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Love of the Loved

A beautiful Sunday. My My My, beautiful day, would you say say say say that you love me? Oh my my my it’s a beautiful day. How’s that for a trip back to the early 1970’s? Worked for me. It really is a beautiful day. Yesterday was quite humid in between thunderstorms. Before I get into what I watched last night, I neglected to mention how good Lost was the other night.

2 hour season finale and I have to say not only is Kate hot (on the island at least) Sawyer is really hot. Such a bad boy. A very good cliffhanger, worth watching again. It was probably the best episode out of all the dramas on television this past season. Do any of you watch Lost? Would you tell me what you thought?

Last night I watched La Vie En Rose, the bio-pic of Edith Piaf. Very good, harrowing. My only wish was that it was told more in a linear style rather than jumping to the recent past, the far past and then the present. But Marion Cotillard was very good, a remarkable performance worthy of an Academy Award.

After that I wound up watching a remake of The Andromeda Strain with Benjamin Bratt and Ricky Schroeder. It was hard to follow since Jordan from Scrubs and Gin from Lost had supporting roles and I kept expecting them to fall back into those characters. It was 1:00 in the morning and I was reading Beautiful Boy at the same time. Eventually I could barely keep my eyes open and fell into a deep sleep.

Woke up refreshed this morning, a bright sunny morning. I rustled myself out of bed and had a cuppa before heading out to get bagels and whatnot. Bagel store was crowded, all it takes are couples clinging to each other and a baby stroller and the line is out onto the sidewalk. Had a run in myself with a couple.

I ordered my bagels, asking them to put Julio and Stine’s in a separate bag which usually confounds the counter person. Next to me at the register were a couple and the girl was insisting that I had her bagels that she paid for. Her boyfriend was trying to calm her down as I was explaining that these were my bagels and I just paid for them.

Yes she was an idiot and since I had my coffee before going out, she was a very lucky idiot. I could have sworn she was going to follow me out the door but I guess her lackey boyfriend was holding her back as her bagels were in front of her after all.

After watching some of the Sunday morning news shows and getting upset with Clinton’s people saying that she should be the nominee after all, despite her agreeing with Obama that Michigan and Florida primary votes be counted. due to those states moving their primary dates ahead.

Then there are the Clinton supporters swearing that they would vote for McCain instead of Obama should the nomination justifiably go to Obama. This is what will give the presidency to McCain. I know if Clinton got the nomination, I wouldn’t be happy about it but would still give her my vote since I cannot ever vote republican. Bah!

I also watched I’m Not There this afternoon. I enjoyed that more than I expected to. Like La Vie En Rose, it was all over the place time wise, but with different actors portraying Bob Dylan. Cate Blanchett was the best Dylan, though they were all very good, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, but Ben Whishaw and Marcus Carl Franklin were both stand out performances as well.

Funny to see Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth and Julianne Moore (no relation to Thurston) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Serge) each portraying women from the Dylan’s past. I only had disc 1 so I don’t know what disc 2 contained, I could only hope they were better than the extras on the disc I had, just text from articles about the film. Looking back, I think the dvd’s that I’ve watched this weekend all had people in it that were strung out on methamphetamine at some point in their lives.


And to finish on an Up note, here are some recent pics from an hour ago of the king of the third floor, Alexander Lopez!

\"Enough with the pictures\" said Alexander, \'Goo goo ga ga!\"
“Enough with the pictures,” Alexander muttered, “goo goo ga ga!”

and this…