I was getting myself into.

Though if I didn’t already see Milk, I probably wouldn’t have made it a point to see Into the Wild.

After that I watched the last hour of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars on VH1 Classics. Not my favorite Bowie period but he certainly put on a show. I know my brother Frank saw him at Radio City on that tour, and so did Chaz and William Charas as well as my friend Jet.

I know 3 out of 4 left that concert changed beings. For me, David Bowie was way too outré for my simple tastes then. Elton John was the one for me. More accessible, more pop.

On Keith Olbermann is a recap of the year, mainly about Obama. It is Olbermann, so it’s the election basically. I’m still upset with the Rick Warren choice, but that’s merely a bump in the road. A mistake no doubt, and a mistake he wouldn’t have made, or at least change but that ain’t gonna happen.

So he’s not the Superman I had on my t-shirt. I still have hope for him and our country. And like the great Bayard Rustin said, “When an individual is protesting society’s refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.” And Bill and I conveyed dignity upon ourselves on Saturday night.

Listening to Obama’s speeches, he is still inspiring. A much better choice than John McCain, that’s for sure.

This morning I woke up late. Too cold to get out of bed. I knew I was going to be late as I puttered about the apartment.

I dressed in layers, which meant a suit and tie with vest. And thermal underwear. I had some rubber soled shoes all ready to go and when I tightened the laces they broke. So I had to find another pair, which weren’t as warm as I had hoped.

My little piggies were freezing when I got to the office at 9:00. No one was in yet, the cold making everyone late.

No bonus this year, no holiday luncheon and that’s fine by me. I’m glad to still have a job.

Still chilly in the apartment right now but it’s getting warmer so I’m not complaining. It would be good if Bill were here, he emits body heat.

I thought I was going to meet Ann Boyles at McSwells tonight, but now it seems like I’ll head out to Glen Ridge, maybe on Friday if that’s alright with them. Ann is supposed to be around until Sunday so that might work out just fine.

Now I have to say hello to Ann Louise Boyles Paterson for bhikkhu and Harpy.

It’s a burden, such a burden, oh what a burden, to be so relied on… That was by Brian Eno.

Times of Your Life

I am terribly disappointed in the choice of Rick Warren to say the invocation or the magic words at Obama’s inauguration. I too supported Obama, donated my time volunteering and donated money that I could have used for myself and my partner of 8 years.

I have stopped being a member of Obama Pride when it seems too hypocritical for gay people to continue in that Facebook group.

To have my relationship as well as millions of others relationships compared to incest, bestiality and pedophilia and then have the person as an honored member at your inauguration is really too much of a slap in the face to those of us in same sex relationships.

Obama claims we can disagree without being disagreeable, and by saying that it seems to me that the incest, bestiality and pedophilia comments are not disagreeable to him.

After years of being told by Warren and his ilk, that we are sinful in our love, not to mention his positions on a woman’s right to choose, and stem cell research as well as his attacks on atheists, to see Barack Obama embrace such a person really hurts and looks like an endorsement. It really is terrible and it hurts.

Does his team really think that an LGBT marching band will heal this open wound? Wouldn’t Rev. Peter Gomes, Harvard theologian and chaplain who did the invocation for Reagan and Bush I have been a better choice? I cannot understand how a person can unite by embracing a ‘person’ such as Rick Warren who spews nothing but hateful words about a large group of Obama supporters.

Posted at http://change.gov/page/content/GeneralDiscussion/

No. After donating my time and money to the Obama campaign, for him to turn around and embrace someone who considers same sex relationships to be evil sinful and akin to bestiality, incest and child rape, to invite him to say some magic words at his inauguration is just wrong and I withdraw any further support.
Let his new friends at Saddleback Church pick up the slack.

Posted at http://www.365gay.com/news/calif-gay-rights-leader-rejects-inauguration-invite/#

I helped build the most powerful and effective grassroots movement in America. You picked someone who considers my relationship as well as millions of others to be tantamount to incest, bestiality and child molestation to perform the invocation.

I suggest you ask the parishioners of the Saddleback Church for any more money, for you will not be getting any funds from this disillusioned supporter.

Kindly refrain from sending me any more emails regarding Barack Obama. I have donated my time and my money for his election, but I will not sacrifice the pride I have in my same sex relationship.

In response to:
John —
You helped build the most powerful and effective grassroots movement in America.
Now, you’re helping to define how this movement will support President-elect Obama’s agenda and continue to bring the change we need.
Between now and Barack’s inauguration, we’ll continue to collect your ideas and feedback.
After the inauguration, we should be able to announce a clear plan for the future of this movement — a plan determined by you.
Thanks for being a part of this journey to bring about change in the years to come,
David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, How was the play?
It’s been a pretty good day. Feeling more in the holiday spirit than I’ve been lately.

Bill came home last night, if only for an hour or so. It was just really great to have him here. I missed him, missed being able to hug and kiss him without care. He tried to set up my computer with the wireless but he couldn’t do it either.

I didn’t mind, I wasn’t upset. I have been using his Mac for so long now, a couple of weeks already that going back to the small screen almost feels like a step backward. But it’s not my computer, it is Bill’s and though he doesn’t mind, I should get back to it.

Got the presents en route to California. One gift inside was purchased before my sister Annemarie issued her edict on no presents this year. By writing this I expect to head her off at the pass so I won’t hear ‘Oh You shouldn’t have. Really…’ in her sweet dulcet tones.

No hanging with Pedro last night, no heading out to see Ann Boyles at Meghan and Jim Mastro’s house tonight. Meghan is a bit ill and it’s really ugly outside.

Rain, sleet and snow and I almost broke my neck outside walking down the street so I’m staying home. Oh well.

Rebel Waltz

Well I am in a much better mood, still angry with the Obama team though, and with him, himself. Today he commented on the Rick Warren pick for the invocation and one particular ting that Obama said stuck I my craw.

He mentioned that we can disagree without being disagreeable. That’s all well and good.

For me to disagree is like this, “I support same sex marriage” someone else, “I do not support same sex marriage”. To me that is how people disagree as an example.

Disagreeable could be seen as “I support same sex marriage” someone else, “I think same sex marriage is just like bestiality, child rape and incest between a brother and a sister”.

This is the reasoning that Barack Obama uses to explain why he picked Rick Warren to say the invocation for his inauguration.

Where is this atmosphere that Obama speaks of that he would like to create? What type of atmosphere could exist between a group of people that love each other and want the SAME RIGHTS THAT HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES GET, and a group that says that we are going to molest their children, we can’t be trusted to teach in schools, we spread disease (thanks Dad) and we are all going to hell.

One group advocates love and equality and another condemns and shames. What type of atmosphere will exist in such a vacuum?

It really is a sickening feeling that someone who actively courted the gay vote and dollars thinks it’s all right for Rick Warren to grace his inauguration. An inauguration that I worked towards, millions of people worked towards and donated money to. And then to hear from some ‘allies’ saying we’re making too much of a big deal out of it.

Obama’s people are claiming to be all inclusive. If that’s so, can we expect to see representatives from the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation, maybe even some Black Israelites, and the Army of God up on the stage with Obama and Warren?

No we know that’s not what’s going to happen, because when you boil it down, it’s perfectly all right to treat LGBT like shit.

C’mon, it’s true. Everyone hates LGBT people, it’s the one thing christians, jews and muslims can all agree on. And atheists are hated too. I am doubly cursed!

The right wank is gloating over this of course, claiming liberals (read gays) are so intolerant of different views. I know it’s not the case, we just resent having our relationships compared to child rapists.

I ran into Casey Chasm on the bus this evening and he suggested that the whole Rick Warren fiasco is a distraction from the fact that the economy is getting worse than was originally imagined.

That may be true and it also maybe much like a Monty Python sketch where a door to door salesman is trying to get a couple interested in a home made TV show.

When the couple’s attention span is on the wane, a mollusk is tossed out described as a filthy, disgusting pansy which gets the couple riled up enough to curse and stomp on said mollusk.

So the economy is in the toilet and people are tired of hearing about it…hey, look! A homosexual! How disgusting is that? Something everyone can rally around and hate with all of their hearts and the justification of their religion to feel like that.

Much like religion was used all those years ago when it was against the law for Barack Obama’s parents to marry.

