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I Love to Say Da Da

Well this is odd and this is nice. It’s 6:30 and I’m home already. I still have a job and I left work feeling satisfied, not beaten down.

I was able to book Vivek, Sanjay and Dozy hotel rooms in Pensacola. I guess they won’t be around tomorrow. Dave Dee, Mick and Tisch were unavailable.

Last night was a nice night overall. I met up with Gazi in front of the Public Library on Fifth Avenue, then we caught up with Robert. Robert used to be our supervisor. It was funny and quite like old times, riding the train with those two as they continuously sniped at each other, all in a joking way.

We got off the train somewhere in Queens and walked over to Gazi’s house where his wife and 3 kids were waiting to say hello.

We didn’t stay, just said hello and hopped in Gazi’s car and drove out to Manhasset, Long Island. More sniping between Gazi in the front seat and Robert in the back seat.

We got to the funeral home and saw Barbara who was and still is the compliance officer for the former Wanker Bankers, aka Putnam Lovell NBF. She was happy to see us.

Her father was 83 years old and was living with Barbara. She took him everywhere, last trip being only three weeks ago, a trip to Northern Ireland.

Other former co-workers were there, Vinnie, Brenda and Barry. Nice to see all of them. Brenda and I still keep in touch and occasionally go out for drinks after work, weather permitting. Wemingled and chatted with other mourners.

Robert was distressed that we were all getting together for a funeral. I mentioned that’s how it is when you get older.

You only see some old friends at weddings and funerals. The ride back was pleasant. I think Robert and Gazi ran out of ammunition so the sniping had ceased.

We all agreed that jobs where you actually like your co-workers and enjoy doing things with them out of the office. That’s how it was when I worked for Murdoch Magazines.

Harpy, Pedro, Excer, Ann Boyles, Meghan Taylor, Catherine Cloud, Steve Saporito, Jon Fried and a few others all had good times in and out of the office together.

I still see some of the Murdoch crew from time to time, mainly I’m in contact with Harpy and Pedro.

Robert, Gazi, Vinnie and Brenda all made plans to get together soon and have some drinks after work next month, Barbara too. I was home by 10:00 last night, Bill showed up a little after that. He had an AFTRA meeting.

He was soon in bed with his sleep apnea mask on and I was soon next to him sawing wood.

I woke up dehydrated for some reason with an intense headache. I drank a lot of juice ad water and took two Advil. I was on the bus a little while after that.

I was distressed to find some of my trousers are worn in the crotch area so I have to take them to the tailor to get them mended. Nice suits too. I’m wary.

Three sets of trousers, all in the same spot. I did someresearch and found the tailor directly around the block from me, they do good work, but are shady in their pricing.

I’ll take mine to the dry cleaner and have the tailor there take care of one pair. If he does a good job, then I’ll bring the others.

One of the trousers is from a Hugo Boss suit that I got at a bargain a few years ago. I still have a swatch of the pinstriped material that I suppose he would have to use as a patch.

Luckily any sewing seams with be invisible to the eyes of others but will be noticeable to me.

When I got home tonight I saw Stine parking cars. She lucked out, two spots right after another a few doors down from the building. Alexander was fast asleep in the back baby seat.

He woke up his groggy self, still so adorable, even more so when sleeping. He is really looking like Julio more and more, the poor kid.

I was able to help her out with some bags as she carried the handsome lad up the stairs.

Stine mentioned that Alexander said his first words on Mother’s Day. Dada.

Off to see The Ludes and tell them Dave McKenzie says ‘Hello!’

Forgetful Heart

So here I am again, this time it’s Tuesday. Oh, I neglected to mention that I wrote yesterday’s entry using Google Docs. As I am today. I usually use Open Office but it was annoying me. This is quite user friendly which is why I using again today. I’m still at work.

Going to a wake tonight in Manhasset, Long Island. A former co-worker’s father passed away and since the co-worker was a nice person I thought I would show my face. I’m meeting up with 2 other former co-workers, Robert and Gazi.

I’m meeting Gazi in front of the library then heading into the subway to meet Robert where we will ride to Gazi’s house in Queens and then drive to Manhasset. So that is all out of the ordinary.

Last night was nothing special again. Wound up alternating between listening to music and watching TV.

Today is the dreaded May 12. A foul day for me and my siblings. In 1991 May 12 was Mother’s Day which turned into the worst day of my life. Or one of them at least. Since I wrote about it previously on May 12, 2006 there’s no need to go and write about that sadness again, at least not today.

Work has been weird today, but what else is new? Vivek was in this morning and asked me if I was going to be able to work with him on his latest project. Of course I said yes. I mentioned that despite a few stumbling blocks once they’re out of the way I could only see clear sailing.

I think I have the gift of telling people what they want to hear. He was somewhat subdued but seemed to appreciate what I was saying. But there is always this anxiety that invades my consciousness throughout the day. It usually happens when I’m out of the office running an errand or something.

Today I had to deposit some dosh for Vivek and as I walked to the bank it struck me. Just the uncertainty in my employment. My sister Annemarie nailed it before I even recognized it. Working in what used to be a financial firm that is teetering on the brink of disaster is freaking me out in moments where my mind is unoccupied.

On the way to the bank there was a Salsa band playing and that certainly took my mind off my woes. I’m a sucker for a trombone.

I’ve done all I can do for the day here in the office and now it seems I’m merely killing time until 5:15 when I will leave, light up a cigar and wander over to the Public Library on Fifth Avenue and meet up with Gazi. I haven’t seen him in a few years so that should be a hoot, if only the circumstances where more entertaining than going to a wake.

I’m just glad to be writing this now rather than trying to write it later. I hope to get home at a decent hour.

Tomorrow I’m going to see the Ludes at Kenny’s Castaways on Bleecker Street. The Ludes are John and Donna Hamilton and Dave from Tiny Lights with Lois DiLivio performing a tribute to the Carpenters. It’s a free show so if you find yourself on Bleecker Street around 9:00PM, stop by.

It’s also a farewell for John Hamilton who is leaving NYU to teach at Harvard. I suppose I’ll be writing early tomorrow as well since it makes sense to stay in the city, rather than head home and then back into the city again.

Plus they do want me to stay late here at work so if I stay until 8:00 that should make them somewhat happy.

Now here’s some Salsa!

Helen Wheels

Well I really enjoyed last night’s Season/Series Finale of Scrubs. Zach Braff, Judy Reyes and Bill Lawrence were leaving the show and I don’t think it will continue. If it does it won’t have the same name.

It would be best for all concerned that last night was the season finale. It ended perfectly, with appearances from most everyone who had been on the show, characters that lived and characters that died.

I can’t wait for Bill to see it. He asked if it was a good series ending like Six Feet Under, and no it wasn’t. Six Feet Under had me with a tear in my eye at the end when David sees Keith who had been dead for a few years right before David passes away.

You saw all the major characters die throughout the future years, all very stirring. Scrubs was more bittersweet, JD looking into the future which may have wound up with Turk’s daughter and J.D.’s son getting engaged which caused JD to collapse from happiness a few times.

And Peter Gabriel singing The Book of Love was really touching.

Since Lawn Hors d’œuvre was on last night we watched that after I watched Lost which was good, but next week is the series finale, a 2 hour episode.

After the fire department got busted and sent to jail on Lawn Hors d’œuvre Bill went to bed and I watched the Simpsons which was really funny, a perfect way to end the night. Slept really well and woke up to Bill saying goodbye.

I got up soon after that, headed into work. Reading the latest New Yorker. It was muggy and overcast and by the time I got to the office once again I was all sweaty. I decided to leave work early. Not much for me to do, finished a lot with Abby yesterday.

Helped Greg Stevens out some today and he was gone by 12:30 this afternoon. Definitely not as stressed as I’ve been earlier this week.

My brother Brian called while I was on the bus heading to the office. He wasn’t sure about whether or not he’d be able to make the show at the Highline Ballroom tonight. No worries on this end. If it happened it happened.

I got a phone call later on with Brian saying it wasn’t going to happen. Next week I’ll see him at the graduation party for my niece Corrine who is graduating from Kean University.

That’s definitely something to look forward to.

I might take off from work tomorrow, which will make today’s leaving early excuse more believable.

Tonight’s a wake, tomorrow’s a funeral. No one questions death and when someone is dead already, it’s good to put them to good use.

I could use a break from the job, just a day. If it were busy I’d be more inclined to go in, but even though out of the past 6 Fridays, I was not working for 3 of those. And Fridays are notoriously slow and dead.

