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I Ain’t Done Wrong

Another day off. Yesterday was a day on, I suppose. I worked with Calvin, getting to the cigar shack before 10:30 and finding that Calvin had been there since 9:30 so he could have a cup of coffee and enjoy a cigar. Scary to think that that is his life.

It was an interesting day. I tried to tell myself that I wouldn’t say anything about the Bradley only to spill my guts when Calvin asked me how it was working with the Bradley the day before. I can’t say Calvin was surprised by what I told him about the Bradley.

I figured that whatever happened between the Bradley and myself would stay between the Bradley and myself, but that was not to be. I found out from Calvin that the Bradley regularly spills the beans about my interactions with customers and not in a favorable light. We agreed that the Bradley is gunning for a management position which means that the Calvin should better beware.

The night before when I came home I was pretty tired from trying to avoid the Bradley. I fell asleep around the usual time but could not fall asleep as fast as I would have liked. My knee was still bothering me despite putting a pillow between my knees. Also the fact that Bill wasn’t home made for an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

At one point as I lay in the bed, I decided to stretch my left leg. That caused a cramp in my calf. That was followed by a Charley Horse which took me by surprised but I massaged it away. I was not counting on about 4 other Charley Horses to occur. I felt each one, each starting off small and slowly then rapidly turning into a major pain in my thigh.

After massaging them away I walked it off, doing my best to get around the apartment. My Leggy Mountbatten impersonation is getting better each day. I took some ibuprofen and was able to sleep for a short while until Bill’s iTouch alarm went off about an hour later.

I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off though I tried. It went off again and I picked it up, got out of bed and put it in the TV room. All in all I was able to get about 3 hours of deep sleep. Not nearly enough but I got through the day.

Working with Calvin wasn’t so bad. He was busy doing his thing and I took care of as many customers as I could. It was a shorter day than usual and midway through I started to crash, likely from not enough sleep. I cleaned and counted the money, reconciling my drawer.

Calvin was going to stay, probably to have another cigar and allowed me to leave early. I made it to the bus terminal, limping down the stairs. Not too long of a wait, the longer wait was at the gate for the bus with no order just a mass of people all trying to get on the bus at the same time.

I came home, after climbing the four flights of stairs and found Bill fast asleep in the bed. I watched some TV, not much on that was entertaining.

Bill got up for a few minutes while I was engrossed in Miss Lazy Teat Greg’s latest tea bagging rant. I was a bit upset at what the tea bagger wrote, or what I perceive as a tea bagger. I guess it had inside information from my doctor, knowing that nothing was wrong with my knee though there actually is.

What is wrong is unknown, what is known is that it isn’t a cyst which is a relief to me, a blind spot to Miss Lazy Teat. I sent it an email asking that it would not read the blog anymore. Whether or not it stops reading it (or having it read to them), I won’t know unless it responds. No response will make it easily forgettable. In case you didn’t read its last rant, here it is from the previous entry’s comments:

Let me get this straight. You wasted insurance dollars and valuable Dr time to hear you are fine but still your immediate response is a free pass through workers comp? Even though a Dr confirmed you are not injured.You wonder why people think you are exploiting the system? If you would put as much effort at being good at your job as you do in whining and trying to cheat the system you could be more productive like the bradley.

I didn’t think I was wasting insurance dollars and valuable doctor time. I didn’t know I was ‘fine’ I still don’t think I am ‘fine’. If getting a ‘free pass’ through Worker’s Compensation was as easy as Miss Lazy Teat Greg thinks I am sure there would be a lot more people on the compensation teat. I can only guess that Miss Lazy Teat Greg wears knee pads when being tea bagged.

I should really stop answering ‘controls’.

a nice bloke who let me strum the Les Paul he just bought for his son

I Need to Know

OK, slept good last night, didn’t have a headache when I woke up. Carefully positioned the fans so they weren’t blowing directly on me.

Didn’t fall asleep that easily though. I keep ignoring my own advice, which is- if you can’t fall asleep, get out of bed. Don’t just lay there tossing and turning. Yet tossing and turning is what I do.

Last night was definitely nothing special. I watched some of the smarmy Bill Maher, watched some of O & RM, watched the news and watched the Simpsons. That’s about it.

My Bill was feeling better with regards to his leg so that was good. I woke up this morning and got myself together, headed out to the bus.

Mostly uneventful, the usual carbon based life forms exhaling CO2. Listened to The Fireman on the walk across town.

Nice morning walk. Got to the office, things were in disarray which is how things usually are when I’m out. But this disarray was from the intern Viveka.

Yes, as I expected they’re working her to the bone. In at 10AM out around 9PM if she’s lucky. Patriarchal system. She doesn’t complain.

I doubt that she’s getting paid a decent wage since she told me she was looking to get a retail job on weekends. She’s 20 something so she’ll have the stamina for that.

7 days of work. Not much of a social life though, but she feels she doesn’t have one now.

Viveka has been taking over my job so when I came to work today, there was very little for me to do which makes me think that the collection of chocolate mousse cakes will be ending soon enough.

That doesn’t make me happy, but I should have known that it wasn’t going to last too long anyhow. I was annoyed by this and a little bit depressed.

