In The Night

Friday’s here and it’s alright. Took a while to get here though, but patience pays off. Just did some laundry and it will probably take all weekend to dry. It’s on racks in the kitchen and hanging in the shower. Last night was O & RM. Bill went to sleep before that, around 7:45.

His back has been bothering him. I watched O & RM solo and then the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Then it was a deep sleep for me. Bill was out by the time Billy Joel was singing about how he didn’t start the fire.

He might not have started the fire but I found the snooze button and was in slumberland for another 10 minutes. After that I was in the shower. It being a Friday I was going to go casual but since I couldn’t find the right shirt I opted for suit and tie. And as expected it was very quiet.

The only excitement is when we had people coming in to see the space they may be subletting from my company. Of course I didn’t know anything about this and who knows what the look on my face was when I saw Ben Shapiro the real estate agent with 6 or 7 people behind him.

They wandered around the office looking at space, making plans for tearing down cubicles and installing a trading desk. Since I didn’t know what they could and couldn’t do I just referred all questions to Ben Shapiro’s supervisor. I also wrote Ben’s supervisor asking him to let me know if there will be clients and whatnot coming in, just a heads up is all I was asking for.

He responded quickly telling me that he did tell Vivek that people would be coming. He apologized for not cc’ing me on that message and I of course bit my tongue thinking about what an airhead Vivek can be sometimes. He’s the managing director so I guess he can do whatever he wants to do.

It was downhill from there. Nothing bad, just nothing to do really. Whatever it was I basically did yesterday. There was the matter of changing the water and the rocks in the glass vases that contain bamboo shoots. That took about a half hour then I had lunch and soon was on my way walking across town. An average boring day. Glad it’s over.

Bill and I are watching the latest episode of Entourage. His request since we’ve seen every episode of Scrubs like 8 million times. I think it will be a quiet evening in tonight this Halloween. Tomorrow is the B-52’s and since we’ll probably be dancing that mess around it best that we keep our feet up tonight.

Then again I just got a call from Rand. He and Lisa and quite possibly Lois and Fred are heading to McSwells where they are having a Halloween Rock and Roll karaoke thing which I totally forgot about. A visit might be in order, get out and have a pint or two and watch whatever it is that might be going on. But right now we’re waiting on a pizza and I’m hungry. Growl!

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