I will check in from time to time like I just did a few minutes ago. All quiet on the work front. Checked the voice mail and it was Bill. Checked my email and my Indian overlords in Kent, WA are asking for what I sent out before I left. I’m good.

Tomorrow I will send an email to Abby letting him know I will be attending a funeral.

And then Monday I will send an email telling them I resign since I will have won the lottery. With my lottery winnings I will invest and help fund cures for almost every disease on the planet and once done with that I will feed the poor and clothe the hungry and create world peace.

It’s a pretty good plan I think.

That’s just how I roll.


Well let’s see, at 9:02 I walked through the door. I am home having left the office at 8:00. Not happy at all about that. This shit is fucked up.

I was in the office at 9:30 this morning and 10.5 hours later I was walking out. More of this bullshit. Movie Beam my ass.

I blame Vivek. He has an idea and expects it to become fully formed as soon as the words leave his mouth. His idea that I will be working for his new venture and not the company that hired me, to do a job that I wasn’t hired for is immensely frustrating.

Gone are the days where a friend would call and ask if I knew of anyone looking for a job. I wish that call would come through. But the phone doesn’t ring.

My Korean stalker still calls and leaves messages. She calls and perhaps she’s offering me a job, in Korean.

Not that I would take it.

Luckily I had a sandwich left over from lunch. I had to order for a few visiting lawyers in the office (we’re being sued) and was told to get something for myself.

I had hoped to eat it at home but I wound up wolfing it down while Abby waited in a conference room with no ventilation (they shut off the building ventilation at 5:00PM) and talking either very fast in English or Hindi.

I really couldn’t tell.

Abby’s a good guy, or seems to be and says he runs 2 other businesses. I told him I don’t like this late hour nonsense and he says he understands, he doesn’t like it much either.

I’m busy enough during the day or at least trying to be busy which also takes a lot of energy and by the time I used to go home is when these Movie Beamers start to become active. They wonder why I’m cranky and dragging my ass, muttering under my breath.

And a lot of it involved once again calling up various hotel/motel people telling them I am faxing over a form for them to sign and fax right back.

And of course, they never fax it back, leaving me to call them an hour later, 2 hours later, then finding out that so & so who was supposed to sign it left for the day. Oh the steam comes out of my ears rendering my phone useless.

And I’m s till dealing with my bank card fiasco. Trying to get refunds for shipping the cursed items back to the origin. I might as well eat the shipping charges. Less frustration and it would only cost $7.95.

But this frustration at work, this coming home at 9:00 is bullshit.

It is interesting that once the sun goes down and the trash from delis and restaurants goes to the curbs the rats come out. Saw several this evening on the way home.

Big rats too.

It’s something to watch as they squeeze their way through a closed garage door.

That’s all I have to write about tonight, I’m pretty tired of being frustrated and writing about it is reliving it. I yelled at a coat hanger tonight when I came home.

Oh and my computer died at work today.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Brian & Karen!

Cinco de Mayo!

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head

Well I just had a burger from Burger Heaven. It was pretty good. I hardly ever eat burgers anymore. And a chocolate shake. And French fries.

I’m still in the office, basically killing time now. I’m going to see Bill in a play that I saw a few years ago. It was horrible then, but the audience loved it. It’s a farce for lack of a better word.

3 married men think their wives are cheating on them since the wives are going to an OB/GYN to get a pap smear. This being the 21st century, the men have no idea what an OB/GYN is or what a pap smear is for that matter.

Every thing is played broadly and they do get laughs but not from me. When I saw it last time, I sat there taking notes while the audience laughed uproariously. It was obvious what I was doing and either the playwright or the director noticed it.

Then I came home and wrote about it. Apparently the playwright or director did a Google search and my blog came up. From what Bill told me, she printed it out and acted like it was a glowing review, which it wasn’t.

So now I sit at my desk writing this, waiting for 7:00 to come so I could walk across town to check it out. The main reason I’m going is because Bill is singing a song at the end. But I didn’t know it was for this play.

It was a very quiet day today. Quieter than the previous days, still due to the fact that Vivek, Sanjay and Abby aren’t around. I did contact Abby last night, telling him that I would be in the office today, but as of 5:25, 6 hours after emailing, I haven’t heard anything from him.

That’s ok by me, I’m not complaining.

Last night I entertained myself by figuring out the bass line to One Step Beyond by Madness. I think I figured it out.

Playing 3 strings instead of the usual 2 strings that I’m comfortable with. So it was a bit of finger stretching and coordination. I think I got the basics of it, and in so doing, got the bass basics for just about every 2 Tone Ska song.

And if I didn’t get it figured out, then I guess I just came up with some new bass lines.

One of these days I have to get it together and use Bill’s drum machine and make some home recordings. I can get a song together, playing the guitar and bass and maybe dabble on Bill’s keyboards.

I’m sure I can get Bill to record and engineer it. 4 tracks should be the limit since that is all I would have to record on. It’s just an idea that I’ve been kicking around in my head. And kicking around an idea in my head is infinitely better than a kick in the head.

I had a feeling I would hear from Abby late in the day and I was right. Abby just called me with a problem. He has a TV and some movie boxes in his car and the lease on the car expires tomorrow.

What to do?

Well I told him to give me a call at 8:00 tomorrow morning and I will come into the office with him so we can store the TV and boxes here.

He can’t do it himself since he never acted on the set up I had made for him to get access to the building.

See? I’m thinking out of the box and doing my best for the ‘team’.

And tonight I’m taking one for the John/Bill team by going to see that play again.

I guess I’m a team player after all. Or am I a team ‘playa’?

here is the link to the previous entry regarding Pap Smear

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The Perfect Kiss

Well today was better than yesterday and that’s good. Nice to start off on a positive note. Ending on a positive note is another matter entirely.

The mellowness was from the fact that Vivek and Sanjay were in India and not coming back to the States until Wednesday, meaning they won’t be in until Thursday which is my last day of the week I think.

I say I think because I think Vivek is expecting me to work 5 days a week, which will be nice to get that money again, and also it means that the cleaning of the hallway will be done on Saturday or Sunday.

That’s not so bad. We shall see when Vivek returns.

I had a good talk with Greg Stevens and he was totally supportive of my situation, having dealt with Vivek for a number of years. His advice was very much the same as Annemarie’s and Harpy’s, hang in there. I don’t have much choice but to hang in there.

I’ve been hanging in there for so long that I am considered well hung.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be going to Avenel with Abby. For what, I don’t know. He’s supposed to be picking me up here in Hoboken so that saves me a commute. That should make for an interesting experience.

I was planning on writing the other day about my driving experiences. I’m giving it a shot tonight. In 1981, a friend of mine, Derry Pedovitch and I had an idea to move to Los Angeles.

Derry had family there and he made arrangements to stay in Canoga Park. Derry had a van and we decided to drive Route 80 to Utah, then whatever highway would take us to Southern California.

It wasn’t that pleasant a trip. The northern route was dull, it took most of a day to get through Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Turnpike was a four lane highway, two lanes going east and west.

We made it through to Ohio and parked in a campground in the middle of the night. We were on the road the next day, looking at nothing but corn as we drove though Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.

We slept in Nebraska and I got into a fight with Derry almost abandoning me in Nebraska when the van’s cassette player ate one of my tapes. After that we made it to Utah, sleeping in Beaver.

Then it was onto Southern California, getting a room in Alhambra after sitting in traffic for a few hours. In Canoga Park I found Derry’s family were nice, a little rough around the edges though.

We realized once we got there that everyone travels to Los Angeles to start all over again and we weren’t so special. It was a weird couple of weeks that also included a trip to Las Vegas were I lost all the money I had.

That was also the last time I gambled, not counting playing the lottery. It was one of the stupider weekends in my life.

Our money and dreams were depleted and we headed back to New Jersey, driving the same route, only this time it was nonstop.

I went back to work, and eventually got Derry his job back in the same warehouse. 6000 miles in about a month.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but it did get me the courier position when it became available a few months later.

Derry betrayed me a year or so later and I never spoke to him again.

Headlights Look Like Diamonds

Starting off, I don’t like the new hours. Sure, going to work at 9:00 is nice, less of a rush hour crowd, but leaving the office at 7:00, getting home around 8:00 and then having to make dinner is not my cup of tea.

Maybe I can get used to it, but on day one, I don’t like it.

The day today was a fiasco, even before I got on the bus. As it happened, I was waiting for the bus when Greg Stevens called my cellphone wondering if I was coming in to the office. I told him I was.

Then he asked if I was close to the office and I told him I was still in Hoboken waiting for the bus. He was off to a meeting and needed a letter that Vivek had sent out earlier this month, the letter stating that the company was broke and belly up.

