I Swear

It’s a race between me and the pope with regards to ending at the end of the month. He’s quitting and I’m just taking a break. I also do not have a child molestation scandal, nor was I ever a member of the Hitler Youth. He’s getting more press that is for sure, but I will probably live longer so I win. And in the extra credit category I am butcher (meaning more butch) than old lady Benedict, with points to me for not wearing taffeta or Prada shoes. And let’s face it- I am much better looking than it is.

Today was a letdown. Where yesterday I had an interview scheduled, only to have it canceled and rescheduled for today, today turned out to be a wash out. Bobby Bennett from Bellview Consultants set the whole thing up and then dismantled it right before my eyes. Bobby Bennett is a bit of a flake and quite possibly a big fat liar. But since he is supposedly in my corner I will give him the benefit of the doubt. It was a good gig dangling in front of me and exactly what I was looking for.

Working in the Health Department for New York City, specifically in the air department. It seems my time at the cigar shack had paid off and though I never wrote about my extracurricular work with the bankers next door it did look good on the resume. T’is a pity that the cigar shack never asked my opinion as to who to talk to in the bank, I could have saved them some problems. The reason I write about this now is since this is flat lining on Thursday, what do I have to lose? Of course it could all be a lie but not a threat.

Today I was out and about- the staff at the bibliothèque were pulling for me with regards to the interview that never happened. A walk to the nearby supermarket put me in contact with a 78 year old woman named Sylvia. We talked about how the other supermarket was better but this one was closer. She had a few items and no grocery cart and since I was right behind her on the line I offered to help her bring her groceries home. She lived a few blocks away and I live just around the block but I did not mind.

I had nothing else to do really. I had my groceries and helped carry hers. We had a nice talk, about Sandy of course. She almost took an apartment on the first floor and thought better of it, and it proved to be the correct decision since when the storm surge hit, the first floor was inundated with water and she would have lost everything. It was a nice walk and I was quite happy to be able to help out a neighbor who needed some assistance. I actually do it often but I rarely write about it.
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    I can rock that. Oh it would be a fun religion. Taking only the best and funnest parts of the other mythologies, all for one and one for all!

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