Far Away Eyes

It’s quite a gray day again. When I woke this morning, the western half of the sky was dark and ominous. Now some blue peeks out. When I spoke to Julio the other day, he made a comment about me taking a nap.

I said to him that I don’t really take naps these days. In the past few days I’ve taken 3 naps. I suppose it could be the sudden drop in temperature, causing my lethargy. The lack of sunlight is also a factor I am sure.

And also Julio suggesting that I take naps when I haven’t probably influenced my taking of naps.

Did some running around, paying bills and whatnot. Also called my insurance company since the blood tests I had in August weren’t paid. Seems that Quest Diagnostics sent the paperwork to the wrong address. So I hope that gets taken care of. Also tried to check my bank account online but that was unavailable for the past 48 hours.

Watching some Glenn Beck on TV right now. Just for a morbid curiosity. He really plays to the elderly people sitting at home, having dinner at 5:00 (like I just did) and preying on their fears with an ‘Oh shucks’ attitude and forced indignation paired with the occasional crocodile tears.

He is quite like an asshole now and probably was one when he was doing coke and smoking weed all the time. Then he became a Moron. I mean, Mormon. I seem to always misspell that. But he’s gone and his words and seeds of fear with more than likely take root in the minds of his viewers.

And right now I am having problems with http://johnozed.com , establishing a database connection. This happens from time to time. Only usually after I’ve written something., not while I am writing. Such a cold message, Error establishing a database connection.

I have a web cam. Had it for a while. Finally hooked it up. Now Harpy has found me and we are in the midst of a web chat. I didn’t know I had a microphone on the cam but apparently he can hear me. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t say anything bad.

Next week is a March on Washington. I thought about going and visiting Billie, but I think Billie would rather be out of town since there will be so many out of towners coming in. I asked Bill about it but he can’t go since he’s doing something for Amiri Baraka’s birthday.

It would seem like something perfect for the both of us to do, but that seems unlikely. I was also invited to Juan’s place in Trenton this weekend, an over night thing, Saturday into Sunday. No communication on that today.

Instead, I take naps.

I might take a walk up to McSwells as it’s Roda’s birthday tonight. I burned a few CD’s for him so it might happen. It might happen sooner rather than later since I still cannot establish a database connection. Benjamin Netanyahu can. He uses Word Press too.


Still the idea of going to DC for such an event as the March on Washington weighs on my mind. I will have to call Billie about that this weekend. I’ve been bad with calling some people back the past week. I always think these people are sitting by their phone thinking, ‘Why hasn’t John called?’ but I know that isn’t the case.

Last week I tried calling Annemarie on the weekend like I always do, but their phone was messed up. I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me. I could hear the aggravation on the other end. That was what put me off calling other people. ‘What if they can’t hear me either? Wouldn’t they be aggravated too?’, I thought to myself.

So in a way it’s good that I never called, isn’t it?

And thanks to Rand my database connection to Word Press has been reconnected. Perhaps we will meet up for a Birthday drink with RoDa tonight.

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