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Today is/are the Ides of March. Here is what I wrote for the cigar shack’s blog last year, names and certain items have been changed to protect the idiots and not to promote things that I have no affinity for, nor affection towards.

And a good morning to you, or perhaps it’s a good afternoon or a good evening. No matter where you are, greetings to you and yours from the Cigar Shack at Magellan Trapezoid. Here we are at yet another entry and I have to admit I am glad to have made it to my fifth entry. So far so good I suppose. I got a good and encouraging review from Calvin Exactly, our fearless leader and general manager of our Magellan Trapezoid store.

He enjoyed the previous entries and since I seem to write on Thursdays and Saturdays (and since it is Thursday) here I am writing once again. The Shopping Mall at Magellan Trapezoid is slowly coming to life, stores are getting busy, our cigar lounge is filling up nicely. Two of my favorite customers, Tony & Vinnie are in as is the legendary Glenzel. Not his real name but a name by which he is known.

And some new gents that I had never seen before, maybe since I am in earlier than usual today or it could be the fact that they usually go to our redheaded stepsister store on Madison Street. Tony & Vinnie are enjoying the Tauaje Unico, a fine cigar. The whole Tatuaje line is one of my go to cigar lines. Always good, always dependable with a great flavor and smooth smoke.

Rabbi Manes Koganovonovich who usually goes to the Fort Greene store is enjoying a Padron 5000 natural, one of the cigars I started out smoking all those years ago. A great smoke at a great price.

Adam Syllabus is having the creme de la creme, a Threatening Maduro Toro and you know that can’t be bad.
The legendary Glenzel is enjoying a La Flor Dominicana Digger, natural. He expects to be here for a few hours. It’s a good cigar, on the large end and definitely requires a time commitment. Glenzel declined to be photographed today since he is in his leisurewear.

Yesterday would have been the day when he was dressed to the nines. And Andrew the K is enjoying an LFD Churchill Oscuro as he helps Glenzel out with his laptop.

It’s a good group of guys in the lounge right now, as there usually is. Of course you are more than welcome to join them, join us here at Magellan Trapezoid. We are on the first floor, street level- next to Bidets-R-Us, across from BeBe’s Kids & L’Oreal. Lounge hours are 1AM to 11:59PM, Monday through Saturday, Sundays from 1AM to 11:55PM. Cigar Shack at Magellan Trapezoid is open Monday through Saturday 12AM to 11:59PM, Sundays 11:59PM to 11:58PM.
Enjoy a cigar, enjoy the company, enjoy yourself. Once again a reminder that March is AVO Month, special deals are going on so hurry on down.

And a quick mention of the Stupid Selection #72. A favorite of one of my favorite customers, Jimmy Seltzer. He greatly enjoys his little smokes and could usually be found once a week in the lounge at the end of the day, reading and happily puffing away. The Stupid Selection starts off medium and ends up full bodied with what some say a roast turkey flavor, or perhaps a little paprika. Of course it’s all subjective and I invite you to give it a go and let me know what you think.

See you soon! Beware the Ides of March!

Not bad. Perhaps Calvin ‘Zack’ Exactly was right when he said this here blog, was much funnier than the Cigar Shack blog. More people read this than that anyhow, or they did before I killed the other blog.

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