I told him that I should be in the office by 10:00 and if he left me a fax number I would fax the letter over to him. I was there a little after 10:00, I found the letter and faxed it to wherever he was.

The day progressed awkwardly. Basically I was doing the same job as before, only 90 minutes later. Things still needed to be done and the other people in the office weren’t about to do it themselves.

The conservatives were all dressed up for meetings, I was casual since it was going to be close to 90 degrees today.

I got a phone call from Abby this morning as I sat at my desk. He asked if I was going to call the various hotels and motels that were discussed yesterday.

I told him that I still would like some help with this aspect since the people that I was calling had questions that I couldn’t answer, and I too had some questions.

He didn’t seem to hear that and asked again, and I raised my voice telling him that I requested help yesterday when he, Vivek and Sanjay (gave the business partner a name) sat opposite me at the table and all they did was nod their heads in unison, and still nothing was resolved.

I don’t want to look like an idiot and I don’t want the company to look bad.

I told Rand yesterday that it was like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, only this was worse since the hands were attached to the 8 arms of Shiva and the left still wasn’t saying anything to the right.

I did what I could, calling up the hotels and motels, and doing my best after Sanjay sat down and we did a phone call together. Still, things didn’t go as smoothly as anyone would have liked.

Some people I called didn’t know anything about what I was calling about and some simply weren’t interested. This was the equivalent of a ‘cold call’ or so they thought.

I heard from Sanjay that this was ordered by a guy who owns several of these hotels and motels, unfortunately the owner didn’t tell the managers of these places.

It was confusion on both ends.

Some people weren’t in, some people were unavailable. I had to keep calling because all of a sudden this needed to be taken care by 6:00 this evening.

‘Let’s give it to the new guy’ must have been the thinking behind that one. I called one motel manager at 4:49, telling him I’d call back in an hour to help him with the questionnaire. At 5:55 the guy’s phone was out of service.

It was truly the essence of ridiculousness.

20th Century Boy

Presently in the phone with Harpy. Blood pressure which is usually low is quite high while talking to him. It all stemmed when for some strange reason I tried giving him a call to let him know the latest developments at work.

Like last week when I wrote I have all these phone numbers in my cellphone and hardly any of them were available. Well, Rand was available and I told him about the latest.

Harpy was unavailable, as was Bill, Annemarie, and everyone else. That’s fine. They have their lives, their problems and I’ve got mine.

What happened was mainly a continuation of last week. Last week was when I started phoning up a few hotels and motels and asking them questions regarding beaming movies to their rooms.

I couldn’t do it all the way through since the people on the other end had questions that I couldn’t answer. Vivek and his business partner and Abby were all unavailable.

Still I felt it best if I went through the questionnaire with one of the three next to me in case there were questions. I told them this today and they agreed.

It didn’t mean they were going to find time to sit there next to me. In fact they still wanted me to call, looking and sounding stupid sitting next to an empty chair. It’s just ridiculous.

But the peak of ridiculousness was when they told me that I would be driving to different hotels and motels to check out the properties. Oh how their faces fell when I told them I didn’t drive.

They offered to pay for driving lessons but I told them I knew how to drive, it’s just that I don’t want to drive. And I don’t have a license.

I am probably one of the few Americans they’ve met who steadfastly refuses to drive.

I explained to them that I used to drive for a living. I drove to California and back. I’ve driven to Florida and back. I drove to Austin, Texas. And twice a day I used to drive from Saddle Brook NJ to 757 Third Avenue, only a few blocks away.

When I had to do an “impersonation of Janet Leigh” for Vivek’s business partner is when I tried calling.

Rand understood. He was my unofficial co-pilot for about a year.

Things have changed since I last drove 23 years ago. More new drivers and more older drivers. It’s not so much I don’t trust them, but the tons of metal are unsafe at any speed.

All it takes is one split second, one thing to go wrong and everything could all go bad.

And I do not want to drive a car or truck or van ever again.

Harpy insisted on telling me over and over that it would be something new to do. That if I want to keep my job I had better start to drive again. Sorry, but if it comes down to that I would rather walk than drive.

And dealing with Vivek and his business partner and Abby is something else entirely. Several times as I sat with them, plans for what I should do change within seconds. ‘John should do this.’ Then ‘John should do that’ which totally conflicts with the initial proposal.

What am I getting myself into? I was also told that I could start coming into the office at 10:00 since Vivek and his business partner don’t usually make it in until noon sometimes.

So they want me to stay later, until 6:00 or 7:00.

Sorry if tonight’s entry is incoherent. I think I should put off talking on the phone until after I’ve written since whatever state of mind I might have been in previously, it’s gone now and I am a bit tense.

Action Time Vision

So Happy It’s Thursday again. Yes it’s my Friday. Or is it? It looks like I will be going in to the office for a little while tomorrow.

I now work for a company that supplies movies to hotels and motels. That just happened this morning, not by my doing. The company that hired me is no more.

I still support The Conservative Mortgage Company, That Cancer Research Foundation, The Hulk Investment Company, Investment Consultants Australian for Beer Company, and now the Asian Indian Beamed Movie Company.

Five companies, all contributing to my salary. There might be one or two smaller companies that I overlooked but you get the picture.

So today, Vivek calls me from Washington DC? Pensacola? and tells me something about what I have to do today.

Some Indian dude named Abby called up, telling me that he’s stopping by to see me about what Vivek talked to me this morning. The thing is, Vivek was half asleep when he called and I only understood about 10% of what he was saying.

Abby says he’ll be in the office in an hour. Two hours later he shows up. I get a crash course on what I have to do. Call up various hotels and motels that have signed up for the movie beaming service and ask them questions from two different questionnaires.

That wouldn’t be too difficult. It was eerily similar to a job I had about 20 years ago, working for Rupert Murdoch and helping to build his Hotel Database to Nowhere. But instead of looking at brochures and running off to ingest some powders with coworkers, I’m basically on my own.

Abby had hit the road running off to Washington DC when I finally had a chance to make some calls. Make that call. Midway through while talking to Raj in Reading PA, I realized I was over my head.

I thanked him for his time and mentioned that I would call him back with a few more questions in a day or two. I had some questions of my own to ask but Vivek and his business partner were unavailable, as was Abby.

Actually Abby did call from the road telling me that there was one person that was important to reach today. I called that one person who was quite personable and asked that I email him the questionnaires which he will fill out and fax in tomorrow.

And that’s the basic reason why I will be going in tomorrow. To get a fax and then scan it and send to Seattle. I don’t mind really.

I will just start my laundry tonight and head into the office without any of the daily hang ups. It’s my job now and like Vivek said, the company that hired me is no more and if I want a job, this is the job I should take.

Beaming movies into hotel and motel rooms for $2.99 a day, $3.99 if you want to include adult movies. All the movies are stored in a box and available with the touch of a finger. It’s actually something I am looking forward to.

I saw Matthew Broderick on the street yesterday.

The Time is Now

Exactly, what is it with Wednesdays? At the edge of a funk for me. And for no particular reason. Granted work wasn’t as busy today as it was yesterday.

I did want to smack Tom Chin around today. But I feel like that most days. He made me look like a moron this afternoon. He doesn’t really work as an employee of my rapidly sinking company, he’s a consultant.

I book a room then find he booked it for something else without telling me. So I switch what I booked. Right before Tom Chin’s meeting was scheduled, some of the conservatives start to use the room. I go in there and tell them they have to move.

Luckily we have three conference rooms. I poke my head in Tom Chin’s office to find out what time his meeting is supposed to start and he tells me it was moved. Nothing like some non-communication to get things going to a halt. I looked like an idiot.

Today is Earth Day. A rainy earth day at that. What have I done for earth day? Can’t really say. Can’t really say I’ve ever done anything for earth day. I was probably more inclined when living in Weehawken with William, since he had a garden in the backyard.

I would contribute some banana peels for compost.

My office doesn’t do anything for earth day. We don’t recycle. Paper gets used and wasted. My desk is covered with paper that I’ve rescued to use for scrap paper, but there’s no reason to use scrap paper since there is no real work that would require it.

I spent some time today watching people debate both sides of the same sex marriage issue in Maine. It was interesting to watch.

The pro same sex marriage people speak rationally, heartfelt and with conviction citing legislation and facts. The anti same sex marriage people quote their bibles.

That’s it.

God doesn’t like it. It’s a sin. God will get angry. You will face God’s wrath.

What kind of god is named god? Would you name your son, Male? Boy? Your daughter- Female? Girl? Such a lack of imagination.

