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Lights Out!

Nothing like a nice Sunday evening dinner. Even though it’s what eat almost every Sunday, tonight’s pasta and chicken tasted quite good. Very filling, enough so, that I might take a walk after I write this tonight to walk it off. (not in slippers! 7:47PM)

Right now, Bill is behind me watching NCAA basketball, talking about the Tar Heels and how Barack Obama played a pick up game last year with the Tar Heels. Bill was just getting excited about the team going all the way and of course being the champions, invited to the White House to meet you know who.

I spent some time visiting Myrna Loy and William Powell this afternoon. Obviously not their real names, as both Loy and Powell have shuffled off this mortal coil sometime ago. Casey and the missus. Very pleasant time hanging out with the two of them.

Casey actually obtained a patent for something he invented which I won’t talk about here, but since you, the reader, is more than likely sitting in front of a computer screen, it could be of use to you, somewhere down the line. It was exciting to hear about it.

Casey made some chicken chili which I had a little bit of. It was good, hit the spot, but I had my own chicken at home. They came home to roost you see.

I watched the DVD Patti Smith: Dream of Life today. It was ok. I like her, met her a few times when I worked at Arista. It was my job to travel over to the studio where the Patti Smith Group were recording and give them their $1000 per diem.

That made them very happy to see me and got me a big hug from Patti herself. I also helped JD Daugherty win a lawsuit with a cartage company over a drum kit that was lost or destroyed. But I didn’t bring that up then.

The movie took ten years to make, but I thought it was disjointed, going from concert to interview to reminiscing to visits with her Mom and Dad down in South Jersey. Sam Shepard is in it, playing guitar with Patti. They used to live together in the Chelsea Hotel way back when. I did enjoy it more than What Just Happened.

Last night I threw in Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Still a hilarious movie. I threw it in for the Lenten season since Saturday Night Live was a repeat. Bill didn’t stay up for the end, but he sort of knew how it ended. I went to bed soon after.

Woke up to rain which it was supposed to do all day, but it didn’t. Still there was the threat, gray clouds and an overall dampness.

Last night wasn’t all about sitting in front of a screen. I did turn out the lights at 8:30. Actually before 8:30 and walked over to the river to see which lights would be turned off. Empire State Building and the old Met Life building on 23rd Street went dark, as well as the Chrysler building.

Didn’t notice much in the way of lights out throughout the rest of the Manhattan skyline, or in Hoboken. Here are some pictures though.

3.28.09 8:29PM

3.28.09 8:29PM

3.28.09 8:31PM

3.28.09 8:31PM

3.28.09 8:34PM

3.28.09 8:34PM

It’s Alright With Me

Well it’s Tuesday and it’s been a rainy Tuesday. The iPod keeps shedding tracks, it seems like the end is near. My computer was off all day and I made arrangements to drop it off at Rand’s tonight, but now it’s working.

As slow as ever but still it’s working somewhat. I’m not taking any chances though and I am writing this on Bill’s Mac once again. More dependable plus he’s not here. He doesn’t mind that I’m using it either.

There’s just a slight adjustment in using the Mac. Certain commands are different and instead of using the control button you need to use the ‘cloverleaf’ button to do the things you want to do.

I neglected to mention yesterday that I gave someone the wrong directions on the street yesterday. I was on 52nd street walking east and a woman asked me while she was walking west if she was walking in the right direction to get to 53rd street.

I didn’t hear her correctly and asked her to repeat herself and she did. Still I didn’t understand exactly and just agreed with her, telling her she was indeed going in the right direction. A few feet later I felt bad about not putting her on the right path, but not bad enough to set her straight.

Work was busy today and I was able to get a few things done and also find out what Vivek and his partner had in mind. 10 hours a week, paid to do administrative things like expense reports, travel arrangements and other things like that.

Extra money is extra money and I showed interest and enthusiasm. Don’t know when it’s going to start though.

Bill and I talked today, a few times actually. The call that stands out is the call I got on the bus ride home. I don’t like talking on the bus, since I don’t want to be one of those people who while chatting the people sitting around them can hear every word of the conversation. I had 2 seats to myself, probably because of the Padron I smoked on the way over to the bus terminal.