Enough so that I almost left 2 hours after coming in. I shouldn’t have been surprised since I’ve been showing her the different tasks that I have been doing for the past years. But obviously I didn’t think the change would be so soon.

I’m not giving up yet, and I’ll use the suggestion that my sister had at the Paul McCartney concert. Stay there until they ask you to move.

At least I should get some hamburger deluxe & a shake for the 10 hours I put in this week so far, and maybe for 5 more hours tomorrow.

Tonight I may head into Weehawken. There’s a band called the Revelators who I downloaded a few months ago. R&B group playing 1960’s-70’s type of soul music.

Just debating whether or not to ride my bike or walk or even take the light rail. I might just take the light rail there and walk home. It’s my only plan for the night.

Still have some time to make up my mind.

Just had a nice pesto/pasta/chicken dinner. Followed my sister’s advice (again) and cooked the chicken yesterday so all I have to do is reheat it in the sauce. Why didn’t I think of that before?

Falling Dub

8:00PM and I finally feel awake. Last night was different. Home by myself most of the night, Bill asked that I get his amplifier, keyboard and keyboard stand ready for him to take to Harlem. He’s starting a jazz combo with someone he works with. I did all that, moved the big ass amplifier and out it in the hall, got the keyboard in a carry bag and dusted off the keyboard stand.

Bill came home and started playing the keyboard with an extension cord leading into the hallway so the whole building got to hear Bill’s doodling on the keys. I don’t know how it sounded on the floors below us, but here it was loud, louder than Keith Olbermann. When Rachel Maddow came on I had to request that Bill turn it down. Bill moved the amplifier downstairs then went out and got a Zip Car.

I carried the keyboard and the stand downstairs when he showed up with the car. Then I was back to doing whatever it was that I was doing. He came home an hour later and was in a weird state of mind. I just went to bed. It was cooler out and no more need for the air conditioner. I don’t know what time Bill went to bed, but he did wake me up while looking for the comforter.

The comforter did help though, but it was an uneasy night of sleeping for me. Since I gave up drinking soda I’ve been drinking a lot of cranberry juice which meant a few stops to the loo. Woke up at 6:00, Bill still in bed. He was going to work, but not at his usual time which in turn set my morning routine askew.

Of course he got out of bed and started getting his clothes ready as I was trying to get dressed which did not help my state of mind. I was only a few minutes late and tried to read the New Yorker while trying to stay awake. Made it across town listening to some heavy Dub music from Tappa Zukie. I love Dub, but I guess it wasn’t the high energy that I actually required.

Got to the office, one of our subtenants asked me if I smelled cigarette smoke. I mentioned that I smoked but he said it smelled before I came in. He was there at 6:30. I wandered around and sure enough it smelled like cigarettes, especially in Vivek, the managing directors office. I told Vivek when he came in that it smelled like his buddy’s cigarettes.

Not the Gauloises like I smoke but dried out, chemically treated Marlboro Lights. It turned out I was right, it was his buddy. We’re trying to get Vivek’s buddy out of the office since he’s been squatting in an office and he doesn’t contribute anything or pay rent. That’s now my task to kick him out and perhaps put him in a cubicle which I’m sure he’s not going to go for.

I also sold my ticket for My Bloody Valentine (MBV) through Craigslist. I listed it yesterday and there were quite a few others selling or trading tickets. I got three inquiries yesterday and a few today. The first contact from yesterday didn’t respond to an email, so I went to number two who yesterday seemed interested.

This morning, she didn’t respond to a couple of emails until later when she told me she got a ticket already. So I went to number three and arranged to meet him downtown by Union Square. Got there with no problem, stationed myself outside the Virgin Mega Store. John Hunter showed up a few minutes later and we chatted briefly about MBV.

I explained that I had seen MBV in 1991 and they were great but it promised to be the same show since there really isn’t anything new released. I guess it’s a show for those who missed them the first time around. My excuse for not going was that there was no one to go with. He was a nice guy and chuckled when I gave him a pair of foam ear plugs.

I went into Virgin and bought the new Raphael Saadiq cd since the free download from FYE was bogus. It was in an ad in the Village Voice, go to FYE enter the code and you get a free download of the album. Well it didn’t work on Wednesday or Thursday and today FYE said I exhausted my downloads when I didn’t get any.

Small potatoes I know, and I preferred to have a hard copy anyhow. And it’s a really good record, worth checking out if you’re interested in what’s going on in today’s R&B. It’s a little retro but contemporary. If you’re so inclined and if you have better luck that I did, got to the FYE website and check digital downloads, the code in raphaelsaadiq.

McCrazy is still a fucking asshole by the way. Blaming Obama for the current crisis, when Obama was calling for regulations while McCrazy was all for deregulations. I really hope people aren’t stupid and remember this come November. McCrazy to his credit, for an old man he certainly has a raging hard on for the presidency and will do or say anything to get there. If he’s this dangerous now, how bad will he be should he get elected?

McCain + Palin = McPain.

Anyway, here’s some pics of today’s New Yorkers.
Smiley Suit


Wash out

The lure of Sabrett

Ooh! Double Breasted Pinstripes!

I love that suit!

Ersatz Ashley Olsen with Radioactive man

Space Worms!

He thought it was an ice cream truck

Mr and Mrs Tourist

NO kicking of the flowers! NO stopping and smelling!

Have an advert