Sad to say the anti same sex marriage people seem lesser educated, but they do have their myths to back them up. A few times I heard, ‘You know, 2000 years ago….’.2000 years ago, what? What happened?

It’s basically an issue of love versus hate it seems to me. If a same sex couple that is committed wants to get married and receive all of the benefits of marriage who would get hurt?

Is it basically fear? Or finding comfort in ignorance? I don’t think marriage is for everyone. I don’t even know if it’s right for me. But I do feel that if 2 committed adults want to get married and receive all of the benefits of marriage that opposite sex couples receive, then they should be able to.

What is the big deal? Why can’t parents simply say to their kids when they ask why 2 men or 2 women are holding hands or kissing, why can’t they say, Some men like men and some women like women?

It would probably end the situation right then and there. Kids don’t really care, they just want to know.

Instead you have some young boys, trying to be good, study hard and get called Gay or Fag. So far this year 5 young boys have committed suicide because of bullying from other kids, being called those names.

Their schools failed them. Their families are left with a hole in their lives that could never be filled. Children have to be taught to hate. And it seems like they’re being taught to hate at home and in the churches.


Well today turned out to be quite alright. Greg Stevens returned, no longer working for my company. That would make it 3 employees and there’s only 2 left and I’m the one who’s getting paid.

The day started out threatening to rain but it turned out not to happen despite people walking with open umbrellas, not wanting to be caught, no way, no how.

Very good New Yorker last week. Reading about exotic animals who were brought into this country, mainly Florida, then when they got to be too much to deal with, were released into the wild.

So there is a population explosion of Burmese pythons slithering about down there. Yet another reason, not to go to Florida. Never liked snakes and I’ve never touched one. Same thing with guns. Never liked them and never touched one.

Guns and snakes, two things not to give me for a present. Hope you kept the receipt just in case.

I was a bit busy dealing with Vivek’s business partner on the phone, getting things done for Greg Stevens, and the usual maintenance of the office, which included booking conference rooms and all three were reserved.

That made the conservatives a bit upset since they usually just take any room that’s available and leave it messy. But like Annemarie said, it’s job security to clean up after these do nothings.

One of the conservatives was mouthing off about how President Obama is going to release so ‘terrorists’ in this country. Of course he was stoking the fire, making it sound like Khalid Sheik Mohammad would be selling fresh Kalkalash from a food truck outside the office.

It actually means that they will be tried and held in US prisons and they will stay there if guilty and likely deported if not guilty. This one guy looks like Senator Boehner and seems to get all of his information from Fuck Snooze.

Last night Bill was off doing his reading series and I was home while a maelstrom raged outside. I watched Heroes which was ok. It was mainly about Sylar and it was a bit of a let down. I knew he wouldn’t do anything to Rebel Micah, and his scenes involving Ellen Greene as his mother were good.

But he seems to be going off the deep end in a mostly boring way. And Hiro is really quite annoying, mostly through his Japanese accent. I don’t mind the subtitles but he sounds like a moron most of the time when he’s speaking. Peke pani?

Tonight promises to be quite mellow which is always welcomed. Board of Education election was today and I usually don’t vote in those since I don’t have any kids. But Sheilah Scully asked that I vote, well asked me and her other Facebook friends, so I did.

The polling place is only a hundred yards from my apartment so it was no big deal. I voted for the Kids First slate.

Also moved Casey Chasm closer to my former co-worker, Austin. Perhaps they’ll work something out. I know Casey and the Missus read this here blog, so I hope they realize that the people I work with do not know anything about this here blog. Ya heard?

Really diggin’ that one song from MGMT, which happens to be the title of today’s entry. t

You’re Not From Brighton

It was back to work for me today. Fewer and fewer people have been able to say that lately. Last night Bill and I watched 60 Minutes, then watched the Sex and the City movie. It was one of the few gay things we do.

It was enjoyable though midway through I thought it would take a dark macabre turn ala Lawn Hors d’oeuvre with Steve separated from Miranda, he was going to take their kid and do a murder/suicide. Of course that didn’t happen.

Happy endings all around. We both enjoyed it though not enough to actually go see it in a theater. A Sunday night viewing on HBO was enough.

Bill was off to bed and I soon joined him as he snored quite loudly. He got his results from the sleep apnea test and it turns out he has sleep apnea. So he has to go back for more testing. I told him if he dies on me I would kill him. There- I put it in writing.

I woke up and got my act together in time to see Bill heading out the door. I had a nice breakfast and soon I too was out the door heading to the bus. Made it to the office with no problems. Came in though and saw milk that was left out for a few days, most of the office and conference rooms in disarray.

I grumbled but it is my job to put things in order.

On Facebook this morning I wrote: Dumbfounded by the people I share office space with and their overwhelming ineptitude. But still I am not complaining since their foolhardiness gets me out of the office. So there!

I thought it was humorous and hit the nail on the head. Harpy tells me later that he was worried because so many people in the world use Facebook, but I think the people I work with, if they went looking for me on Facebook they would not be looking for John Ozed. They would be looking for that other guy.

I think Harpy’s fear while appreciated was unwarranted. And what I wrote wasn’t so bad after all. And if they called me on what I wrote, I could back up what I wrote.

I was out running errands earlier than usual this morning. I needed to buy milk for the coffee I made so I was out and about. I was busier than usual as the day went on, and was also able to leave early. I had to run an errand for Vivek and his partner which meant going down to the printer in Chinatown and pick up some more business cards.

That was fine by me. It was a nice enough afternoon to walk around the City Hall area and enjoy a Padron while heading to the Path train.

Couldn’t get a seat on the train so I stood and read the new book from the library that I have taken out, April 4, 1968. It’s about Martin Luther King’s death and how it changed America and written by Michael Eric Dyson who was really good on Bill Maher a few weeks ago.

So far it’s a good read. I’m looking forward to reading more of his books.

I love my library and not because it’s a block and a half away from my apartment. I loved the Weehawken library too and that wasn’t that close to my apartment. I love the fact that if there is anything I might want I could go online and order it from the cooperative system and within days it will be available to me in Hoboken.

DVD’s books, CD’s all available but not always in good condition. When I took out Bruce Springsteen’s The River, it looked like someone was practicing ice skating on it. But hey, you take your chances.

Exactly Like You

Well it was back to work for me. This week is a 3 day work week. Snow storm on Monday, and no work on Friday, for me at least. So in a sense when not rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, I will have 3 days in steerage. Difficulty waking up this morning, through no fault of my own.

But who else can I blame?

Me, of course. Yes it was my fault. It was so cozy laying in bed, hitting the snooze button, each time bringing me closer to the shores that border the ocean of sleep. Sometimes it’s a calm ocean, other times rough, this morning it was placid.

Caught the last minute of the Today in New York, and had to look at Matt Lauer in quite an ugly suit. For me a suit is either pinstriped, or solid. None of this check or windowpane. Yuck. Way too 1970’s for me. If I thought Mike Brady/Robert Reed would wear it, I certainly wouldn’t.

Uneventful bus ride, even though the driver completely missed the bus lane and we found ourselves sitting in traffic for a good 20 minutes. I think he was new so he gets a pass, but tomorrow he had better pay attention or it’s an irate email to NJ Transit where it should be routinely ignored.

The office was quiet once again. Not much for me to do mostly. Once I get things done early in the morning, it’s usually good for the rest of the day. I wasn’t sure if Tom Chin was making it in today since he tendered his resignation yesterday.

He did make it in and then an hour later was off to a 3 hour lunch, freeing me up to not do much of anything. The Virgin Mega Store in Times Square will be closing. Everything is 40% off and I have been hankering for the first 2 Led Zeppelin albums which I used to avoid like the plague.

I am still a bit reluctant, but one of the songs that was sung at John Hamilton’s party on Sunday was Good Times, Bad Times and it’s been in my head since then.

Speaking of John Hamilton, Bill had hoped to use John’s guitar expertise and Dave Dreiwitz’ bass playing skills for an upcoming recording session that has been booked. They had another guitarist in mind but all of a sudden he picked up and moved out of state.

John Hamilton will be in Italy giving a lecture in German and Dave has a few projects going on. I keep forgetting that Dave is the bass player in Ween. Not that I am much of a Ween fan. I offered my meager skills which Bill appreciated but more than likely won’t take advantage of.

I’m not that good, and Bill’s a real musician. I don’t mind. I was asked to take pictures of the session which I am happy to do.

Actually I’m not that bad playing guitar and perhaps bass too. It’s just that I’m more rock and roll and Bill’s band is a jazz combo.