Bill was excited though, ‘fishing’ to see what I was doing on Friday afternoon. I told him I had no plans, and he wanted to meet up around 2:30 for something to do at 3:30. I told him sure, just to remind me on Friday morning.

I was a bit short though since I wanted to get off the phone as soon as I could, telling Bill that I would call him when I got home. That was the first thing I did when I got home, even before changing clothes.

He was still excited, he’s a rambunctious character. He asked if I was home and I said, yes I told him I would call when I got home and I am calling him now that I’m home.

He was going on and on about his bus driver friend and how her sister wrote a script and should the driver invest in the play.

Actually it all started when I mentioned Casey. Bill mentioned meeting Casey on the bus while his was talking to the bus driver which turned into the driver’s sister’s script. Then he said he had to get off the phone. I asked, ‘what about me?’

He asked what did I have to say and I said I didn’t have a chance to say anything since he completely dominated the conversation and how he loves the sound of his own voice. It’s true, homeboy can talk and talk without letting anyone get a word in edgewise.

Unfortunately I didn’t have anything to say except that I need to carry my computer over to Rand’s apartment and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Then he asked if I was just going to chill out in the apartment tonight and I said, No I was going to bring my computer over to Rand’s apartment. Which went in one ear and out the other.

Bill is unapologetic for the fact that he loves the sound of his own voice. But it’s alright, since I love him so. Drives me crazy like no other and that’s fine by me. After 8 years it had better be.

I think Bill and I are going to see Milk on Friday. That may be what he was fishing about. I really want to see it since Harvey Milk was a personal hero of mine. I own the documentary The Times of Harvey Milk which always leaves me sobbing at the end.

In 2004 Bill and I visited the Castro in San Francisco. Harvey Milk’s photo shop was a card store, but embedded in the sidewalk out front was a plaque in Harvey’s honor. Got choked up there too. I’ve seen the trailer and I have to say Sean Penn looks incredible. Not so much looking like Harvey, but having the mannerisms and speeech patterns down pat.

If you have a chance, rent the Academy Award winning documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk. You won’t regret it.

Deadbeat Club

Well it’s back to the grind. Last night Bill and I watched the Jack Benny dvd. A collection of 4 of his shows from 1954. I watched it on Sunday and I knew Bill would enjoy it so I saved it and watched it again. Bill took the day off as he was quite tired which made me fearful that he might be coming down with what I had but no he was just tired after the weekend and the change in weather.

It’s been getting quite cold. After Jack Benny we watched O & RM which Bill has been getting into more than me. I suppose I’ll keep watching it until things wind down after the election. I wrote that with difficulty. It’s not easy to type with your fingers crossed. I almost switched off RM and put Heroes on but since I was recording it, RM it was.

Heroes was good I thought. They’re getting rid of some superfluous characters which is fine by me. Bye Maya. Take your black tears of death with you. Hiro might be getting interesting again. Parkman, the cuddly clairvoyant bear cop is back, in love with Daphne the speedster who may or may not be double crossing the cuddly clairvoyant.

Oh and Peter lost most of his powers, but he still has that handsome power, and that Sylar. He’s fast becoming the most interesting character once again.

Couldn’t fall asleep until midnight, tried watching Letterman’s Top Ten but he just wouldn’t stop talking about Bill O’Fuckface which is almost as bad as seeing him so I finally fell asleep. Bill up before the sun and out the door.

I woke up to the Beatles singing Can’t Buy Me Love which was a nice way to start the day. I thought I would be running late again, but I wound up leaving early out of boredom.

Doesn’t seem like I’ll be seeing Casey non the bus anymore. We emailed each other and he’s working downtown now which is where I originally thought he was working but it turned out he was a couple of blocks away. Still trying to get his script to Martha G., just haven’t heard from her.

Work was good. Tom Chin learned his lesson. Greg Stevens came in, still a bit ill. He definitely seems to have what I had and doesn’t blame me for it. The day went by at a nice pace. I was relatively busy which helped.

This afternoon was a bit of a shock. Greg’s wife, Lorraine rents some office space from us, running a charitable organization out of her office. Around 3:30, one of her assistants called for me to call 911. It turns out that Lorraine was feeling faint and they were worried that she might have been having a heart attack.

