Daily Archives: November 23, 2005

It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry

Wintertime is coming, windows are filled with frost. 27 degrees when I woke this morning. Did my usual walk to work, listening to Brian Eno’s Another Day On Earth. It was business casual today, though I opted to wear a suit and tie. I got an egg sandwich on the way to work and picked up the Village Voice. Been reading it for years, a habit I cannot break. I still read certain columns, but of course I mainly scan the music ads. See who’s coming up, who’d I’d like to see.

The Roches are playing Town Hall, The McGarrigle X’mas Show is at Carnegie Hall with Rufus and Martha Wainwright in attendance. I’d love to see both, but probably will see neither. Nothing against them, but in my dotage, I’m becoming more of a homebody. I just stay in more and more. I live on the top floor of a five story walk up so that is a major factor, though it’s more the concept of walking up four flights of stairs, than the actual act.

And I almost always have a good time when I go out. Save money staying home that’s for sure. Julio’s usually around and he comes up for visits sometimes. 2 flights for him. He’s been a pal for a while, almost 20 years. Him and Pedro, I met them both in a space of a few months. Two very distinct personalities.

Both make me laugh like no other and both know me very well. A little too well sometimes. Sometimes all it takes is an arched eyebrow and a whole rationale is spoken.

I’ve partied with both of them, though Julio more so since he’s always lived close by. Former co conspirators.

I’ve been thinking about trying to remain in the city after work and do something fun, but I’m usually so mentally battered and bruised I just smoke my cigar and walk to the PATH train.

Today was different.

I decided to walk on the seedy side of the street. I had gotten out of work early and decided to go to a booth store. Yes, I dipped my toe in the water and found it sticky.
I got on the train to go to City Hall and walk a block or two but wound up going to Brooklyn instead. I like Brooklyn but it was not on my agenda for this afternoon. For the first time in years I decided to allow the little head to make the plan.

So I got off the train at the first stop in Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave which shows how far into Brooklyn the N train can take you unwillingly. AN R train returning to Manhattan appeared and soon I was back in Oz.

Got off at City Hall as I wanted to earlier and walked to Ann Street. There I climbed the stairs and paid my fee. It was dark, it was dank and there really wasn’t much to look at. I walked around for about a half hour. Trying to look so stoically sexy, but no one was appealing really. There were a few trolls there, some twinks. I guess I represented the bears.

For those playing at home, Trolls are generally older guys, not too handsome, a bit out of shape sometimes. Sometimes they have magical gifts though, so I don’t write them off. Twinks I write off without any problems whatsoever. Twinks are twenty somethings, usually hairless, sometimes blond and really skinny and trendy. Trendy twinks in tweed are sometimes tweaked by Tina.

And the bears. The bears are usually nice, hirsute, a bit chubby, furry and bearded. I have a goatee, some hair on my chest, and a touch of a belly. That makes me a bear. Also bears are usually over 35. Under 35 with the same stats, makes one a cub.

Though nothing happened really, I did enjoy myself. I’ll probably go back. Just got to take the right train and not wind up in Brooklyn.

And don’t worry Sunshine, it’s all safe.