Bill went home last night and found the door unlocked much to his distress. Luckily it was because his neighbors of 20 years or so were checking in on his mother. He’s off all week, Bill is, and was able to have a locksmith show up and install a lock on the inside of the front door that can only be opened with a key.

I left the office at 4:00 this afternoon, enjoyed a Padron walking across town. Saw the homeless guy on 41st Street who I hadn’t seen in a while since I hadn’t been walking in that area lately. He was glad to see me, ‘Hey Soldier!’ he yelled of course and was very happy when I gave him a dollar.

Recent Title

Well I went back to work today, on a Friday. No one was expecting me to come in, but still, I donned the suit and tie, looking rather sharp I might add. I also looked good on Wednesday morning but that ended badly. I slept ok last night though I did wake up before the alarm clock and could not get back to sleep.

So I got up earlier than usual which was ok. Puttered about, taking my time getting ready. Had a bowl of cereal which made me think, what if the cereal got me sick, not the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had the night before? I gambled and won. I didn’t get sick from the cereal.

I checked my email again, basically repeating the routine I did on Wednesday and was reminded of a chat I had with an online friend yesterday. He had mentioned that I seem to always be sick. He occasionally read this here blog you see.

I protested that I was sick in October, January and now in February. Not always sick. October and January were viruses, Wednesday was obviously food poisoning. Same symptoms as salmonella and with all the news about peanut butter or peanuts in general I think I put 2 and 2 together. Only it didn’t last that long.

We chatted online about a few things and I brought up my lack of self confidence. He was surprised to hear that. We had met once quite by chance on the street and I guess that’s where he got the idea that I exude self confidence. It must be the suit and tie. I wear a suit and tie and I don’t slouch when I walk, I have my chin up, eyes looking forward and I do feel confident.

ooh! it's Mister Confident!!!!

ooh! it's Mister Confident!!!!

In jeans and t shirt I slouch and generally look unkempt. It’s a good thing I suppose putting forth an air of confidence, it certainly has gotten me some good jobs. You want a good job, you gotta dress the part. At least thats how it used to be.

I’ll find out next March how that works out I guess.

But it weighed on my mind all day, my chat and the perception of being confident when behind the fabric I’m still the same old John, a neurotic, insecure mess at times.

It being a Friday, I planned on leaving early, and of course that didn’t work out. I was busy running around to the bank, to this place and that place errands for everyone. I don’t mind, it’s my job and it’s obvious, if I don’t do it, no one will.

I came in this morning and there was the mail from the past 2 days all over my desk. I sorted it out and delivered it to the proper people. I left around 3:00 this afternoon and made my way over to Bill’s building. It was around 50 degrees this afternoon so that afforded us some extra minutes together which of course was nice.

I got him a nice, cheap pair of cuff links for St. Patrick’s Day of 4 leaf clovers. I got the same for myself. It was a nice deal and I gave them to him this afternoon rather than wait. He loved them and we talked a bit about how we might spend March 17 which will be here before we know it.

No bars, we tried that last year and found every place jam packed with some charging an admission. We just walked around last year, smoking cigars and will likely do the same, staring at the visitors and the vomiters.

I was saddened and gobsmacked to read an email from Harpy yesterday, that Randall Bewley, guitarist for Pylon died the other day after having a heart attack at age 53. I met Randy a few times at McSwells when Pylon played.

Pylon was a band from Athens GA that I first saw with my brother Frank in August 1980, opening up for Talking Heads at the Wollman Rink in Central Park. I can’t say I was ‘ready’ for Pylon, I was definitely more into Talking Heads, plus there was so many people there that August night that Randy, Michael, Vanessa and Curtis from Pylon were swallowed up in that summer night.

Even though I was a big B-52’s fan, it didn’t register that Pylon were from Athens, unlike REM who a year or so later, I first saw opening up for Gang of Four and walked away from my prime spot near the stage saying ‘the only thing they have going for them is that they’re from Athens.’

Maybe a few months after that I was in that long lost record store on Second Avenue in the East Village, Free Being where I saw the cover for Chomp, Pylon’s 2nd album. I bought it just for the cover, vaguely remembering who they were and immediately loved it when I played it.

Played it for my friend Jet as well and he loved it too. Pylon was quitting the music biz at that time, it wasn’t fun anymore. They did get back together a few years later and played McSwells where I was able to DJ for the show and got Jet in to see them not long before Jet passed away.

I vaguely remember Rita having a problem with Pylon, Vanessa might have been off-putting with her style of singing after seeing them a few times opening up for some band Rita would rather be seeing, but I did thank Vanessa after a show and Rita was there and felt her opinion of Pylon was wrong since they were all such genuinely nice, sweet people.

And you could dance to their songs.

Now Randy is gone, and Pylon will be no more. He Left behind a wife and 2 kids. Notices from the B-52’s, REM and even members of Gang of Four among others have come in on various websites stating that they were one of the best bands ever and that Randy was certainly a one in a million guitarist.

Sad to see him go as he was one of the nice ones.

One of These Days

What happened? Well things went well on Tuesday. I went to work, came home feeling fine. Tom Chin has been a walking petri dish and I wasn’t that close to him physically, 2 arms length at best. Jennifer Bell, a temp that’s been working in the office was out sick.

Some nasty ass bug keeps popping up. I thought I had it in October, then in January but here it was something totally different than those times. I came home from work after seeing Bill for a few minutes.

That went well, then I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich since I didn’t want to cook. I’ve done that before, something simple and filling and I’ve been using the same peanut butter for the past couple of weeks. I looked online and the symptoms I had were tantamount to Salmonella.

Watched President Obama make his speech to the joint session of Congress which went well. I still love the guy, what can I say? Piyush Jindal, I mean Bobby Jindal (changed his name to Bobby after seeing Mike Lookingland as Bobby Brady on TV when he was 4 years old) talk down to the people of the United States in his republican response to the democratic President.

Putting forth the lies of a magnetic levitation train from Anaheim CA to Las Vegas NV. He was a jerk, but then again I expected no less. It was almost like he was put on since Slumdog Millionaire won all those awards and the party of No wanted to cash in on that Hindu magic.

Though Piyush/Bobby converted to catholicism much to the disappointment of his Hindu parents, people see an Indian face and think ‘Hindu’ then maybe ‘Muslim’ or ‘Sikh’ but hardly ever thing ‘Roman Catholic’.

Went to bed after that, no problems, feeling good. Woke up at the usual time, showered, had coffee, got dressed and sat in front of my computer to check emails that I received overnight. As I sat there, something was up with my stomach, enough so to make me hustle to the bathroom where I unleashed the raisin bran and coffee I had a few minutes before that.

Suit and shoes basically ruined, me feeling woozy. Sent an email to work stating that I wouldn’t be coming in and went back to bed where I slept for most of the day and night, getting up to run to the bathroom every 45 minutes or so. Also drinking plenty of water so as not to be dehydrated.

Rand called me at one point, asking me about a Rapid Share file that I sent out from my Yahoo account which I haven’t used in quite a while. Apparently I was hacked and Rand suggested I change my passwords immediately. Of course with a 100 degree temperature, that wasn’t happening so easily. I did the best that I could and changed passwords as well as an alert not to open any email from my yahoo account.

Haven’t heard anything yet so I’m hoping for the best.

I was too weak to do much of anything so I texted Julio asking him if he could pick up some juice from the supermarket on the way home from work. He texted back, he was in bed and had a fever of 102. Stine offered to get me some juice as well as some tangerines and picked up my mail from 5 floors below.

I slept on and off between running to the bathroom. Didn’t eat anything until maybe 8:00PM when I fried up an egg and had some toast. Then it was bedtime again. Woke up this morning, not feeling 100% and sent another email into the office saying that I’ll be out again.

Went back to bed after watching Rick Santelli on the Today show being interview by the Chia Pet. Santelli is the jerk who was railing ignorantly against the stimulus package from the floor of the Chicago stock exchange a week or so ago. All of a sudden he’s a media celebrity who’s been palling around with G. Gordon Liddy, famed felon and plotter of murders of those who are against him and the republicans. That was enough to put me back to sleep.

Woke up an hour or so later and decided to go out and get a bagel. I was feeling relatively ok. Dropped off yesterday’s suit at the cleaners, to the library to pick up a book. The virus is at the library too from what Diane, the head librarian tells me. She was sick over the weekend and today was her first day back.

I headed out from the library and called Stine to see if she wanted a bagel. She was surprised to hear from me and yes she wanted a bagel, and one for Julio who was still in bed, sick. I was going to go to the supermarket to get a few things I might need, but felt I might have over done it as I was drenched in sweat.