Obama’s people are saying that it’s a balance since Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery is going to deliver the benediction at the inauguration.

Dr Lowery has long been a supporter of civil rights for ALL people whereas Rick Warren, aka Falwell in a Hawaiian shirt actively works to take civil rights away from certain people.

That is the face that the Obama administration wants to present. A balanced face like Bell’s palsy. Yeah, I am still pissed off.

The day wasn’t all about being fired up though. I heard from Maurice Menares and that was a good laugh. He’s in Oregon married with a kid. He’s doing well and working for Adidas.

He suggested looking him up if I find myself on the west coast. I mentioned Arcata and a sketchy plan of perhaps going out there for my nephew’s graduation next year. A side trip to Oregon, is it possible? It all remains to be seen.

I had to run an errand to Chinatown this afternoon and I finagled that into a detour to Farfetched where I picked up a present or two for Bill and some cards for the nieces and nephews.

There was also a plan to hook up with Pedro but he backed out due to the incoming snowstorm which is expected to leave a foot of snow in Otisville making his return home that much more difficult.

I was also supposed to go visit the Mastro’s where Ann Boyles is supposed to make an appearance like Mary on a half shell but I haven’t heard anything about that. So it’s all up in the air, but at least I am home and happy.

I would be happier if Bill were here driving me up the wall, but we do have a plan to take part in a demonstration on Saturday night for Marriage Equality. That could very well turn into an anti Rick Warren/No Thanks Obama rally.

It doesn’t look like Obama is going to do a thing about it and Rick Warren has congratulated Obama for taking a stand AGAINST the people that voted him into office. A stand against the LGBT community, women, and science.

After eight fucking years of having the religious right shoved down our throats, Obama’s people decide to open the show with a nutjob with left over, reheated bull fucking shit not that different than James Dobson, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and the shit sleaze they had to say.

Remember, according to Falwell and Robertson, 9/11 was a reckoning for LGBT people and women having the right to choose. Meet their devil spawn, Rick ‘Purpose Drivel Strife’ Warren.

Hell hath no fury like an LGBT community/women/scientific community scorned.

Positively 4th Street

What a day, again.

Thanks to Rand for upgrading Word Press and enabling me to finally post some pics. But first, last night.

Last night was the first enjoyable night I’ve had in a while, thanks to Juan. It was great having him stop by last night. Just good to have someone here to talk to and laugh with.

He insisted on watching Summer Heights High on HBO which I had written off after watching the first episode. With Juan’s prodding we watched episodes 2 and 3 and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

A begrudging laugh emanated from my lips which is more than what happened the first time around. I needed the company and I needed a laugh and Juan delivered on both counts.

Bill phoned midway through a story I was telling about Zed which definitely ruined the flow of the story. Still it was good to know that Bill was eating soup. He’s been feeling rather lethargic lately and I told him to eat more fruit, some salads, maybe even have some meat.

It could be the change in temperature, one day it’s in the 60’s, the next day it’s in the 20’s. Or it could just be the change of seasons. Whatever, he was eating soup.

Juan didn’t seem to notice the break in the flow, so entranced he is with his magic phone. Juan left and I was in bed a little after midnight which made waking up this morning a bit of a chore.

Still I was in the office by 8:30. The day was somewhat busy. There was the usual aggravation, of course from Tom Chin. I called him at lunch and asked about some papers that a messenger was picking up, I had them but wasn’t sure if they were all there.

They were there and he asked if anyone had ever called me a Space Cadet before. That’s what I get for making sure things are running correctly and checking in.

As aggravating as that was, what really aggravated me was the fact that the author of the Purpose Driven Life, the resident ‘pastor’ of one of those box store, or mega-churches, someone who equates same sex marriage to pedophilia and incest will be saying those magic words, the invocation, at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

I can’t help but feel disgust and betrayal at this. I had volunteered my time and donated money (that I probably shouldn’t have) to the Obama campaign and his people pick someone like that to say his hocus pocus.

I can tell you that the LGBT community is up in arms on this issue. Whatever idea or plan I may have had for attending the inauguration is over.

Like Clinton, Obama actively courted the gay vote and gay money which he received in kind. And like Clinton, he soon threw the LGBT community under the bus.

Is Rick Warren, truly the only clergy in the United States to deliver the magic words? Could there be no one else? Or are they just going for the marquee name of Rick Warren who has written best sellers?

Clinton waited until he was in office to throw LGBT people under the bus, Obama didn’t even wait for that. The bloom, it is now off the rose.

I think it really is a shame and I did not expect to be feeling such disgust at this charlatan pick of Rick Warren, a real scumbag. I guess betrayal is the ‘proper’ word.

Just spent the past half hour trying to log into Word Press. This almost went out as individual emails.

Thanks to Jeremy at GoodAsYou.com and Jim Burroway at BoxTurtleBulletin.com (both listed in the blogroll on the right side of this blog) for the info on the heinous choice of Rick Warren.

Both of these blogs are worth looking at for more info on this matter.

This is one of those rare occasions where I use a song title that I’ve used previously. It seemed most apt.


written an hour or so later:
I can get so fired up. I know, it’s politics. Still the Rev. Peter Gomes from Harvard would have been a MUCH better choice. I saw him on television a while ago and found him to be so intelligent and well spoken and open minded. It would have been a perfect fit! He has done the invocations for Reagan and Bush I, and he’s a celibate gay man.

Everyone wins! But Nooooooooo…..


I suppose it’s true, no good deed goes unpunished. Sometimes when I walk down 41st Street, I give a homeless guy some change. He calls me soldier, usually compliments me on what I’m wearing and comments on my smoking a cigar. He seems like a nice guy and I always try to give him some change when I can. This happens after work most nights.

Today work wasn’t busy at all and I tried to leave at 3:00 with Vivek’s permission. He was busy since he’s going to India tomorrow and coming back on Tuesday. But things being what they are, I didn’t leave at 3:00. I tried to but as I was headed out the door I heard my phone ring.

So I run to my desk and my jacket gets caught on the edge of the cubicle, tearing off a button off my suit jacket. No problem, even though I can’t sew to save my life I scooped up the button and put it in my pocket.

The phone call was from this crazy psycho Vietnamese chick who has been calling me most every day since May 2007. I’ll come into work and find my voice mailbox would be filled with messages in Vietnamese of this chick screaming, crying and mumbling.

Today when I answered the phone she was crying in English, which she does speak on occasion, ‘what did you do to my computer?’ I told her that I didn’t know anything about her computer and that she was a stupid bitch.

Then I headed out the door, enjoying a Padron and walking across town. Bought a refrigerator magnet of Barack Obama outside of Grand Central Station and headed to the bus terminal. As I approached the homeless guy I reached into my pocket and gave him almost a dollar in change. Make that almost a dollar, plus a button.

I didn’t realize that I gave him the button until I got into the bus terminal. I figured I’ll take the suit to the dry cleaners and have them sew a new button on. I go to the ‘new’ dry cleaner around the block, they do the cleaning on premises and they do it green, meaning environmentally safe.

I tell the gent behind the counter about the button and he looks at me and asks if I have an extra one. I told him if I had an extra one I would have brought it. I also told him it doesn’t have to be the same button, just the same size. He tells me he couldn’t do it.

I wind up walking to another dry cleaner around the block and give the same spiel. This gent tells me that he could probably match the size but it wouldn’t be the same. I tell him to just take off the other two buttons and sew three new ones which is what I could have told the first guy.

I also could have turned around and went back to the homeless guy and asked him to check his cup for a button but since it was a Friday and I was just about 100 yards from my bus I obviously decided not to. Not the end of the world after all.

Just heard from a mutual friend of mine and Pedro’s, Excer. Excer called Pedro to find out what would be going on for tomorrow, but it turns out Pedro is still sick so no Otisville this weekend. Excer mentioned next weekend but I won’t be able to go then since I’m taking Juan to see Girl Talk next Saturday for his birthday.

I am having dinner with Excer tomorrow night instead and I’ll tell him then, unless he reads this first but I find that doubtful.

Viva La Vida

Well it’s 75 days until Barack Obama’s inauguration. I don’t think I’ll be in Washington DC. I think I’ll stay here, but who knows? Come January I might have free time on my hands the way this economy keeps going south. Not something that I want believe me.

