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I Need You Baby (Mona)

Another day, another day with a very good chance of rain. Well it has come and gone and will come again. Yesterday was a lot of fun with Rand, wandering around the Lower East Side and the East Village, finally coming back to Hoboken for a few pints. All out of the ordinary things that I used to do frequently. And tomorrow should be an interesting adventure as well, at least that’s how it reads now. Last night was an easy write, thanks to the pints. I was buzzing along quite nicely and knocked off quite a number of words, surpassing my daily quota.

And now this, this is actually the second thing I have written today. I wrote another entry which I will hold in reserve, waiting to see how things turn out. More than likely it will be posted on Saturday, which will make it a week since something was done. I know, cryptic, right? Well what I wrote proved to be so easy and a bit accusatory, so I am being generous towards a certain party, giving them enough time to reply- yea or nay. I even have an idea which should be interesting should I act upon it.

Today has been relatively OK. Not much going on in Hoboken as usual. Got some nice compliments from some cigar aficionados about something I posted. It was good for the ego I guess. Of course it only works when you’re in front of the computer screen reading their kind words. The photos of me smoking a cigar in front of Jack Kirby’s birthplace went over well. And these cigar aficionados are concerned about my job search, they’re hoping that I get back in the cigar world, but that is not going to happen. I am happy to buy my cigars online.

Another nail in the coffin for those bricks and mortar stores, or those glass walled establishments. Even while working at the cigar shack, I would occasionally order my cigars online, for a few dollars more than the discount I was getting. I knew that the future of that business would soon be an online experience and when I said so I felt a bit like Billy Mitchell (1920’s version of GZA). Yes, there was a bit of Cassandra in my wording and I guess I was ignored out of fear rather than anyone taking the appropriate steps in meeting the challenge head on.

Forewarned should be forearmed but in that situation I spoke to limbless trees. And I do not mean to denigrate trees in any way. I guess I never did thank the marsupial for supplying me with Xanax from time to time, I mean- he did suggest that the dosage he was giving me was higher than I usually took, saying he didn’t want me nodding off in the humidor. Thanks!

A phone call and now there is drama with regards to photos I posted from either my birthday picnic or in the scanned photos I posted for Chaz. Someone wrote something rude about someone in the photos and Chaz just called me with concern about it. I didn’t see anything and Chaz does not have easy access to the computer. He’ll check tomorrow for things that I may have overlooked a minute ago. I suppose there is always some kind of drama going on, sometimes I am in the thick of it, sometimes I am waiting in the wings and sometimes I am merely sitting in the audience.

I also have to post how excited I get when I see musicians and writers I like and admire, post comments on my Facebook things. Really groovy man…

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