That was a few hours ago. I’m feeling ok now, but then again I’m not doing anything. Temperature is 97.7 which beats the 3 digit temperature from yesterday. I hope to go in tomorrow, though it’s probably not expected. Who goes in for one day of work? Someone who wants to keep his job, that’s who.

Rest in Peace Randy Bewley of PYLON


It’s Friday, last day of a 4 day work week. And it was quite an interesting work week. I’m not going to rehash the week, you can always go back and read what I wrote. Today was something else. I mainly played DJ today.

Some of the sub-subtenants enjoyed what I was playing and told me so. I mentioned that I used to do it for a living. But that wasn’t true. I never made a living from it. Maybe $30.00 and a burger or cavatelli with broccoli.

Occasionally I DJ’d someone’s wedding. That was always a nerve wracking experience. The first time I really DJ’d at a friends wedding was in 1986. I borrowed equipment from Ulysses Sankitts, a friend I had only met a few days before at a job I started one day before Ulysses.

He trusted me enough and talked it over with his brother Tony and they brought it to a loft on Broadway right above Canal Street. Eve who was a waitress at McSwells married Jeff a bartender at a bar in the city, so the guests were mainly the hip crowd. I guess I did well. It was a blur really.

I did spend more money on records than I was actually getting paid. Back then if given a choice between music and food, I would pick music. I was spinning records on off nights at McSwells, eventually taking over Guy Ewald’s shift. Charlie had Saturday nights so I had Fridays.

Occasionally we would switch shifts. McSwells was so insular then, whomever would DJ would sometimes work the door, always for $30.00 and the aforementioned dishes.

One time I was DJ’ing a wedding and the couple gave me a list of what they wanted played. I didn’t have Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton and it was the main number. They provided a copy but I never got around to it. The marriage was doomed anyway. The groom had quite a wandering eye and I think within a year it was kaput.

Another time a couple a few doors down from McSwells were getting married and I had the whole place swingin’. I remember a conga line snaking through the crowd at 1st and Clinton while I played the extended dance mix of Konk Party, still a favorite song 25 years later.

They paid me with a check that I cashed at McSwells even though McSwells never did that. Of course the check bounced and I got an earful from Steve Fallon’s sister Ann. But I loved to play music for other people and I still do.

I prefer to make people dance than actually dancing myself. The last time I DJ’d was at Lois and Fred’s wedding party in August and no one danced. I played nothing but hits and surefire things to move some butts and get asses wiggling but it never happened.

I guess I would be better suited for small situations without a dance floor, like office cubicles. When I worked at Farfetched, I would try to carefully select the music for the store, but sometimes Lois or Susan (or Denise) wouldn’t like what I was playing and I would get a puss on, taking their rejection of my musical selections so personally.

I think I would do well as a radio DJ, but that is my brother Frank’s area and I wouldn’t dare encroach on his space, no way.

I will say being a DJ with an iPod is a lot easier than lugging crates of records around. I would lug about 6 crates sometimes. On New Years Eve at McSwells I would bring 10 crates. That was always a big money night, $150.00 (maybe more) and various potions and drinks.

Good times from what I could remember.

Rise and Shine

Well today was a weird day for sure. I was fine, Tom Chin was out after having words with Vivek (who has the flu). A 2 day work week for Tom Chin, sitting at home in a form of protest. Vivek is a screamer. He never screamed at me, but he is a bit of a spoiled brat.

Rich family you see. Never really had to struggle for anything. He phoned this afternoon, telling me he wasn’t coming in until after 4:00 since the market was tanking and he feels like he should see all of his stocks. And also I could go whenever I saw fit.

In the office today, it was Greg Stevens and myself for my team. The right wing nuts were in again though. They love to listen to the psychotic voice mails my stalker leaves me. This morning it was about how she hates my father and my brother and how I should fire that evil French guy.

So Frank, Brian and Henri (or Pierre or Alain or Jacques), be on guard. Crazy Korean chick is on the loose and she’s gunning for you!

I was finished with whatever it is I had to do around 1:30, then I just surfed the next 2 hours. Believe me, I would rather have had something to do. I did finish Sarah Vowell’s The Wordy Shipmates.

It was ok. Couldn’t get into it as easily as I did her other books. She seems like someone I’d like to have a pint with though. And it was a day late, so I was out $0.10. It was a good book, not her best.

I think I’ll take out David Sedaris’ last book, What to do When Engulfed in Flames next. I enjoy his essays more than his non-fiction. I hated most of Holidays on Ice. Just felt so forced. His life story is more entertaining.

Myself, I can’t tell a joke to save my life, but I could tell you about something that happened to me and more than likely you would be laughing.

Oh that damned liberal media, tearing apart President Obama’s mortgage plans. Let the people lose their homes! Let empty houses stand in neighborhoods! Why should there be a safety net? Who are we? Our brother’s keeper?

That was the lead on NBC News with Brian Williams announced by Michael Douglas, a financial reporter in the Chicago Mercantile exchange spurting angrily about the economic plan.

Damned liberal media! Nothing should be done! Let things correct themselves! After all Wall Street did such an excellent job of policing themselves thanks to Reagan and his deregulation initiatives. And no one complained then!

Sure someone would have to pick up the tab, isn’t that why there are children’s children’s children? I know it’s convoluted and perhaps a bit Swiftian.

Something has to be done immediately and what I believe Obama is doing is what is best at this moment. I work alongside some of these Wall Streeters who are vehemently anti-Obama, but they offer no solutions, just towing the republican line, tax cuts.

Tomorrow’s Friday which is something to look forward to, I hope.

Hang On To Your Ego

Home earlier than usual. It was sanctioned, I put in the word that I would be out of the office from 1:30 this afternoon. I said I had an appointment to tend to. They didn’t ask any questions, but still I will explain it tomorrow somehow.

I made sure everything was taken care of and in any event, if they really needed me, I was just a phone call away. They’ve called me before when I was out of the office so today wouldn’t be any different.

Bill won a raffle last week at his office cafeteria, a lunch for him and his loved one. Not any lunch you see, something with metal utensils, cloth napkins, nice china and a bottle of wine to go with the rack of lamb, salmon and rice and veggies.

I walked out of my office building into a maelstrom, snow and rain flying in all directions. Still I persevered and made it to Bill’s building on time. He came down and met me and we rode the elevator to whatever floor the cafeteria was on.

Bill spoke to the woman who runs the cafeteria and she told us to sit anywhere we’d like. Bill found a prime position which allowed him to show me off to various co-workers. It was fun to meet them, most all of them mentioned that Bill was crazy. In a good way of course, since if he was crazy in a bad way I doubt if they would say things like that in front of him. They were a fun group.



The food was excellent, not your standard cafeteria fare. Rack of lamb, salmon, rice and veggies. I never had salmon before, I generally avoid eating fish, but it turns out salmon is good. I liked it. Can’t say I would go out of my way to order it, but if given the opportunity I would have it again.

Sadly there was no dessert. But who am I to complain after a nice lunch, as well as a couple of glasses with white wine? It was a lovely way to have lunch with my lovely man.

When I left the office at 1:30 I told Greg Stevens and Tom Chin I was heading out and they both said, ‘OK, see you tomorrow’. Since I was a block away from the bus terminal I decided to head on home. I got in the queue for the bus and settled into the last row and cracked open The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell. It’s due today and I would like to finish it on time.

Midway through the slaughter of the Pequot tribe the cellphone rang. It was Casey Chasm. He was apologetic though his voice belied stress. Homeboy is under the gun with studying for the NY Bar exam, and just was laid off, and on top of that, Mrs. Chasm expecting.

I told him it was perfectly understandable. He said how sorry he was to leave like that, he thought it was ok. He had read the blog from Monday you see. What’s done is done and I’m sure he will ace the Bar exam.

I heard from Pedro last night, he had some gruesome details about the chimpanzee attack in Connecticut that were initially reported according to him that weren’t reported since. That the chimp on a rampage bit off the poor woman’s hands, as well as her face.

He said he had heard it on a local Connecticut news station. It is a gruesome story in any event, and it’s happened before. If you Google chimp attacks you’ll see a page full of gross reports. I did look it up to see if what Pedro said was true but couldn’t find anything about that.

Sort of unrelated, but about 12 years ago I heard on the news of a medical study that stated 1 out of every 100 men are immune to HIV.

It was announced at the top of the news hour and reported on and then never mentioned again after that one time. A bit like hearing what Pedro heard about the chimp attack.