Last night was a quiet night at home, Bill cleaning his mother’s apartment and throwing out his father’s things. He came home after I went to bed. He’s doing the same tonight and may stay there which means I have to make my own damn coffee. Things are back to normal I guess, but the bloom is still on the Obama rose.

Last night was O & RM. I’m slowly weaning myself off the political news, but I’ll still watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Interesting to see Colin Powell getting teary talking about Obama’s election and even more interesting to see Condoleezza Rice express pride as an African American in regards to Obama’s success.

Definitely off the republican message. Still not too fond of her and have a low, grudging respect for Powell.

Now that Casey works downtown there is no one to talk to on the bus ride into the city which means I can tear through the New Yorker. I’m only a week behind.

Work has been busy. New Sub-tenants moving in and so far they aren’t the big pain in the ass that I anticipated. Tom Chin has been moved to another office which he is sharing with Vivek and my cubicle is going to be dismantled for the new inhabitants which means I will be in a different cube. That should be fun. Whether or not I wrote that facetiously remains to be seen.

So today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. It was a fast week. I think the excitement of the election helped speed things along. I might go up to Otisville on Saturday and hang out with Pedro but that depends on how he is feeling since he too has the bug.

I can’t be blamed for his condition. I blame the crooks at Rikers that he comes into contact with. It would be nice to get out of town, if only for 12 hours. His girlfriend Connie is looking forward to it. She likes to cook for Pedro’s friends and she’s pretty good at it.

Tonight promises to be a quiet night and tomorrow just might be another short Friday, me leaving the office at 3:00 is quite nice. I have to say that I really enjoy wearing a suit and tie to work. It’s so much easier and makes me feel better about myself.

A boost to my self-esteem which is always welcome. Even though Friday’s are generally casual day I wear a suit and tie. Yesterday I was busy and Vivek warned me to dress casual for the work at hand, so that meant I wore some nice trousers and a collared shirt which was casual for me yet dressed up for Vivek.

Whatever works I guess.

Sorry about the late posting but my computer/wireless connection has been quite unruly!

The Promised Land

Oh my. It happened. History was made last night and I personally am quite glad, and proud to have been able to help with the campaign by volunteering my time and donating some money. This battle was won, the California battle, the No on Prop h8 was lost. But that’s not over yet.

Nice to see that poverty, homelessness and war has been taken care of so that the mormons and the knights of columbus were able to contribute millions of dollars (25 Million and up they say) to ensure that discrimination will be written into the California constitution and enabling thousands of citizens to be deprived of their rights.

So close those catholic schools, forget about feeding the homeless and while they’re at it, forget the basic principles, the very tenets of your faith because you just know that their lord and savior wouldn’t side with the christianists on this vile, hateful issue.

And as far as the mormons go, well 19th century religions lend themselves to an air of ridiculousness and the church of latter day neck bones are at the top of the list. And the same goes for Arizona, Florida and good old Arkansas denying gay people to adopt children that no one else bloody wants.

Let those children suffer rather than have some one help them and love them. Let them fester in loneliness and feelings of not being wanted, all in the name of religion and fear, amen.

Despite that bitter taste in my mouth throughout the day I was overcome, getting choked up and tears welling in my eyes when I think of what was accomplished by Barack Obama. I don’t know if a lot of people that aren’t of color recognize the shit black people have gone through for hundreds of years.

Slavery, the erasing of identities, the separation of families, fighting for the freedom of Europe and the Pacific and coming home to find that they were still second class citizens, being attacked by police dogs and fire hoses for sitting at a lunch counter or refusing to sit at the back of the bus or trying to enroll in schools or trying to vote, the separate but ‘equal’ Jim Crow laws and being told by institutions that they just weren’t as good as white people.

Systematically told this every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, year, decade and century. I was told that I was worthless and no good and an idiot for the first 20 years of my life and that was from my father. I still wear those scars and carry that baggage and my father was just one man.

Imagine a government, a society telling you this over and over for years and years. It will fuck you up. If it’s not easy for me to ‘shake off’ it certainly wouldn’t be easy for a large segment of society.

Barack Obama being elected to the highest office in the land is a remarkable achievement and an historical event and I was glad to witness it with my partner Bill and my dear friend Juan who voted in his first election and hit a home run. My nephew Earl and my niece Corinne also hit home runs voting in their first election and I am proud of all of them

Last night was a bit like New Years Eve, calling up my sister when it was announced that Barack Obama won the election. A few other phone calls, all with celebratory greetings of happiness and tears of joy and calls from friends and family telling me that they were speechless. It actually felt as momentous as New Years Eve 1999.

Last night as it was all unfolding I was fearful, before Bill came home and Juan came over. I turned on MSNBC and they were talking about McCain winning Indiana. I couldn’t believe it and started to feel that same despair I felt in 2004.

I turned it off and waited until Bill came home. Then it was watching the results with Bill and Juan bolstering my spirits. Even as Barack Obama won, I couldn’t believe it though I did. Slept like a rock going to bed at 1:00AM. It only made sense to me today, buying up the big three newspapers for this historical event. I think I’ll keep them under the stairs in the basement.

Letter from Nelson Mandela to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

5 November 2008
Senator Barack Obama,
Dear Senator Obama,
We join people in your country and around the world in congratulating you on becoming the President-Elect of the United States. Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place.

We note and applaud your commitment to supporting the cause of peace and security around the world. We trust that you will also make it the mission of your Presidency to combat the scourge of poverty and disease everywhere.

We wish you strength and fortitude in the challenging days and years that lie ahead. We are sure you will ultimately achieve your dream making the United States of America a full partner in a community of nations committed to peace and prosperity for all.
N R Mandela
courtesy of the New York Times

“Mister I ain’t a boy, no- I’m a man and I believe in the Promised Land!”

Now give those girls a puppy!


Today is the big day. No it’s not my birthday. But perhaps it’s the birth of a better nation than it has been for the past 8 years. Yes it’s election day. What I have been waiting for since last year. If you recall, I think it was August 2007 when I mentioned if it was intense then in 2007, how would it be in October 2008? Well we have our answer don’t we?

Surprisingly I’m not as angst ridden as I was in 2004. This one seems more like a sure thing. Of course having written that, superstitious me thinks, ‘oh no, I’ve jinxed Obama’. But then again I am an atheist and have no need for superstition but it’s there. Oh yes… it’s there.

Last night Bill was in Stuyvesant Town so he would be able to vote early. That’s where he’s registered you see. I slept well. Watched O & RM, and was looking forward to the escapism of Heroes, but to my surprise Heroes wasn’t on. Instead it was two hours of Saturday Night Live’s political sketches from as far back as Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford. Different times indeed.

I went to bed after the news and talking with Bill on the phone. Woke up and did my thing. I picked out my clothes the night before. Emphasis on blue, blue tie, blue braces, blue tnt otc socks, navy blue pinstriped suit and of course my blue Obama 08 button.

I didn’t wear the button at the polling place 50 yards from my door though. Didn’t know what to expect but found a line. Usually it takes about 5 minutes, today it took a little more than 20 minutes. At first they couldn’t find my name in the book, and I thought I’d have to get all Tim Robbins on their asses.

I pulled out my voter registration cards, I have 2 of them but eventually they found it. Actually they found it after I found it by reading upside down. Then I was in the queue for Ward 6 in Hoboken. Easy vote, column A except for freeholder Anthony ‘Stick’ Romano a creepy ex-cop from Hoboken. Also a Yes and a No on the public questions in that order.

Then it was a bus ride into the city. Got some looks at my Obama 08 button, nothing hostile and as far as I know, no comments, at least none that I heard as I was playing Funplex by the B-52’s on the iPod. It’s nerve wracking to listen to the news right now, basically they’re saying not to count out McRage yet, while just before they had reports from around the world mostly saying that they hope Obama wins.

All except for Israel. And who do they ask for an Israeli opinion, but an American ex-pat living in Israel. Don’t forget that 60 years ago Israel was created at the expense of the Palestinians who were living there for maybe a thousand years before. Nothing like outlawing and degrading the people that were there first. Hello Native Americans!