She has scoliosis which sometimes affects her left arm, hence the cardiac fear. The paramedics came and checked her out and she agreed to go the hospital for some more tests. Greg had left the office and was at his acupuncturist and he was unavailable so I tried leaving a calm measured message regarding his wife’s health. That was all I could do, it was time for me to go home.

Now it’s 9:00, I just got off the phone with my dear friend Billie in DC. I hadn’t heard from him in a while so I was worried. He’s fine, once again letting me know that’s there was nothing to be worried about. I told him that Bill and I will try giving him a call on Saturday from the B-52’s show.

Keep It Rollin’

Well I’m feeling a whole lot better. That’s good news. Not 100% but in the upper 90’s. Last night Bill and I watched the debate and I participated in the Hoboken411 live blog and defended Obama valiantly.

Not taking any shit this time even with a temperature of 97.7. The democrats outnumbered and out gunned the republicans. My comments immediately went up without approval, so overall Obama and the democrats won. Hopefully we will repeat this on November 4.

Slept really well and didn’t beat up Bill for which he was glad. I woke with no problem and found myself on yet another crowded bus. No Casey. I hope I didn’t get him sick. Listened to A Tribe Called Quest on my journey across town.

Got my weekly egg sandwich. West Indian Tony still not behind the grill and no one knows when or if he is coming back. His partner behind the grill is no longer there either. Walking down 49th street I see a lot of secret service agents again as well as a battalion of police officers and detectives.

I asked one of the cops who was around and he told me Obama. I got excited and lingered with my camera out hoping to get a pic. Obama and 10,000 McCainiacs were in town for the big Alfred E. Smith (I always think Alfred E. Newman) political roast at the Waldorf Astoria.

Eventually I was moved behind a barricade, far away enough to totally not see Obama getting into the SUV motorcade so I took some pictures of some not so secret service men instead. That got me to the office a little past 8:00, not that it mattered since no one was in yet.

Did the usual turning on machines and tvs and changing tapes and making coffee. Trudy, a woman from Northern Ireland was in and we generally get along fine.

She asked how I was feeling and I told her and also mentioned that I felt better knowing that it was a cold from Stine, since I saw her on Friday and Sunday. Trudy said that wasn’t the case since these things incubate for two weeks. I repeated my claim and she repeated hers quite adamantly to the point I just turned and walked away from her. It was like I was arguing with my mother.

The day was odd. I don’t think I mentioned that with all the bad news lately regarding work, one of the former partners has taken legal action against the company. Legal Action that we more than likely can’t afford, so there were some very long meetings between Vivek, Greg Stevens and Tom Chin behind closed doors. The day proceeded under such a pall.

I cut my Netflix from 3 dvd’s to just 1. Starting my personal cutbacks. Tomorrow is going to be another quiet Friday, just me and Vivek which means I should be on the way home at 2:00 which is fine by me. I also found out that the office space that we’ve been trying to rent, has been rented and even more good news, my hours aren’t going to be cut….for now.

I checked to see if Obama was back on my way home but there were only one or two agents and police officers around. The streets were crowded with news trucks though lined up outside the Waldorf Astoria. I wasn’t hanging out to wait this time.

Came home saw Juan. He was on his way to a show, now I’m chillin’. I will probably check out O & RM tonight to see their debate coverage, so there goes that abstention.

Go Obama!

US Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) at the conclusion of the final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, October 15, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (UNITED STATES) US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN 2008

Three Girl Rhumba

Still ill. Last night was low key as expected. Just lay about the apartment, Bill came home carrying juice and concerned about me. There are moments when I feel just a little bit out of it, then there are moments when I can’t make sense of anything. Watched TV, avoided O & RM to Bill’s chagrin. Did watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report but wasn’t paying much attention.

Reading the latest Uncut magazine, good article on Bob Dylan, specifically about the albums from Oh Mercy to Love and Theft, his last studio record which came out on September 11, 2001. Talk about bad timing, it’s like the release for Phil Spector’s Christmas Album which came out on November 22, 1963. At least that’s the folklore.

