Daily Archives: August 7, 2009

Number One

Well today is a beautiful day, no rain, a blue sky with a few clouds, temperature just right, low humidity, everything seems just right and I’ve got the ‘blahs’.

The cloud of discontent which comes with unemployment sometimes floats in my head. I know things could be worse, but still- this malaise. It’s been around in small doses lately and I’ve been dealing with it, not writing about it, but today it is the elephant in the room.

Too much news didn’t help matters much at all. Lot’s of health care talk, lot’s of talk about right wing disruptions of Town Hall meetings. Nonstop throughout most of the day. It wore me down quite a bit.

Even took a cat nap which was good for a few minutes, but whatever good came from it didn’t last long. The highpoint of the day was a trip to the supermarket. Really, that was it.

Actually running into Scott Harbison who was on his way to Williamsburg was the highpoint. After Scott, I sat on Pier A and read the New Yorker, an article about traveling through Siberia. I couldn’t get into part one from last week, but I found myself somewhat engrossed by part two.

From reading that, I have no plans to travel in Siberia, not that I ever did before. I did DJ one night many years ago at a club in Manhattan called Siberia and that seems enough for me.

Last night I went for a walk with Julio again. Avoided some people that he didn’t want to see. Strolling by Sinatra Park there was a band doing the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with attampts at the dance steps described in the song.

Spoke with my brother Brian for a few minutes on the phone and that was quite nice. Then Julio & I walked along the river further up to Pier 13 where some reggae music could be heard. We wandered over to check it out.

Where on Wednesday night, there was maybe 50 people watching Karen Kuhl, The Fave & Lloyd United, last night there was about 5 people. It was poorly promoted and it’s too bad since the Skyrockers Reggae Band were actually pretty good.

Julio and I stayed for a few songs. They sound more like Gregory Isaacs or Inner Circle with Jacob Miller than a cover band doing the Bob Marley & the Wailers’ Legend album.

It would have been fine with me to stay but Julio was more inclined to leave after buying a bottle of water for himself and a beer for me. If I had known the show would be so under attended I would have put up some fliers or at least tried to have gotten the word out online somehow.

Since there was no cover charge I could only guess the band was getting a flat fee, making their performance last night a paid rehearsal.

Came home after that and watched some TV with Bill which was nice. Just don’t ask me what was on since Bill was calling the shots.

Julio just called, he’s outside on the stoop. I told him to give me a call when he’s ready to go for a walk so that’s basically what I’m doing tonight, what I’ve done most every night this week.

I’m not complaining, Julio is good company and it is a nice night after all.

Best to get outside before I start watching the news again.