Work was quiet. Tom Chin still sick, so it was me and Vivek basically. Doing handiwork actually. Me all dressed up on the floor under a desk unscrewing pieces so desks can be taken apart and moved. That was ridiculous and tomorrow promises more of the same.

Vivek told me to dress casual since it’s bound to be dirty work. Bill is coming home tonight, and Juan is coming over to watch the results. So all is good, hopefully.

Hope you all went out and voted. It’s almost 7:00PM here in Hoboken so you have an hour left to hit the polls. GO OBAMA and best wishes to California against Prop h8 as well as Florida and Arizona. I guess there is enough love in the world so why not discriminate against people in love that are mostly the same yet slightly different?

Prove those bastards wrong!

Get out and VOTE!

Bop Gun (Endangered Species)

Back to the beat, back to the grind. That means it’s Monday. Yes yes I know, big deal. Last night was pretty quiet, I watched the Simpsons and True Blood and Entourage. The Treehouse of Horror was ok. The opening scene with Homer trying to vote for Obama several times and each time it was a vote for McCain before the machine ate Homer and left his carcass with an ‘I Voted’ sticker on his forehead.

After that I watched True Blood which was once again very good. Steven Root is playing a gay vampire that Suki’s brother and his girlfriend kidnapped so they could always get a fresh supply of V. Very sad scenes.

Also Vampire Bill is on trial for killing a vampire that was about to kill Suki and you know, vampires aren’t supposed to kill other vampires, so Vampire Bill is going on to vampire trial. Before he left he asked the bar owner Sam to keep an eye on Suki. Vampire Bill obviously knew something that some of us only had an idea about.

It turns out Sam can turn himself into a dog. The same dog that has been appearing from time to time. Entourage was pretty good, Jason Patrick was excellent playing an asshole, which is basically a send up of how he’s been portrayed in the press.

Bill came home after dealing with his family and he’s heart broken. He feels like he is at wit’s end, trying to take care of his mother while still maintaining his own life. She definitely cannot be left alone and needs supervision at all times.

Once again she almost burned a kitchen down, this time his cousin’s kitchen. And once again all I could do was listen and give him a hug and let him cry on my shoulder. We both slept quite soundly, Bill kissing me goodbye as he was out the door before the sun came up.

The sun wasn’t up when I left. I made a point to dress extra sharp since I was going to volunteer again at the Obama office after work. Work was quiet. Most everyone attended a luncheon put together by Greg Steven’s wife Lorraine on behalf of her foundation.

Then Greg and Lorraine are flying to Arizona for a few weeks so they both can get some rest and relaxation and also a few rounds of golf. Tom Chin was home, sick with the bug that I had. If it’s the same bug, Tom will be out for the rest of the week. I know he’s going to blame me for catching the bug, not the thousands of people he comes into contact with, riding Metro North to and from Connecticut every day.

I left the office around 4:15, enjoying a Padron and walking to the Path train so I could volunteer again. More phone calls to Kearny again. More messages left on voice mail and only one or two people who told me they were voting for McRage.

After about 90 minutes of calling, I headed home where I just cooked some pasta. Also picked up some coffee for the office, talked to nice guy Jeff. He’s playing bass and has a gig in a week or two in Jersey City. I’d go see him but he never told me where he was playing and lets get real. I’m going to Jersey City to see a band that I might not care for?

Obama’s grandmother passed away, it’s sad she didn’t get a chance to see her grandson on Election Day, perhaps winning the nation’s highest office. But I’m sure she was proud of all that he has accomplished so far. I know I am.

Barack Obama and his grandmother Madelyn Dunham are seen together in this photo from 1979.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. In New Jersey the polls are open from 6:00AM to 8:00PM. And do the smart thing, VOTE OBAMA! PLEASE! And NO on Prop h8 as well as similar measures across the country!

♫ and Happy Birthday to Juan!!! ♪

Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can

Well here we are on a Saturday. Day of the dead or Dia de los Muertos for those playing at home. So far it’s been a good day which promises to be a good evening. Last night I did go out after all. Walked up to McSwells where Rand was dressed as a zombie cracker pimp and Lisa was his ho. Lois was dressed as a zombie cannibal Wall Streeter.

I of course didn’t have a costume. It took a lot for me to get out of the house. Bill had gone to be early and I was content to do nothing. Rand called and texted me, effectively cajoling me to go out. So I got my act together and headed out. It was a Friday night and walking up to McSwells I thought about how rarely it is that I go out.

I used to work at McSwells on Friday nights as a bar back so I didn’t really know how things were on the outside. Perhaps it was different then, but last night there were mobs of people in their Halloween costumes all queuing up to get into various bars and pubs. When I lived in Weehawken I really didn’t go out on Fridays. I was definitely content to stay in an do whatever it was that I used to do, which was watch TV and play with Zed.

I had my ID checked at the door which should have been flattering and then waited for a pint of Guinness. $6.00 a pint and with a tip it made for $7.00. Found Rand and Lisa and Lois in the back all dressed up. On stage was a woman dressed as Sarah Palin singing what may have been a Carpenters song.

It was my first time at karaoke and it wasn’t quite what I expected. Not that it was bad or anything like that, just that I expected something different. I felt a bit out of place not being in a costume but then again I wasn’t planning on staying long. I didn’t understand whether people are really bad singers, or just mangling a song because they could.

I’m sure there are different types of people that go to karaoke. There are the ones who do their best and take it very seriously and then there are those who are simply out for a laugh. I understand both camps. I did entertain the idea of getting up on stage and singing a song, whether faithfully or interpreting the song as a way of overcoming my terrible stage fright. But last night wasn’t the night for me to do that.

After a long wait for a second pint I saw Lois sing Money (Thats What I Want). Money as well as human flesh is what she actually wanted. Rand and I joined in from the audience with Lois’ request for human flesh. Unfortunately the karaoke machine broke down in the middle of Lois’ song and as a way of making it up to her offered another song to sing.

Unfortunately the song was One Eyed One Horned Giant Purple People Eater which wasn’t the same thing and a bit lame. Who knew there were actually lyrics to that song?

I had enough by then and didn’t feel like waiting a long time for another pint so I made my exit after wishing Rand and Lisa and Lois a good time. I would have stayed to hear Rand and Lisa sing but I was getting cranky. Two pints seemed to be enough for me and I wandered on home, avoiding groups of costumed revelers.

Bill was still fast asleep, he didn’t even realize I had gone. I watched the rest of Bill Maher and then went to sleep myself. Got up ran some errands, saw Linda the former cashier at the supermarket who hung on my arm as we walked into the store. She then went her way and I went mine.

After a few hours I went out and bought myself an Obama as Superman t-shirt to wear to the B-52’s tonight, then walked over to the Obama Headquarters where I phoned over 100 people in Kearny to remind them to vote on Tuesday.

Mostly I left messages and only spoke to two McCain supporters who I still reminded to vote on Tuesday and to have a good day today. So now I’m just getting ready to see the B-52’s which really should be a good show.

The One Thing

Here we are in the middle of the week, which isn’t such a bad place to be. I would have rather it be Friday, but here we are and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Last night was pretty quiet. Just me and Bill watching O & RM, then he went to bed and I watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Colbert had Yo Yo Ma on as a musical guest and Yo Yo was pretty funny. I wonder if Jane ever met him? Watched the news and I was going to go to bed but turned on The Simpsons which had an episode I didn’t expect to ever see on TV again. It was the episode where the Simpsons go to New York City.

Since a good part of the action takes place at the World Trade Center it made the premise dodgy at best. Barney drops off Homer after being the designated driver and goes on a bender with the car eventually leaving it parked for weeks between the two towers. It really is one of their best episodes, featuring the voice of Officer Steve Grabowski and fresh Kal-Kalash.

So I stayed up and watched the whole thing. It was followed by an episode of Scrubs that was on Comedy Central earlier in the evening. Slept and eventually woke up and dragged my ass out of bed as the Supremes sang I Hear A Symphony.

It promised to be another cold day so I broke out the winter coat. It would probably look good with a fedora and I do have one from about ten years ago when my Rasta pal Marcus gave me a very nice felt hat which I’ve kept in a box, it’s that nice. Before I left I downloaded African and White by China Crisis.

Just a song that crept into my head and I immediately needed it on my iPod to listen to as I walked to the bus stop. It was a later bus than usual so it was a different crowd and not as crowded. Once again I walk into an empty office.

