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Move On

It’s been a quiet day. Woke up to pouring rain which meant no visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Harpy. I put the kibosh on that one. Just didn’t want to deal with the rain.

And it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, with Sunday just a threat of rain. That means on Sunday I might be able to see Excer’s band playing the band shell in Central Park. And Grizzly Bear is doing a free show in Williamsburg on Sunday night.

Dare I do both? Dare I?

I did make plans again with Harpy, this time I suggested the American Museum of Natural History. It’s an easier trip for Harpy, being on the West Side. And I reserved a museum pass from the Hoboken Library, good for one day which will be Monday. With or without the permission of the weather.

I just got choked up watching Jean Kennedy Smith describing the tribute to her brother Ted.

Last night Bill came home out of sorts, claiming to be very ill and not really making much sense. He attributed it to going in and out of various office climates and the heat on the street.

I tried telling him that he might be overdoing it (and he has) and not eating right.

Some people might get a chuckle out of someone like me commenting on what someone else is eating, but having gotten to 46 and having various people in my life telling me about the importance of diet I did actually listen.

Annemarie, Rex and Earl are all vegetarians, Julio was for a while and I did live with William for 11 years and he was thisclose to being macro-biotic. Last heard he was all about raw foods. And Rand & Lisa are 99.9% veggie.

So I tried to impart my cobbled together wisdom on eating right, without nagging but it fell on deaf ears mainly. I did mention it this morning once again with Bill on Google chat and he said it was a comfort.

Like me and my flirtations with certain jazz cigarettes from time to time. But I reminded him that this wasn’t about me, it was about him. It was best to let the chat end soon after that.

Like my friends and family wanted for me, I wanted the same for Bill. And like how I resented at the time to be ‘lectured’ on what I was eating, Bill probably resented me for doing the same.

I guess since I eventually came around somewhat and modified my diet, I can only hope Bill will do the same before it becomes too late.

I spent some time with Casey and the missus this afternoon. They’ve moving away tomorrow and were all packed up. I’m going to miss them. I wish we were able to spend more time together, but that’s adulthood I suppose.

That's him, Casey Chasm

That's him, Casey Chasm

People move up and away all the time. Sometimes you reconnect, sometimes you don’t. I certainly hope we all reconnect. But the Chasms read this frequently so perhaps they’ll post a comment every now and then.

So that is that. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Since it’s supposed to be rainy tomorrow, I picked up Woody Allen’s Manhattan, Mel Brooks High Anxiety and a vampire movie which is supposed to be one of the best ever made, Let the Right One In. Should make for an interesting viewing.