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See Those Eyes

A beautiful day, gorgeous summer day, sun shining, a nice breeze. I went to work today, much to the surprise of everyone. Least of all myself. I wasn’t at 100% though. Last night I had a temperature of 98.8, or 98.4 which I though was close enough. After a night of uneasy sleeping, just couldn’t find the right groove I suppose. I did not heed my own advice, which is to get out of bed and do something else until you get tired.

So I laid in bed trying to get comfortable which I eventually did. Last night I actually ate some leftovers from Sunday which proved it wasn’t my cooking that made me sick. No one accused me of such a thing, but I was hungry and decided to find out for myself. It was the first actual meal that I had since Sunday and it didn’t make me sick.

Bill came home last night carrying juice which is the main drink of choice these days and we watched Keith Olbermann which we both seemed to be addicted to, despite the tone of his voice. He sounds like a sportscaster, and I don’t watch sports so I don’t get exposed to sportscasters often. I think he sounds like he’s bellowing all the time and his gushing over his friend, Jason Bateman last night was weird. He mentioned a few times, his friend Jason Bateman. I just hope Olbermann doesn’t get too smug though he seems to be leaning in that direction.

Been watching Weeds again and that’s been fun. So far 2 episodes and I don’t think it’s hit it’s stride yet. Nice touch with Albert Brooks playing Mary Louise Parker’s father in law, as well as Justin Kirk’s father. Justin Kirk rocks, if only for Angels in America. Also watched Diary of a Call Girl which is edgy and fun and follows Weeds. It’s about a London based call girl. Blimey!

At work there were things piling up from the past two days. I was able to knock them out with relative ease. It was the errands that proved taxing. I took my time but still it took it’s toll. It was warm as a summer morning should be and once or twice I found myself woozy. I sought shelter indoors and relaxed for a few minutes.

That was enough for me though. I came back to the office and let Tom Chin know that I was going home early. I was able to leave at 2:30 having finished my tasks by then and took the Path home, knowing that at that time, it wouldn’t be too crowded and I would be able to feel some much needed air conditioning.

Haven’t put in the air conditioning here at home yet. Haven’t really felt the need even though there was that killer heat wave a few weeks ago. We have two fans near the bed which does the job and having a photograph taken with them usually keeps them quiet. Hopefully when they see they’ve been posted in the blog, they’ll be quiet for the rest of the summer. Smell ya later.

Showing a sunny street shower on Sunday

Crazy clouds this morning

My fans


I don’t know what happened. Last night as the evening progressed I became really fatigued, my bones were aching and I had difficulty staying awake. Probably just like you as you read this blog day in and day out. Only this time it was me. I didn’t do much, just sat and read, telling myself I would go to bed at 10:00. After a half hour phone call with brother Frank, I went to sleep. Frank has been going through some tough times, the stroke, though mild, did a number on him. He thought he was out of the woods stroke wise, but he’s not. The damage caused still shows itself from time to time. He was telling me about something that happened last January, when he actually meant this January. Things like that. He’s stressed.

I was fading fast during the call though and as soon as I got off the phone I went to bed. I wore my sweatpants, a fleece top and got in bed under the comforter but I was still cold. Even burying myself under the sheets I was shivering. I eventually fell into a deep sleep, waking up at 6:00 this morning with my temperature around 99. I decided not to go to work which was a smart decision and slept for a few more hours. Woke up still crappy, went back to bed. Now it’s 5:30 and I’m feeling a lot better, and planning to go into work tomorrow.

I guess whatever it was, it was a 24 hour virus. I communicated with Lydia to see how she was doing. She was quite busy, Tom Chin going crazy without me there. I told her where to find some things she was looking for. She told me they were out of coffee and I headed out to Empire Coffee in Hoboken where I’ve been buying the office coffee. The girl who took care of me is someone I really don’t care for. The first time I dealt with her was last month.

She asked me what I wanted to get and I was looking over the selections of coffee in the store. Then she asked me to hurry up since she had been working there all day. That will forever set the tone for dealing with her. She bends over backwards to be nice and I remain aloof. There are nicer people in the store I would rather deal with, but the past two times it’s been her.

After getting coffee for the office, I headed home, ready to do nothing but recuperate. I am still going to see the Beckett play tomorrow at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and who knows? A touch of fever might help with the comprehension of the play. Getting hungry which is a good sign, I think I’m going to make some soup. Haven’t eaten much in the past 24 hours, so something light would be a good thing. I’m just glad to be feeling better than I did 24 hours ago. No chattering teeth tonight. Work tomorrow. I’m surprised I was able to write this much, and I’m sure you are too.