I found out that Greg Steven’s wife Lorraine went home last night, everything seemed to be alright. She has a thyroid problem which is what gave everyone a scare yesterday. I kept myself busy throughout the day.

Worked on Greg’s computer, grateful that he has zero computer skills and enabling me to prove my worth once again. Tom Chin and I remain civil yet frosty to each other which seems to work just fine. Also helped Vivek out with the scanner, showing him how to use it and convert documents to pdf files. Two feathers in my cap, or rather fedora.

It was a nice quiet day. I walked across town, enjoying a Padron and listening to Prince, Sign ‘O’ The Times which is probably his best. Too bad he’s gotten flakier as time progressed. Right now I would care less if he got back together with The Revolution.

Too much water under that graffiti bridge. You may groan now.

Looking forward to Barack Obama’s infomercial. It should break up the evening nicely.

Bye Bye Love

Jeez this bug that I have just won’t go away. Been feeling it since about last Monday and here it is almost a week later and after spending just a few hours outside I’m tired. Last night after I watched The Mayor of Sunset Strip, I watched Stardust starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfieffer. To quote Juan, I was whelmed.

Not over or under, but simply whelmed. Enough that I couldn’t be bothered to turn off the dvd. It was ok, but overall a disappointment. Hard to believe that was Sienna Miller, who looked so much like Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl, in this she was far from it. My brother Frank liked the movie.

He just told me as I called to wish him a happy birthday. He seemed to have just an average day for his birthday which is how it goes sometimes. Plus since he works for the board of elections he had to work today, on a Sunday which didn’t make him happy at all.

After Stardust, came Saturday Night Live. That wasn’t as good as it had been the past episodes this season. And with Sarah Palin on the show I think I threw up in my mouth a little. I just don’t like her. At all. Josh Brolin was good but when he first came out for the monologue he looked like Butch Patrick. I don’t find him attractive though I know people that do.

Andy Samberg was a disappointment as well. His scene with Mark Wahlberg was a bit off. Wahlberg knew his lines, but Samberg seemed riveted to the cue cards. Or maybe he was acting as if he was terrified of Mark Wahlberg, who I though was one of the funniest spots on the show.

Kristen Wig. I like her but perhaps she is funnier in small doses. Like Lewis Black, who is funny for five minutes a month on the Daily Show, but not strong enough for an hour long special on HBO.

Adele was the musical guest and she was ok. She seemed like another singer from the Amy Winehouse/Duffy genre. It’s not bad but really not enough to distinguish from other female R&B stylists.

Amy Poeler has only a few more weeks before she leaves the show and gives birth. She’ll be missed, especially on Weekend Update where she was the funniest thing on that whole spot. I went to bed at 12:45, just couldn’t risk seeing Sarah Palin at the end of the show.

Woke up feeling ok, went out for foodstuffs and the paper. After breakfast I watched a documentary called Champion on Danny Trejo, an actor you’ve probably seen in some movies. He had a hard life, a junkie at 13, life in San Quentin followed. Now he has a successful career in movies and also counsels younger people encouraging them to stay of of jail and off drugs and booze.

Somehow that wound up in my Netflix queue. It wasn’t that bad a documentary but then again it wasn’t that good. I watched the BBC and a rally in North Carolina for Obama. The big news today was Colin Powell supporting Obama. Is Colin Powell still relevant? After the WMD’s fiasco at the UN, who really cares what Colin Powell has to say?

McCrazy of course mentioned that he has a former secretary of state backing him, Henry Kissinger. I suppose for some, having a war criminal back you is quite the feather in the cap. I don’t think Kissinger can leave the country lest he be arrested for the bombing of Cambodia and Laos all those years ago and tried in the Hague. But then again McCrazy has G. Gordon Liddy’s backing so maybe he wants the backing of the tarnished and tattered Nixon crew.

I walked around Hoboken and saw Rand and Lisa at their Gate Sale and then visited Fred and Lois at their sale. Then I walked downtown to the Neumann Leathers Building and stopped by Tim Daly’s studio where I talked with Sheilah Scully who just so happens to be Tim’s wife. Came home, made a nice penne, pesto and chicken dinner and now I’m tired.

I spent all day wondering who Joe Gideon was, and now that I just watched the ending of the Simpsons with a Fosse character in it I realized Joe Gideon was played by Robert Schneider in Bob Fosse’s loosely autobiographical All That Jazz. Now I can go to bed.

I Believe in You and Me

Well it’s Friday and I had hoped that I would be fully functional, but no, still in the 90% range. But no, that’s not how it works out. Still I am better than I have been most of the week. I am glad I made the decision to do nothing at all this weekend as opposed to the unconscious decision of not doing anything at all.

Last night I broke my ‘fast’ and watched O & RM. Both were entertaining, mainly with Olbermann in the wings at the Letterman show, looking like he was ready to jump in after Biff Henderson measured the size of his ample skull.

And Rachel Maddow had live clips from the Alfred E. Smith dinner at the Waldorf Astoria featuring John McCain and Barack Obama making fun of each other. It was actually very funny, Bill and I were laughing out loud. Whoever wrote their lines did a great job.

Went to sleep and didn’t beat Bill up again which was nice, I know he appreciated it. He was up and out once again leaving me to sleep for a few minutes before I stirred and got out of bed. Had some coffee, showered and was soon at the bus stop.

Missed my usual bus which Casey might have been on if he didn’t catch the bug I may have accidentally given him.

On my way across town this morning I was prepared in case Obama was still around. He wasn’t staying at the Marriott like I thought, he was staying at the W Hotel. Sure enough he spent the night at the hotel.

I had my camera out and loitered on the sidewalk making small talk with a security guard at a smaller hotel next door. She was ready with her cellphone camera. I wound up standing around for 45 minutes then told to stand behind a barricade far away enough to totally miss Barack Obama getting into his car. So once again I got pictures of secret service agents and detectives who were a lot more interesting to look at yesterday.

Work was quiet yet again. I was able to get a birthday card out to my brother Frank for his birthday on Sunday. After lunch and finishing whatever tasks I had I was out on the street at 3:00.

Walked across town, got on the bus and was soon back in Hoboken, where I am now- doing laundry. Had a phone call from Vivek who was trying to figure out how to use the scanner. I tried talking him through it finally telling him that it was pretty much intuitive and he could figure it out.

Just found out that Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops passed away in his sleep at 72. He had a great voice and I always had a soft spot for the Tops, more so than the Temptations. When Bill and I started going out, one Sunday when I knew Bill would be rehearsing at his church, I decided to surprise him.

I got dressed up in a suit and tie and rode into the city from Weehawken. He was surprised to see me and after talking he went to the piano and started playing a song, I Believe in You & Me. My first thought was, ‘oh god, what a corny song’ since I was more familiar with the Whitney Houston version and not the Four Tops even though it was the wedding song for my brother Brain and his wife Karen years before.

Bill really put his heart and soul into it, he’s such a joy to watch when he’s playing the piano and singing. By the end of the song I had tears running down my face. It’s sort of ‘our song’ now with Bill sometimes sending me text messages saying ‘I believe n u & me’ which is still sweet years later.

Here’s a clip that I found on YouTube after finding out about Levi’s passing. Very touching, have the tissues ready.

Keep It Rollin’

Well I’m feeling a whole lot better. That’s good news. Not 100% but in the upper 90’s. Last night Bill and I watched the debate and I participated in the Hoboken411 live blog and defended Obama valiantly.

Not taking any shit this time even with a temperature of 97.7. The democrats outnumbered and out gunned the republicans. My comments immediately went up without approval, so overall Obama and the democrats won. Hopefully we will repeat this on November 4.

Slept really well and didn’t beat up Bill for which he was glad. I woke with no problem and found myself on yet another crowded bus. No Casey. I hope I didn’t get him sick. Listened to A Tribe Called Quest on my journey across town.

Got my weekly egg sandwich. West Indian Tony still not behind the grill and no one knows when or if he is coming back. His partner behind the grill is no longer there either. Walking down 49th street I see a lot of secret service agents again as well as a battalion of police officers and detectives.