Totally unrelated, so far in the past 2 weeks there have been 3 small earthquakes in the Morristown area. I felt the first tremor a few weeks ago, and since then there have been 2 more, less than the original 3.0. It kind of makes me think, is another one, perhaps stronger coming down the way?





Run 2

Good to be home from work. Definitely a good thing. Things were ok today, until Vivek phoned at 3:30, telling me he wasn’t coming in and wanted me to book tickets for him and his partner to Pensacola, FL from New York.

I just couldn’t get it right it seemed. I wrote down the information and went online. Found a flight for 2 at a little over $100.00 per passenger. Went through with it only to find that the date wasn’t for tomorrow as I thought it would be the default but rather, February 25.

Very quick backpedaling involved. I corrected the dates and tried to book a flight from Pensacola to West Palm Beach. Sure there are flights, but one flight was from Pensacola to Atlanta then to West Palm Beach. There was another flight that substituted Dallas/Fort Worth for Atlanta.

I knew that was something they wouldn’t want, and told Vivek so. He told me to rent a car instead. Many phone calls back and forth between Vivek and myself before I finalized on the car rental. Still doing things like this get me stressed out.

I wouldn’t want Vivek to be stranded somewhere. Basically I don’t want to fuck up. I’ve booked flights before and it’s really no big deal but each time I get stressed about what if I had done something wrong. I’ll be this way probably for the next 18 hours.

Last night wasn’t stressed. I watched Olbermann again, then the Daily Show and Colbert Report. Walter Isaccson, Time magazine chief, was on the Daily Show talking about how basically the Internet shouldn’t be free, how newspapers are giving away their content and not making money.

I used to subscribe to the NY Times online but now it’s free. There are grumblings about how it might go back to a pay site. That would dissuade me from subscribing again. The Colbert Report was silly as usual, with TV on the Radio as the guests.

I sort of like them. Still not so sure. Their last record made a lot of best records of 2008 lists. I haven’t really heard it yet. Have you? Watched the new Scrubs last night too. It seems like they are setting up for the eventual departure of JD.

The first episode Zack Braff literally phoned it in. He was a disembodied voice on Elliot’s cellphone throughout. The second one was the better episode I thought. How JD and Turk were trying to maintain their friendship though they are both drifting apart and getting older. And the new interns have some funny characters, who will jump in once JD leaves the scene.

I really like Scrubs. I can’t explain why but I hardly miss an episode if it’s on. Tonight is Lost. You know Lost, the show about those people on a plane that some office manager booked tickets for that crashes on a mysterious island. That should distract me from the days stress.

Saw Bill tonight and that was very good. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I wonder how we will work that out?

Paper Planes

Tuesday again. Been a busy day at work, guests coming in for meetings, former co-tenants still on the lease until next year, coming by to see exactly what are they paying 30k a month for. The answer to that is they are paying that much for 5 empty offices that Vivek allows his partner to squat in.

I had to clean out that office yesterday, moving a whole bunch of crap from an office to a disused conference room. I didn’t mind since I am supposed to be getting a check from Vivek and his partner for doing some work for them on the side.

I submitted a time sheet of sorts totaling 14 hours. So that extra money could help, but their record keeping is askew. I would be impressed if they got it together to pay me. I would do the work anyhow and it was Vivek and his partner who insisted about submitting my hours.

Last night was President Obama’s first televised press conference, explaining and answering questions about his stimulus package. It certainly was refreshing to see someone intelligent behind the podium, speaking clearly and coherently without snickering.

Whatever snickering I heard of was on FuckSnooze, with Bill O’Shithead and Bernard ‘Jizz chin’ Goldberg mocking and impersonating Helen Thomas. I’m sure O’Shithead would have done a Jeff Gannon impersonation, but who knows the rates for male escorts in the Washington DC area? Besides Goldberg, I mean.

The President stated that he thinks Wall Street is looking for an easy way out.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way out.

After the President, I watched Heroes which was merely ok. Nothing really grabbed me. It sort of petered out. Maybe next week it will find it’s cojones. I spoke with Lovely Rita yesterday. She asked me to print out some resumes for her.

I did that with pleasure and when I see her on Thursday after work, I will give them to her. Didn’t see Bill tonight. I was going to but his boss came in late, burying Bill underneath a small mountain of work. There wouldn’t be enough time so we’ll meet up for a few minutes tomorrow.

Tonight is pretty quiet, nothing much planned. Can’t think of anything on TV, I’ll more than likely watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report after Olbermann. Haven’t watched Rachel Maddow lately. It’s all part of the weening off process, you see. Plus, how much bad news can I stand to hear when I’m home and trying to relax?

I received an email for David Byrne at Radio City in a few weeks. Seems like a good show, lot’s of Talking Heads songs as well as his work with Brian Eno. Sounds right up my alley. I checked out the prices, thinking about taking Bill to come along, then I saw the price for 2 tickets, $90.00.

Out of my price range, and those were the cheapest seats. Perhaps if Jerry Harrison, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth were playing with him it would be worth it, but without them, it will go on without me.

Latest casualty of the economic crisis is Casey Chasm. Laid off last week. But he is fertile though and in nine months he will prove it. Actually Mrs. Chasm will show the proof. I’m sure the Chasms will make excellent parents, being such good people and all.

I’ll Go Crazy

Well it’s Friday and I’m not at 100%, still have this cold which seems to be subsiding at 3:18PM. I listened to Bill’s advice and stayed home. I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be going into work and set things up to take care of themselves today in the office.

So I’m legitimately out today yet still I feel some guilt about not going in. True, I probably wouldn’t be of much use today, things on Fridays have been generally running at half speed lately, but I feel like I should have made an appearance.

And on the news today was all bad news, unemployment at it’s highest in 37 years. That didn’t help my mindset at all. Harpy and I talked last week about how odd it is that I’m the only one working out of several people we know.

It’s not easy working knowing the rug could be pulled out from under you at any time. The sword of Damocles hangs overhead while precariously perched on a shaky rug. It seems more intense not being in the office than it is when I am in the office.

Had a strange dream last night. I was on a motor boat in the Hudson River with Paul McCartney and one of his grand kids. I was steering it towards where the Air Bus was docked in the World Financial Center/Battery Park area before being moved on shore in NJ.

Lot’s of watercraft and despite the feeling of near collisions I was able to get the motor boat back to Jersey City where Macca and I walked around looking for his grand kid. That’s it, that’s all that happened and it was certainly a sign of a fever dream.

I can’t say that I’ve dreamed of Paul or any other Beatles lately though I used to when I was growing up in Lodi. I used to dream that John, Paul, George and Ringo lived in a neighbor’s house, the Janowsky’s much like the Beatles lived in one big flat in Help.

I would go over to see if they were around but almost always they were away. I would see them going in or out of the house in various dreams. Here it is quite a few years later and I’m dreaming of Paul in Jersey City. I guess I still am a strange kid.

It’s cold outside and I’ve been cooped up all day in the apartment. No need to go out though stretching my legs seems like a good enough excuse. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day and I am thinking about heading into the office to take care of some dirty stuff.

That means cleaning out the bamboo stalks from the algae covered rocks in a few vases in the office. It’s a messy job and I’m thinking that tomorrow would be perfect since no one will be in and I can do it at my own pace. It’s basically a pain in the ass.

Well I just got back from a short walk to the store. It’s certainly cold out, but I enjoyed just being outside. Broke up the day somewhat. Nothing else planned for today or rather, tonight. More sitting around the apartment seems likely. But tomorrow, tomorrow I will go out. This much I know.

I Feel It All

Well since I doubt if I’m going to get a chance to write this later at home, I figured I would start now while still rearranging the deck chairs. Woke up at the usual time this morning, 6:30 and wondered why would I be in a hurry to get to work.

There was a chance that Tom Chin might be in, that rare Friday, but he said only in the morning. I had a plan to leave work around 3:00 like I usually do on Fridays, but decided against it.

I knew I would be going to attend the ‘Irish wake’ at Farfetched tonight and rather than go home and then come back into the city, I decided an extra hour of sleep would suit me fine.

I would go into work later than usual and stay later than usual and head down to Farfetched. I also wanted to be in the office since it was Trudy’s last day. Once again nothing that she has done, just the economy is such that the charitable foundation couldn’t afford her to come in four days a week.

They offered her two days a week but really, who can live and work on two days a week? So she asked them to let her go and since it’s the end of the month its ‘good bye Trudy’.

She works with a woman named Debra and I was asked to join them for lunch which I did. A new restaurant in the next building. Italian food, nice décor, but we sat in the upper level which ascetically was nice but in reality we were that much closer to the ceiling which meant it was over warm and quite stuffy.

