Daily Archives: July 21, 2007

Marcus Children Suffer

Well it’s been quite pleasant these past 24 hours or so. I was up late, trying to get the sound check video working properly and posted it via good old youtube which has been indispensable to me as of late. So far 37 people have viewed it, whether intentionally or what, I couldn’t tell you. Perhaps they were searching for National Anthem which is the tag I gave the clip, or perhaps, and I highly doubt this, that they connected to the video clip through this blog. Of course I find that hilarious. Also on the bottom of the web clip there is a link to Marvin Gaye singing the National anthem at a basketball game in the 1980’s. I mentioned it to my brother Frank on the phone today and he reminded me of the furor that came out after the event. I think it’s brilliant.

Frank is doing better each day it seems. More responsive on the phone, and Elaine plans to relax after she does her chores. Meg and Rob have arrived in Arcata and are probably seeing the sight (singular) of Arcata. After the town square, what else is there to do? Buy hemp clothing? And I guess Cory is off doing her thing whatever that maybe. She’s legal now so look out world.

I remember seeing Laurie Anderson at the Beacon Theater in the eighties and she was talking about how the Star Spangled Banner is such an odd choice, but perhaps correct to be a national anthem since it’s mainly about a group of people in the dark asking questions that are never answered. She mentioned that the perfect b-side of course would be Yankee Doodle, with it’s Yankee Doodle came to town, riding on a pony. Stuck a feather in it’s cap, and called it macaroni. Very surrealist isn’t it?

I had a good time last night at the game and could easily see myself going to another game somewhere down the line. I met Bill’s old heartthrob, Fred who I actually met once before at his wedding. Yes Fred is straight but definitely plucked Bill’s heart strings. And I didn’t feel threatened by him. Found to be funny and intelligent. Much like me. Hmmm…a pattern?

Today was still pleasant. I woke up pleasantly to find that Bill made coffee and put some cereal in a bowl. I showered and had some coffee and cereal. After a while I went out and got the papers. I need a haircut but Tony my barber was busy. Came back, had some more coffee, did some laundry. Bill split for his voice class and I walked around Hoboken for a bit, ran into Jolly Roger, that rock and roll dentist, now dean of UMDNJ. I congratulated him on his wedding on 07.07.07. He was looking good and quite happy.

Came back, saw Tony the barber was free so I went in and got chopped. He also pays attention to the goatee, snipping off errant gray hairs, even trimming nose and ear when needed. Full service from a nice guy, old school Italian, off the boat.

Now here are some pics from yesterday…

The calm Bill

The anxious Bill

Cecil B. Aquarius relation?


Do ya see what eye see? Do ya? Do ya?

pre show


Ready to rumble?

his hand is like a hummingbird’s wing. Crazy!

and the home of the brave…..?

what everyone else came to see (NY Liberty in White)

the end