I asked one of the cops who was around and he told me Obama. I got excited and lingered with my camera out hoping to get a pic. Obama and 10,000 McCainiacs were in town for the big Alfred E. Smith (I always think Alfred E. Newman) political roast at the Waldorf Astoria.

Eventually I was moved behind a barricade, far away enough to totally not see Obama getting into the SUV motorcade so I took some pictures of some not so secret service men instead. That got me to the office a little past 8:00, not that it mattered since no one was in yet.

Did the usual turning on machines and tvs and changing tapes and making coffee. Trudy, a woman from Northern Ireland was in and we generally get along fine.

She asked how I was feeling and I told her and also mentioned that I felt better knowing that it was a cold from Stine, since I saw her on Friday and Sunday. Trudy said that wasn’t the case since these things incubate for two weeks. I repeated my claim and she repeated hers quite adamantly to the point I just turned and walked away from her. It was like I was arguing with my mother.

The day was odd. I don’t think I mentioned that with all the bad news lately regarding work, one of the former partners has taken legal action against the company. Legal Action that we more than likely can’t afford, so there were some very long meetings between Vivek, Greg Stevens and Tom Chin behind closed doors. The day proceeded under such a pall.

I cut my Netflix from 3 dvd’s to just 1. Starting my personal cutbacks. Tomorrow is going to be another quiet Friday, just me and Vivek which means I should be on the way home at 2:00 which is fine by me. I also found out that the office space that we’ve been trying to rent, has been rented and even more good news, my hours aren’t going to be cut….for now.

I checked to see if Obama was back on my way home but there were only one or two agents and police officers around. The streets were crowded with news trucks though lined up outside the Waldorf Astoria. I wasn’t hanging out to wait this time.

Came home saw Juan. He was on his way to a show, now I’m chillin’. I will probably check out O & RM tonight to see their debate coverage, so there goes that abstention.

Go Obama!

US Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) at the conclusion of the final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, October 15, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (UNITED STATES) US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN 2008


A quiet Sunday. Last night was a quiet Saturday. The whole day mainly. I watched Today in NY yesterday morning and there was Pat Battle interviewing Mitzi Gaynor. Mitzi Gaynor was going to be on Long Island public television promoting a dvd of her TV specials from the 1960’s and 70’s. I’m sure I watched them on occasion since there was only one TV set in the house back then.

For those playing at home, Mitzi Gaynor was in the movie South Pacific. Well at 77 years old she’s still singing and dancing as I found out last night while watching the PBS show. There was nothing on TV that I wanted to watch and I thought I would kill some time before watching Baby Mama.

It was a lot of clips from the specials as expected and there was Mitzi Gaynor looking quite good and perhaps sexy in the Long Island studio last night. A GILF for some I bet but I don’t think she’s a grandmother.

After that I watched Baby Mama and wow was I disappointed. Definitely not as good as Mean Girls and nowhere near as funny as 30 Rock. I think the best scenes were shown in the trailers and commercials. Really a disappointment.

Then it was Saturday Night Live which was a repeat so I was in bed by 12:30. Bill at his mother’s apartment, Juan- who knows where. Woke up and went out this morning, got some bagels for the third floor family. Alexander just bouncing around in his stationery bouncy thing. Julio and Stine muddling through their morning.

I went into the city this afternoon to do something on my computer there that I couldn’t do at home. Chatted with Annemarie on the phone, told her of my plans to stop by the Hoboken Barack Obama office by the Path train. And that’s where I found myself, offering my time to help with the campaign.

Tomorrow after work I will be by the Path train registering voters, and maybe Tuesday as well since Tuesday is the actual deadline for voter registration in New Jersey. I also offered data entry and phone bank. I’m sick and tired of these idiots from the McCain camp spewing hatred and expressing how ignorant they are.

I told Harpy the other night on the phone that I was watching Obama speak and I realized, I love this guy. I worry about him and I’ve made donations to the campaign when things were better only a few weeks ago. I just feel I should do something, contribute to the campaign other than monetarily. My sister told me a political news blackout might be a good thing, so I’ll unplug from the TV info for the week.

At least that’s the plan. So instead of watching it on TV I’ll be campaigning instead. Just a week without election news on TV, though as I write that I fear I’ll be missing the info that O & RM supply that doesn’t get much coverage on the local and national newscasts that I watch.

But then again, there’s Truth Out, Media Matters, Huffington Post, Daily Kos as well as tons of others that I get the information from. You have to admit, television is the big mama of all the info sources.

Hell I grew up with TV, more than my siblings. It’s generally on all the time here. Rarely do I play music with the sound off of the TV or totally off.

Right now Bill is home watching the latest Chris Rock HBO special. I’m not watching it but hearing it actually. I watched the premiere a few weeks ago and it was ok. Still just ok, just a little bit funnier without having to watch the jump cuts from stage to stage around the world.

If you take the Path train to Hoboken around 6:00 keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the guy in the suit and tie registering new voters. Go Obama!

Yesterday’s Gully


Well it seems like the meat loaf last night was a gift that just wouldn’t stop giving. Gave enough to compel me to stay at home and not to get too far away from the porcelain. So that is where I stayed, didn’t dare wander away. Made for quite a lazy day and one tinged with guilt. Guilt about not going in, not that I did anything wrong.

There was a time not too long ago where not going into work was nothing to worry about but with the climate lately there is plenty to worry about. And if they are in fact thinking of shrinking my work week by a day, then this would be a good way for them to see how it is without me.

There wasn’t much at all that I did today and I certainly didn’t see anyone. I did keep hydrated and mainly lay around the apartment reading yesterday’s news. I did watch True Blood on HBO which was once again very good. Can’t really tell where it’s going and since some people are waiting for the show on DVD I best not say anything.

According to the nightly news, stock markets around the world are crashing and the Dow closed with a loss. Not good as we inch closer to the precipice of depression. It does look bad. I used to resent my parent’s depression era values but they’ve served me well.

Saving items, reusing items, not falling for the gilded items. Not so sure there are many others out there brought up the same way but it may come in handy. Now if only movie theaters would charge a nickle…

I just woke up from a nap and feel a whole lot better. Last night due to the menu I didn’t sleep that great. Now the mudslinging for the election begins. McCain brought up Bill Ayers, Obama brought up the Keating Five scandal. I think he should have brought up G. Gordon Liddy, since Liddy has a radio show and has gone on record for plotting murder among other dastardly plans.

The Bird and The Bee were very good last night. Inara George is quite winsome. She had the crowd eating out of her gloved hand. She’s the Bird. The Bee is Greg Kurstin who mainly keeps to the side. There was an opening band, Willoughby, a trio of bass, guitar and drums were pretty good.

They backed Inara and Greg on Again and Again. It was good to see them in a place like McSwells and hopefully they didn’t have the meat loaf. They’re probably off to bigger venues next time. Last night was the last night of their tour. At their website, thebirdandthebee.com it says they’re playing Zankle Hall next March which is part of Carnegie Hall. Maybe it will be affordable.

A mellow night planned ahead, nothing ribald. Juan may be stopping by which should make for an interesting time watching TV, but then again it all depends on what time he shows up, if at all. Tomorrow I’ll go back to work and she how things went without me. I expect a mess.

Here are some clips of the Bird and the Bee.

That’s not McSwells and that’s not me singing though I did singalong last night.

Go Obama!

Night of the Living Baseheads

Last night was the debate between Obama and McCain and of course, as far as I’m concerned it was Obama’s victory. Whenever they would show a split screen and Obama was criticizing McCain and his record, McCain was grinning through gritted teeth it seemed.

Obama was most presidential I think. McCain was crazy. Obama did say a few times, ‘You’re right John..’ and then go on to back up that McCain might have been right at some point but where he is now was some place totally different.

And already the wrong wing has taken that little snippet of Obama saying that and will try to turn that into a pro McCain advertisement. Next time Obama will have to be a bit harder and sharper. I was tired before the debates started yet when it was underway I was totally engrossed. Bill came home halfway through.

His mother is making progress and will likely be in the hospital for a while. And she’s taken to speaking in Spanish to everyone, regardless if they speak or understand. Another thing that she’s taken to doing is behaving the nurse she was for quite a number of years, making the beds of various other patients on her floor to the amusement of the actual nurses as well as Bill. It’s good that she’s active though and stimulating her mind somewhat.

