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I guess I’m a touch hungover from last night. Must have been the 3 Absolut shots that I had. There’s nothing like a nap to correct that situation somewhat. And nap is what I did. Apparently I had a leg up on Rand who phoned earlier.

He was surprised that I had been out and about already. Around 10:00 I was getting coffee, bagels and the paper as well as a trip to the supermarket. On only a half cup of coffee I was surprisingly human. No need for homicide. Relatively coherent too.

But all things being equal (whatever that means) it took a toll and I sit around the apartment so far watching the rain fall down on this humdrum town, morosely. The weather certainly lending itself to that mood.

So a 20 minute nap was a reboot which might have done the job. So much so that I put on a pair of shoes since the sneaker I wore this morning had gotten a bit wet. Also heard from Casey Chasm, trying to entice me to move up to South Burlington with Bill so we could get married, as if that was in our plans.

I didn’t mention that that wasn’t in the plans as far as I knew. The topic hasn’t come up in a long time and why should we risk losing an imperfect relationship?

I guess jaded and cynical is the theme thus far.

Casey said everyone was fine, the missus and the baby both doing well.

It’s now a few hours after all that. I heard from Rand asking if I was interested in seeing Leon Russell play the Hoboken Art & Music Fall Festival. I was ambivalent and so was Rand, but he wanted to see what Elton John saw in Leon Russell back in those early 1970’s.

Elton said Leon was a major influence. So I called Rand and made plans to meet him at 7th and Washington. I had a big cigar and walked up to Washington St. Julio and Stine were out there with the baby somewhere and I thought I would see them but perhaps they saw me first.

Due to the foreboding weather it certainly wasn’t that crowded, but then again there was the stroller set out in full force taking up much space. People used to have babies in Hoboken then move out to the suburbs. Now, they stay.

Rand and I walked towards where Leon Russell was playing some rock and roll standards. Where we stood I thought the dark figure on the left of the stage was Leon Russell and it wasn’t until towards the end of the show that I looked to the right (it was a bit crowded) when I saw the actual Leon Russell long white hair underneath a cowboy hat and wearing shades singing ‘A Song for You’.

He did Great Balls of Fire and Roll Over Beethoven as an encore and before the last note faded away he was probably on a bus headed to the next gig.

Rand and I saw Rob La Rosa and also Roger Johansen and his wife Dina. Small talk with all of them, Roger saying he smelled a cigar and figured I was nearby. Funny thing is there are usually quite a few guys smoking cigars during the festival but Roger sussed me out.

Rand showed me some footage he shot last night at Duet, the Karaoke place. Lisa and myself singing a duet of Madonna’s Borderline. I was definitely having a good time on the recording though I think I sounded better singing Jimi Hendrix.

Also footage of various Hoppes and offshoots singing Twist and Shout. We must have had a good time, Rand and I. How else can we explain our hungover natures today?

I am also happy to say Juan’s broken heart has healed.

Here are the pics from this afternoon at the Hoboken Art & Music Fall Festival.



9.27.09 Hoboken 003

I almost wore the same thing as the second from right.

I almost wore the same thing as the second from right.

9.27.09 Hoboken 007

9.27.09 Hoboken 008

9.27.09 Hoboken 010

9.27.09 Hoboken 012

9.27.09 Hoboken 013

Rand's cheek

Rand's cheek

An old lady, dressed as an old lady which is something you just don't see anymore

An old lady, dressed as an old lady which is something you just don't see anymore

He was actually told to get off his bike by his mom and this is his dismount.  True story.

He was actually told to get off his bike by his mom and this is his dismount. True story.

irresistible force meets an immovable object

irresistible force meets an immovable object

9.27.09 Hoboken 034

Leon Russell

Leon Russell

NOT Leon Russell

NOT Leon Russell

playing air congas

playing air congas

A profile, perfect for coinage.

A profile, perfect for coinage.

9.27.09 Hoboken 056

The People Tree

Yes the days are blurring into each other lately. I’m pretty sure that today is Thor’s Day so we should all raise out hammers towards the sky and thank the son of one eyed Odin for the bounty of words that are in front of your mortal eyes as his goat led chariot flies in the sky.

Glad to have gotten that out of the way.

Last night was a very cool night. Full moon, Pier 13, good bands. The Fave, Karen Kuhl and Lloyd United played. Apparently according to the Lloyd United webpage, Las Vandelays played as well but I missed them.

The Fave are the offspring of Joe Della Fave, a Hoboken mayoral candidate in the 1980’s. They were OK. Next up was Karen Kuhl, formerly of Gutbank and Sexpod, who just keeps getting better and better. Bluesy almost.

Alice Genese played bass and sang back up. Karen was thrilled to see me and gave me a big hug after the show.

I love Karen, she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. So is Alice for that matter. Hard to believe but they’ve been playing together on and off for 20 years.

Lloyd United was a definite surprise. They reminded me of the Pogues somewhat. Irish drinking songs usually do the trick. I think I would see them again if given the chance.

I wonder if God Abramson ever booked them at McSwells. I have my doubts that they did but if anyone could set the record straight, I’d like to know.

I had a few beers. They were $4.00 a pop, not $2.00 which I thought for some reason, plus a buck when they passed the bucket.

I finally introduced myself to Rob La Rosa who was a McSwells regular back in the day. Always saw him, never spoke until last night, even though we have many mutual friends. Turns out he’s a nice guy and gets my jokes, which for me is always a plus.

Jared Nickerson also turned up. I actually ran into him on the bus the day before and he told me about it. He’s still playing bass. He used to be in Human Switchboard and JJ Jumpers as well as a few other bands that I can’t remember. He also went out with Ann Boyles back in the day.

Jared was there to see Karen play and then he split. Rand and Lisa were there as well and stayed to catch Lloyd United.

It was a beautiful night on the river. Tonight they’re having a reggae band, Skyrockers Reggae Band. I have no idea who or what they are, but I might check them out if and when I take a walk. I just hope it’s not the Legend album and only the Legend album.

It’s been an interesting day so far. I walked around Hoboken and sat on a bench by the river and continued to read, The Low Side of the Road, the Tom Waits unauthorized biography by Barney Hoskyns.

But as I sat there, the fact that I didn’t eat lunch started to wear me down so I came home and ate a late lunch/early dinner. I feel better now but it’s amazing how I crash when I skip a meal.

Congratulations to Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotamayor.

And Rest in Peace, Snoop. Pedro’s pal of 14 years.