Daily Archives: October 22, 2009

Blues Keep Calling

Well today is quite a beautiful day. Wandered around for a bit, enjoying the gorgeousness of it all. Did some laundry out of boredom. Paid some bills which is what brought me down to below the earth.

Ran into a delivery guy who used to make deliveries to the last company I worked for. He asked how things were going and I tried to remain upbeat while explaining that I sent out a bunch of resumes to agencies and contacts and received nothing in return.

No ‘contact us in a few months’, no ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’. No nothing.

It’s brutal and with the paying of the bills I am what can only be described as skint. At least that’s the outlook for the next 2 weeks with those other bills coming up. It’s bad out there people.

Earlier today I was reading another blog, Joe.My.God. and he posed a question that he asked six months previous. How is the recession working out for you? Six months ago I wrote about how I was told I would have a job until February 2010, knowing full well that anything could happen between then and February.

Well the anything did happen and I was ousted. I tried to look at a bright side of it, somehow equating that some friends have been unemployed for a year already and I’ve only been out for four months.

Not a very good bright side at all really.

Tonight I am bringing my computer over to Rand’s house. Hopefully he can fix it. There is nothing that I can do with it. I’ve gotten good at playing solitaire on it in the past week or so.

Rand seemed surprised that it wasn’t working properly the other day and his being surprised, surprised me.

It’s been one of those days. I’ve been having one of those days at least once a week now. Just got a call from the Democratic Party asking me to volunteer for Jon Corzine. If I liked Corzine I would but I’m fairly indifferent towards him. I’m not going to vote for Chris Christie anyway.

Right now, on the news, some guy is stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. And by swamps, I mean the Oradell reservoir. Other important news that I saw on TV, a deer walked into a restaurant in Northern China.


This is the news that is important enough to make worldwide media. Oh disillusionment.

Also been reading about a guy in Northern Virginia who was arrested for making coffee while naked at 5:30 AM. A woman and her kid were trespassing, using a short cut and looked in the window.

No charges for the woman who was trespassing or for being a peeping tom.

I’m in the 5th floor of my building and occasionally I too walk around naked. Or in boxer briefs, in the morning and being a man, sometimes I sport that morning wood.

I suppose it will be a matter of time before someone sees me and phones the Hoboken Police Department. In that case they’ll probably be using a megaphone from the street since most of the cops are too out of shape to climb four flights of stairs.

Just utter ridiculousness. Almost Pythonesque if it were funny.

And last night’s installment of the Monty Python saga was all about Monty Python & the Holy Grail. I always think about two friends of my parents, Mary Jane and Larry who had seen the movie when it came out and they loved it. It definitely was not my parent’s cup of tea.

But I think about Mary Jane and Larry laughing at the bawdiness of the movie and the kids in my neighborhood cupping their hands like they were holding coconut shells…

The computer is all packed up and ready to bring over to Rand’s around 8:00. I think the Bongos will be a washout since Meghan Taylor is ill with the flu.