Bill was in bed soon after the debate and since I was drinking some crappy cranberry juice that had quite a bit of sugar in it I was up for a while. I watched Bill Maher after that but didn’t pay too much attention. I can catch that at a later date. I tried sleeping but the sugar hadn’t worn off yet but eventually I slept. It was rainy still when I woke up, gray skies and drizzle.

I had a plan to participate on an Improv Everywhere assignment of Governor’s Island, but with the weather being what it was I decided against it, watching instead a DVD of the Twilight Zone from the 1980’s with a soundtrack by the Grateful Dead and Merle Saunders.

It was the series brought back on CBS back then. I specifically wanted to watch the episode called Nightcrawlers, about a Vietnam vet who cannot fall asleep or else his nightmares of Vietnam will come to life and wipe out everyone including the dreamer.

It was also the very last episode on the DVD. Nightcrawlers also had Exene Cervenka in a featured role as a waitress in the diner. She was great and I remember telling her that I thought so when I met her at McSwells back in the day. She was doing a spoken word thing that night and mentioned that William Friedken who directed that episode was a crazy man, or words to that effect. He really put them through the paces.

After that I wandered around Hoboken, so muggy out, quite Hummus. I had hoped Pier A in Hoboken would be deserted but it was far from it. There was a Lights On celebration that had a lot of people wandering around.

I sat and looked at Manhattan through the fog and talked to my sister on the phone before heading home for a penne, pesto and chicken dinner. It is Saturday after all.

The weather promises to be the same tomorrow which is the Hoboken Art and Music Festival which features the headliner, Mary Weiss from the Shangri-La’s of Leader of the Pack fame. As well as Remember (Walking in the Sand) and I Can Never Go Home Again.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and give me something to do or at least give me people that I can surreptitiously take pictures of. Yes, we see…

Just watched Bee Movie which was cute and funny. Waiting for Chris Rock’s latest HBO special. That’s it. Smell ya later.

Rest in Peace Paul Newman

photo from JockoHomo

Tiny Dancer

It’s a Friday. A wet Friday at that. Just Bill and myself last night, Juan back at school. I did have a short chat with Song online in Sydney though and I wished him well then as I do now, that he aces his exam. Roda is a father again, a baby girl born this morning. Congratulations and best wishes!

Watched the usual last night with Bill, actually watched a little with Bill. He was in bed fast asleep by 9:00. It started raining last night and continued into today. It sounded like a maelstrom when Bill was kissing me goodbye at 6:00 this morning.

He advised that I stay home. I agreed and continued sleeping after getting up and emailing Vivek and Tom Chin that I wouldn’t be in. Due to flooding. Imaginary flooding, but flooding nonetheless. I went back to sleep and slept like a rock with mother nature banging trash cans up and down the street.

Around 8:30 I got out of bed again and checked my email to see if it went through ok, if there were any glitches. Tom Chin thanked me for the heads up, Vivek wondered if I am generally up at 3:45 in the morning.

I figured out that the time stamp on the email was set at PST and let him know, that on Mondays through Fridays I am generally up at 6:00. I was worried that he might think I was partying and decided not to come when the bars all closed, like my supervisor Felicia used to do when I worked for McMann and Tate, or rather Wolff Olins.

Then I went back to bed, and woke up an hour later. Still wet and miserable outside and I felt uncomfortable staying home. I also had my nephew Earl’s birthday card and present to send out. That was the main reason actually. I made it in and took the subway across town.

Tom Chin was surprised to see me. I explained that there was stuff to be done, then I wished him a happy birthday. It’s true they are quite helpless without me. I did what I had to do then had lunch and left again a few hours later.

It had stopped raining mostly and the walk across town was mildly enjoyable. Came home and wound up taking another nap. It’s really the best thing to do on a rainy day, if you can get away with it.

Now, here I am, writing again, waiting for the debates which Cotton Hill tried to postpone as well as Peggy Hill’s vice presidential debate next week. Looking forward to Barack Obama showing McCrazy who’s the boss and I don’t mean Tony Danza.

Tomorrow has something to look forward to as well, Chris Rock’s latest special on HBO. Here are some of Chris Rock’s best lines this week according to New York Magazine.

• “If this was a boxing match, McCain would be holding on to Obama.”
• “McCain jokes are easy jokes. ‘I don’t want a president with a bucket list!’ You basically take the dust off your Reagan jokes and tell them again.”
• “You got a guy that’s worth $150 million with twelve houses against a guy worth a million dollars with one house. The guy with one house really worries about losing his house — because then he’s homeless! … John McCain could lose half his houses and sleep well!”
• “[Bill Clinton’s] wife was running for president. If you give me a choice of pissing off a whole race of people or my wife, I’m sorry, I gotta piss off a whole race of people. Sorry blackies! Go eat some chicken! … Right Larry? You’ve been married twelve times, right?”
• [On the choice of Sarah Palin] “I thought Al Davis made the choice, or something. That’s how bad it was.”
• “Jason Lee has done more interviews promoting My Name Is Earl than [Sarah Palin] had to run for vice-president of the United States.”
• “[Sarah Palin is] kind of like Kim Kardashian on Dancing With the Stars. All that ass and you can’t shake it!”
• “Bin Laden did more movies last year than Sam Jackson. I think he’s in Lakeview Terrace.”
• “America is broke right now, and nobody understands broke better than black people.”

Next belly up bank: Wachovia

apologies to Mike Judge

Just who is the elitist?

This guy!

But not these two!

One more

That’s it! Good night!

More Today Than Yesterday

Hump day hump day hump day. That means it’s Wednesday. No one is impressed. Work was weird today. Caught a slight panic bug from the sole analyst, Esteban. He was one of the Three Stooges but now there is only Esteban. He’s getting married in a week or two. I’m thankfully not invited. Couldn’t afford a gift you see.

The stock market is not too well at all and that is bound to affect the company somehow. I’m staying until the end I think unless they decide to get rid of me too, but thanks to their ineptitude it doesn’t seem likely. So he was panicked and that got to me. You can see the fear and loathing n the faces of many business people in the area and it’s probably a lot worse downtown by Wall Street.

Whatever happens to the big players like AIG, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers (and soon Washington Mutual) will eventually have a ripple effect on my little five person firm. On top of that there is the election where McCrazy and Pallid and just tossing out lies, not really getting into the issues since they really have no leg to stand on in that regard.

I spent sometime with my sock puppet arguing with wrong wing sycophants on a Daily News discussion board which did not help my frame of mind. I knew it would be like this last year and despite my knowing, still I throw myself into the mess. Just now a commercial for McCrazy who claims he’ll be able to turn this economic crisis around, even though his ‘former’ advisor Phil Gramm is one of the architects of this fiasco and despite the fact that McCrazy stated himself that he really doesn’t know much about economics.

How anyone could listen to this idiot and take him seriously is definitely lost on me. Surprisingly a lot of people do. And then there are the ones who will never ever vote for a black man, no matter what. Juan reminded me of that. Living in the tri-state metropolitan area the majority of people I am in contact with are somewhat like minded and it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of people between coasts that do not think like me.

So there is the fear that November 4 might not be as good as I had hoped. I learned that lesson in the last presidential election. That awful sinking feeling as I watched the results come in. Now Obama is much more charismatic that Kerry and a hundred times as inspirational, but that might just fall by the wayside.

I know in my 46 years of being here I might not have seen much but in the past 8 years I think I have seen enough. Last night I was telling Brenda about how Bill and I took to the streets 5 years ago to protest the impending war. Millions around the world did the same that February day but we were ignored since Bush Co. was going to do whatever the hell it wanted to do, which killed whatever empathy and support existed following the attacks on September 11.

Now five years later things are even worse, making those days before the war seem somewhat golden in retrospect. McCrazy plans on bringing Pallid to the United Nations so the huntress could finally meet foreign heads of state. There are so many things piling up against Pallid, her lies, her drunken power etc, how can this be ignored? By the wrong wing attacking Obama’s character since they can’t go on issues. But I’ve already said that.

America- what a country!

Old Brown Shoe

A lazy Friday. Just little running around errands here and there. Nothing major. Juan came by last night on his way back to Trenton. We watched the convention, He, Bill and I. Specifically Obama’s speech which was excellent.

