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I Had the Craziest Dream

Yes I am tired. Yes I went to work today. Yes it snowed quite a bit last night. Not enough for the NJ Transit system to stop running, not enough to slow down the bus and train schedules. I took my time getting ready for work, walking to the bus stop.

The bus filled up enough with what seemed to be people like me who did not want to go to work today. That was one of the rare times where I identify with the other riders. Most of the time I don’t like them, I don’t care for them and think they’re stupid.

Sometimes it seems like I am on a bus tour to Bala Cynwyd.

A song popped into my head as I rode the bus, and I did my best to duplicate the song in a voice message to Bill’s iPhone. He didn’t know what song it was but I eventually figured it out with his help, the song being Birdland by Weather Report.

I thought of Stanley Siegel whom had Birdland as his theme song for his talk show I think in the 1970’s. That made me think of a major storm in maybe 1975, things shut down, my father not going to work. Me and himself, trekking in the snow to the Lodi A&P to get who knows what. I think my mother was working.

My sister in law Elaine made an appearance, living a block or so away with Frank on Main Street. She gave me a book about the Who which I thought was cool. I more than likely had something to eat before heading out with a sled and heading down Gunther Avenue and wiping out before spilling onto Main Street.

Wilson Street was more of a daredevil street, a steeper hill and a few hills where we would literally go flying a few feet in the air.

I just had a thought, if there were any kids in that neighborhood and if so, do they take their sleds down those hills. It seemed like a personal hill for me and my friends, no other kids from other neighborhoods would go sledding down Gunther Avenue or Wilson Street.

Such carefree times.

Now I commute into the city to a job I don’t particularly care for, no hills for sledding anymore. It was a long day at the cigar shop. Not much foot traffic in the cigar shop area. A lot of people either had the day off or took the day off, opting not to bother with the frozen mess.

It was Calvin and I mostly, with Sean coming in mid-afternoon. I decided to treat myself, a reward for making it in. I went to Whole Foods and had a Shepard’s Pie. I never had it before but it had loomed in my mental menu for the past few days.

I had to find where they made hot foods and took a chance and got a Shepard’s Pie. I was wary since I never had one before and if I didn’t like it, then I would have thrown good money away. But I bought it, and I liked it and will probably have it again.

It certainly was a hearty meal. I had an early lunch and 6 hours later, I was still satisfied with what I had for lunch.




Well it’s Monday yet again. Not thrilled about it but I feel I have a new lease on life job-wise. And I’m also convinced Tom Chin is a stupid asshole. But that’s neither here nor there. Last night, came home after wandering aimlessly around Fun City. Had some ravioli and watched a few seconds of the Super Bowl. Scrubs was on and I decided to watch that instead. Though I’ve probably seen most of the episodes, I preferred it to watching football.

Never enjoyed watching it, though I used to play in the street on Gunther Avenue in Lodi. Just touch football, counting Mississippi, and no clearly defined boundaries, as well as an occasional timeout so that cars could pass, but besides looking at big men in tights, there was little else to hold my interest while watching a game on TV or at Giants Stadium where I was often dragged to. And I always hear about the commercials during the Super Bowl but they’re never on when I watch, or they’re on, and the fact that they are commercials, I tune them right out. I’m sure they will be repeated ad infinitum, though I did try watching a few of them online, but they were pulled off whatever website I was attempting to watch.

I did watch Pioneers of Television a series of shows about the history of television. It’s been very entertaining, and a good way to lead up to The Wire. That was good, things are falling into place or falling all over the place, depending on what plot you are following. I was surprised that throughout the show, my sister Annemarie called me up with, ‘Did you see that play?’ I told her that I was watching The Wire. That didn’t stop her from calling every time something happened during the big game. It was a big deal around these parts since this is Giants country and Annemarie comes from a family of Giants fans it was justified I guess.

I tried watching via the Picture in Picture program on the TV screen but it was too distracting, especially when Omar got caught and almost killed if it weren’t for his sudden leap from a balcony 5 stories up. Somehow he got away, so we’ll see what happened to him next week. Watching the show you do hope Omar kills Marlo and soon since there’s only a handful of episodes left. After The Wire I finally tuned into the last 10 seconds of the Super Bowl.

The Giants were winning, the coach of the New England Patriots left the field and was headed to the locker room. A bunch of congratulatory speeches were made, a god was thanked a few times, because it would not have been possible if the god didn’t favor a football team from East Rutherford New Jersey, though labeled a New York team over a football team from Massachusetts. Yes, some god was on the side of the Mara family, not smiting the opposition, just sending them to the showers earlier than they had hoped. Then it was off to bed, falling asleep and waking up 6.5 hours later to go to work.

I was busy all day trying to find restaurants near the Hamptons so Greg Stevens could host a business lunch near one of his homes. It took a while since I don’t know the difference between Nassau and Suffolk counties, not that there is much difference between them. Found a few for Greg, did some inane tasks for Tom Chin and was hoping to get out early today only to have Vivek ask me to help him out with something that I offered to help him out with last week.

I didn’t leave the office until after 6:00, in time to get on a long line at the bus terminal. I didn’t mind much. The bus had only fifteen people on it when the driver was told to leave the gate. That made for a comfortable ride home, which is where I am at now. And I’m happy.

Yes We Can Can