I had the chicken picata by the way which was ok though I should have ordered a side dish of pasta since this was just two pieces of chicken in a lemon sauce with capers. Hit the spot in any event.

Now it’s 4:30. I was planning on staying until 6:00 but Vivek just walked through the door, stressed and I certainly don’t want to deal with that, not on a Friday afternoon about to go to a party of sorts.

Just finished talking with Vivek, he’s stressed of course but in a good mood. His partner is planning an extravagant birthday weekend for himself so I guess there should be an all points bulletin for two rowdy Indian guys on the loose in Manhattan. Mothers lock up your daughters!

Trudy just gave me a weepy hug, thanking me for being her friend since she started working here. She’s a wonderful woman, from Northern Ireland. A real sweetheart who will be missed and not only by me.

She’s another friend I have to keep an ear open regarding jobs, if I hear of anything. So much of that going around I can only hope my ears are big enough since I know my arse is big enough.

I’m sure I will fill you all in with details and pics from the Farfetched finale.

Start to Move

Like Dinah Washington sang, What a Difference a Day Makes. Yesterday at this time, well, yesterday at this time I was just getting home. Now I’ve been home for almost an hour. Different characters today. Vivek was in the office when I came in, and he quickly left the stage to attend some meeting somewhere.

Greg Stevens made it in as did Tom Chin who was surprisingly understanding. A lot of the shit that I had to deal with regarding Vivek was quickly cleared up since he had the files. Greg Stevens and I talked quite a bit today and he mentioned that he thought Vivek might be bi-polar, or it could just be the stress of being a managing director in these dire economic times. Possibly both. Greg Stevens will now be out on Mondays and Fridays and more than likely will not be performing in the Sunday matinée.

Last night I was just frazzled by the days events. Watched Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Harpy called during Rachel Maddow and he was a garrulous as ever, a bit annoying at that. Not that he’s annoying, he’s generally amusing, but he kept stepping on my lines and if he was in front of me I would have throttled him.

That’s right, I would have throttled Harpy, in fact I had a ruler handy and could have throttled him to within an inch of his life. But instead I just let him go on and on and ended his phone chat on a relatively up note.

I did feel better watching Flight of the Conchords. Some Dewars helped too. I think Jemaine would make a better male prostitute than Brett. Went to bed at a decent hour and woke up with a feeling of dread.

So much so that every step I took from the bus terminal to the office was filled with me imagining a confrontation between Tom Chin and myself. I should have written the lines from the imaginary confrontation down, they were that good.

A few years ago when Bill and I were in a rough patch in our relationship and we were having a late night discussion about things in bed with the lights out. I was saying such profound lines and I felt then I should have been writing them down but I figured I would remember them the next morning which of course by then I had forgotten all the lines.

Tonight I took the Path train home and was able to finish the John Lennon biography by Phillip Norman. It was good and ended as sadly as I remembered. The epilogue was an interview with Sean Lennon who mentioned that when he was 5 years old he had no idea what was going on, why his house was filled with such dour people and where was his father, what were all these people doing outside the Dakota singing songs and crying?

He mentioned that it took him some time to actually listen to his father’s music both solo and with the Beatles and how jealous he was of the world who had known of his father a lot longer than he did for 5 years.

I’m just glad that today wasn’t so bad after all. And I did enjoy a Padron on the way to the train. The Lennon bio was a day late and cost me $0.20. Now it’s onto Sarah Vowell, The Wordy Shipmates.


Everything’s Alright

Well it’s Monday again. It was a pretty good weekend. Cigars and bourbon on Friday, Chaz’ party on Saturday and yesterday a whole lot of nothing. I only went out for a little while yesterday afternoon, a trip to CVS to pick up various items and that was it. That was all I wanted to do with the world.

Not because of anything in particular, just a low key day. I did watch the Golden Globes from start to finish. Good to see Bruce Springsteen win an award and giggling on stage. Tina Fey is great and won her well deserved awards.

I am itching to see Slumdog Millionaire and Bill wants to see The Wrestler so I guess that’s where we’ll be somewhere down the line. We usually get the ‘let’s go to the movies’ bug around this time of year. Hype from the award shows does the trick.

Bill has discount passes for the movies which would make it more enticing as well as affordable. He has to get the passes though. It’s convenient since the movie theaters are right by the bus terminal. NO movie theaters in Hoboken, yet.

At work last week Vivek mentioned how good Slumdog Millionaire was and today he said I should go to 28th and Lexington where I could by the DVD for $5.00. He also mentioned that it might not be released in India due to the fact that Indians don’t like to see themselves portrayed in such a bad light, what with the abject poverty and violence.

He also mentioned that Indians tend to be a bit straight laced, just look at the reaction they gave to Richard Gere kissing that Indian actress at a press conference.

Or maybe everyone just feels that way towards Richard Gere. I know I did about 10 years ago when he was online in front of me at Tower Records, snapping up the last Story of Jamaican Music boxed set. He was talking to a friend about ‘How much Cindy was going to like it’. That was when he was married to Cindy Crawford. Julio was there with me so if you don’t believe me you can ask him.

Today was just like any other Monday. Getting up was a chore though. Most Monday’s are. Nothing special to report, a few errands here and there, a salad for lunch. All very hum drum. I did run into Scott Harbison on the bus tonight. He got on in Hoboken two stops before I was getting off.

It was good to see him. He’s on the wagon and working with the Hoboken Leonard Cohen, Lew Carbone. I have a feeling Lew Carbone Googles his name so I intentionally misspelled his name to see how far he will search.

I call him the Hoboken Leonard Cohen since he’s an older gent, an artist and always has a beautiful woman nearby. I don’t think he’s a Lothario, just that he enjoys the company of good looking women, much like Leonard Cohen.

I don’t know Lew Carbone at all, just seen him around town for the past 20 years or so. I could be totally wrong, but I think my point of view is so much more interesting.

That’s what I should do, take people I don’t know, just know about and write totally false things about them. Like how Jerri Fallow is a licensed truck driver who killed a man in South Dakota and is wanted on several bench warrants.

She’s crazy that Jerri Fallow. It is said that the man she killed only offered her a sandwich which apparently drove her over the edge.

So sad. So damn sad.

on the other hand….

Look Alive

Just got off the phone with Bill. It’s 11:37AM. Bill’s at work, I am not. He was just going off about how lucky I am to be able to go to work when I feel like it this week. My eyes rolled as I heard him say that and I needed to tell him what was what.

Yesterday while at work I sent him an Outlook invitation that I had posted in November and as a note on the invitation I wrote, ‘SEE? I am supposed to be out until Friday’. He got the invite but didn’t read it.

So technically I am off of work this week, as planned, as approved over a month ago by the managing director, the president of the company and the chief financial officer. Those are the other three people in the company- Vivek, Greg Stevens and Tom Chin.

I also explained that yes I am off and yes I am stopping by the office to take care of whatever odds and sods there might be, and no- I don’t have to do it.

I do it because I don’t want a pile of crap to deal with on Monday January 5. Plus it looks good that I am showing up when I don’t have to. So a few hours yesterday, maybe an hour tomorrow, maybe an hour on Friday…I wouldn’t say that I have the week off, would you?

A week off would be nice, but what would be nicer is a week off with someone to spend a week off with. I don’t have that.

Sorry but I was crabby when I talked to Bill about having the day off.

I am amazed sometimes at how I can change my mind. This afternoon I was all set to head into the city, just to wander around. I was all set, had the Lennon bio in my bag, some water, my bus pass and the latest New Yorker and my camera.

As I walked up towards Washington Street I realized that there really isn’t any good reason to head into the city, especially since I’m planning on going into the office tomorrow and anything that I wanted to do today, could be done tomorrow.

So I walked down Washington Street, talked to my sister on the phone, letting her know that her brownies and cookies arrived finally.

There’s also a gingerbread man in one of the containers. The gingerbread man looks horrified, as if he knows how it will end for him. As soon as you open the container, there he is under the wax paper with a look of anguish.

I walked over to Barnes and Nobel and farted around in there, bought a new calendar and walked home listening to the Kinks.

I really hope next year will be an improvement but I also think that it’s going to be tougher than it’s been this past year. Prices gone up, products shrinking and now I have a few friends out of work.

It seems inevitable that I will join their ranks but according to Vivek that won’t be until March 2010, and that will be here before you or I know it. Anything is possible of course. Gotta save some money this year while I still can!

I think everyone should take a nap at some point in the day. We can call it, ‘Siesta!’