I read somewhere that Bruce Springsteen was going to make an appearance but all we saw was Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow and Stevie Wonder with Take 6. Stevie was great as usual, but no Bruce. A mellow low light evening.

Juan left after Obama spoke. Bill went to bed and I stayed up watching nothing in particular. Maybe the Simpsons, I don’t remember. Went to bed around 12:30 and slept until 9:00 this morning. Last weekend for lot’s of parking in Hoboken so you might want to get here quick.

Tonight I’m heading over to South Street Seaport to see Raphael Saadiq. It’s fairly cool and since I will be on the water I’m thinking blue jeans instead of shorts. Once the sun goes down it will get cooler, that’s for sure. But then again, just because it’s breezy and cool on the fifth floor, there really isn’t a breeze on the street.

I sent emails to Chaz , Roda, Rand and Lisa as well as Pedro. Roda has to work at McSwells, Pedro doesn’t want to drive since he has to work tomorrow, and no word from Rand and Lisa, though Chaz responded in an email that it sounds like a plan. Of course that’s an ambiguous response, one that I have given a few times probably in the past week.

The big news today on TV was not Barack Obama’s speech, but rather that McCrazy picked a woman for his vice president. Sarah Palin from Alaska. We’ll see how that goes. Anti Choice, Gun Enthusiast, former Mayor of 6500, present Governor, and she’s also against equal pay for equal work, which is just swell. She loves that glass ceiling. It’s an obvious ploy to get the Hillary supporters who are greatly upset with Obama getting the nomination.

So what else is there? I don’t know. I’m killing time. Last week was Shea Stadium and that was fun. Bill said he’d get some more tickets if they became available if I wanted. I said maybe. Last week was fun since Shea was going to be torn down when the season was over and it’s true I do prefer the Mets over the Yankees but I guess I committed to ‘yes’ when I said ‘maybe’. I didn’t say ‘no’.

Well Bill just came home and he’s feeling ill. Just walked through the door and went right to bed. He looked like hell. He’s better off staying home and sleeping. Me? I’m having a Stella Artois before I head into the city.

I think I’ll post this now and perhaps write about the show when I get back. Or maybe not. A few beers and the last thing I want to do is formulate my thoughts for reading. Pontificating from a bar stool, no problem. Sitting and writing, mucho difficulty. Though I have done it before, in a few altered states. I’ll probably leave a little after 6:00 and take the Path in.

Sounds like a plan.

Monkberry Moon Delight

Last night was great. Nice and quiet, no visitors, not that I mind visitors. My body clock was awry most of the weekend after tying more than one on Friday night. Memo to self, “Must eat something substantial if going out drinking or the days that follow will be filled with woe” My memos to myself are generally ominous with a touch of Shakespeare, or Marlowe, or Bacon or a combination of all concerned.

I wound up watching The Simpsons and King of the Hill which didn’t let me down, then somehow wound up watching Michael Moore being interviewed on Larry King. I wasn’t paying much attention until they went to Barack Obama making a speech in Indiana. And of course, Barry was inspiring and dignified. Said so many important things and didn’t go after Hillary Clinton, he made some charges against John McCrazy which were right on, of course. Then I watched the news and went to bed.

Woke up this morning, with some difficulty. Still I rallied and got it together and stood on line for the bus with a few other people, some I have seen before, others, complete strangers. I paid them no mind as I read about human trafficking of women from Moldova. Hard stuff to take in, very eye opening. I didn’t know exactly where Moldova was so I made it a point to look it up when I got the chance.

According to the article it’s pretty dismal in Moldova, and many young women, not knowing any better take job offers in another country, sometimes offered by ‘friends’ or ‘boyfriends’ and wind up working as prostitutes in various countries around the world. Very sad, but there is an organization, trying to help and rescue these women, and sometimes men (who get tricked into slavery following construction jobs). Then there is the death toll in Myanmar of possibly 10,000 people killed by a cyclone. Bad news from around the world.

Who says I’m not topical?

Another week ahead of me, trying to find things to do. Also trying to find a replacement for Lydia who is leaving at the end of the month to resume her tennis pro job at a country club in Southampton. If you know of anyone in the NYC Metro area, send them to me. I’d rather hire a friend, or a friend of a friend than go outside my circle and get someone I don’t know. El Jefe forwarded me a clip that he made at yesterday’s Art and Music Festival which I am posting here.

No plans for the evening, just watching TV I guess. I have The Savages on DVD from Netflix, but I want to watch that with Bill, and he ain’t going to be around tonight. So that’s about it for today. No drama, no fuss, no fight. It was a nice day weather wise and continues that way into the evening. Nothing else to report. No sir, not here, not me.

Hope you are doing ok. This clip was shot by El Jefe. Lady Gigglepuss and I have a cameo at the end.
[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/2008springmickey.flv 432 240]
What about those turtles?

Here is a link to 23 years ago… cut n’ paste if you will….



It’s Tuesday and it’s alright. I’m full of love. Not being factitious. Just this afternoon I was listening to Arcade Fire, Neon Bible and it reminded me of the trouble I had been in that night at Radio City last May, and I was overwhelmed by love for my brother Frank. I really hope he gets better, I’ll wait for it. I think the chat I had with my brother Brian last week was founded upon basic worries. I had the same worries for my parents when they were getting up in age. Let’s face it, I’m a worrier. Bill will tell you that. He’ll also tell you it’s part of being a Virgo, which doesn’t mean that much to me, but it works for him so we’ll just let it lie.

And of course I have love for Bill, and the trials and tribulations that he is presently going through. The hospital is ready to discharge his father, but his father is too far gone to go home, so it’s off to the Veteran’s Administration home in St. Albans. Apparently no one told the hospital. And this is all affecting his work. He can’t leave the apartment until the housekeeper shows up to take care of Bill’s mom. And the housekeeper doesn’t show up until 9:30, a half hour after he should be at his desk. Luckily Bill’s boss is going through something similar with his 90 year old mother. Bill is picking up the slack, working later. Tonight he should be at work until 8:15, then it’s home to collect his mother from his cousin, Elsie, to start the same thing all over again tomorrow.


And I look at the picture I had from December at Bill’s company’s holiday party, the one where he is leaning against the wall, looking into the camera with a look that is childlike, yet masking emotional torment inside. At least that’s what I see, and I was the photographer on that one.

Last night I came home, had some dinner, watched Scrubs, A Daily Show and the Colbert Report, all very funny and all seen before. No surprises there. I then watched the last minutes of A Hard Day’s Night, no longer feeling sad when they fly away at the end. Mike Myers said that when he saw it as a kid he felt the same way. And I thought I was the only one.

Also did some reading on some ecological and political issues written by my nephew Earl. I was mighty impressed by his prose and even sent him a message on his MySpace page. He claimed genetics, since I write this blog everyday. That was a nice thing to say. If he keeps at it, he could be a very good writer, the kind that people will pay money to read, not just turning on a computer and reading something while the porn downloads. I also met up with Julio and Stine. She’s due in about 2 months, and she looks great. Not fat at all, just a basketball under her shirt. I had picked up a Keith Haring print for them at a really good price.


I was thinking about what to get them for a long time and each time I thought of something I thought, They’re going to have a baby and won’t have time to read the New Yorker, won’t have time to go to the movies, won’t have time for anything really. So a nice print, with two adult figures, holding a child figure under a heart would do. I thought they could probably hang it in the baby’s room when they get a room for the baby. I was able to get a suit that I had ordered online and had delivered to Julio’s place of work since I wasn’t going to be home to sign for it. A nice two button, gray pinstriped (of course) suit that I plan to wear to my cousin Neil’s wedding next month. We hung out in their third floor apartment, talking politics.

Julio expressed surprise that I wasn’t rooting for Obama. I was surprised and it got me thinking. I wasn’t planning on voting today but I thought about it and decided to throw my lot in with Barack Obama. I’m all about changing things up so that was the direction I headed in. I slept in a little later, hitting the snooze button three times before rousing myself to action. Then I was at the polling place, casting my vote and heading to work, winding up sitting outside the Lincoln Tunnel for 45 minutes while I read about Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, and a friend of Barack Obama. So there you have it, my endorsement for the President of the United States, Barack Obama. So there!