Dylan’s new record in the bootleg series is outtakes from Oh Mercy to Love and Theft, and if you’ve read Dylan’s autobiography, Chronicles Volume One, a portion of that book is about the Oh Mercy sessions in New Orleans. Being in the state that I’m in reading is not as easy since my concentration is not what it usually is.

I did feel somewhat better when I went to sleep and slept fairly well though I did hit Bill once or twice during the night. I really don’t think it’s malicious, he’s just there, in the way of my nocturnal arm swinging. Perhaps I have restless arm syndrome. It is disconcerting.

I woke up at 6:00 and got myself together and went to work. I felt relatively ok. Bus was mighty crowded this morning. Saw Casey who asked the woman sitting next to me to exchange seats which she did. Casey asked how I was doing and I told him I was a bit ill after shaking his hand which made him feel like he was going to be sick. I lent him my bottle of Purel.

We talked about politics which no one on the bus talks about. No one on the bus talks about anything really. On the bus there’s this guy that I used to see with his wife when I worked at a video store on Washington Street years ago.

I know he recognizes me and I certainly recognize him but we don’t say anything to each other since it’s been about 17 years since I worked there and the store is no more. I only brought him up because once Casey and I hit the bus terminal Casey takes the subway across town and I walk, and this morning as I was crossing Park Avenue and 49th street- there was the video store guy, so he takes the subway as well but if he’s at Park Avenue the same time as I am then I make good timing while walking.

It has to be a major event for me to take the subway. Either a massive storm or I am feeling sick will get me underground.

The office was empty when I came in. Greg Stevens came in soon after me and we talked. Apparently Esteban, the last of the stooges was let go yesterday making the head count 4. He’s still going to be on staff some how, any projects that come up, he will be called in on. I had to distribute the payroll, 4 checks.

I checked the paperwork and found that I’m the only one getting paid. The officers of the company Vivek, Greg Stevens and Tom Chin are not. I guess they’re making a living out of investing in the company but there’s not much of a living to be made.

There are deals and contracts that are waiting to be completed but the companies involved aren’t sending any money our way and they’re much like my company- we’re squeezing every last cent we have. It’s not good and from what Greg Stevens told me, we probably won’t be around for 2009.

I chatted briefly with Vinnie from Wanker Banker which was swallowed up by the Big Canadian Financial Institution and he told me they let a lot of people go yesterday. So he’s scared for his job.

It’s like this all over the city, all over the country no doubt, maybe even the world. Still Greg reassured me that I should be alright, even though they still might have to cut my hours which is understandable. Not fun, but understandable nonetheless. It’s better to have some kind of job than no job at all.

But it is weird, like 10 Little Indians. And then there were 4….

PS- Just saw Julio who is sick as well. Turns out this bug is courtesy of Stine! So I guess it should last for another day or two.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the debate tonight!
Here’s a clip courtesy of Rand from the Kirby Museum

Not Fade Away

Back to work today with a stuffy nose which made everyone think I was really sick which I was and which I wasn’t. It didn’t matter- people were glad to see me. It certainly is weirder than last week. I think the term is anxiety.

Last night was different somewhat. Bill came home in time to catch Heroes with me. I recorded it so I can get agitated by Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I much preferred Heroes despite the leveling of the fictional Costa Verde, CA. That came as a total surprise.

Hard to figure who is a hero and who is a villain, who is alive and who is dead. Luckily I do know comic books somewhat or at last used to, so however farfetched the plot may be I don’t have much difficulty following it or accepting the weirdness.

After that I watched the news and then some of the Simpsons and tried to fall asleep but the nap that I had taken earlier made that difficult. Woke up at 6:00 and it was dark out. Bill hovered above kissing me good bye and I asked him if it was raining out. It wasn’t. I showered and shaved and after some coffee was out the door.

No Casey this morning, though he did send me an email just in case I have to look for a new job, some links to a company that the missus works at. I was grateful for that. I walked across town listening to The Bird and The Bee of course and midway through I switched to Paul McCartney singing Band on the Run. Great song.

Two years ago Julio and I went to see Macca at the Garden, truly one of the best shows I had ever been to. Bill and I were supposed to go together but we were estranged at that time so I took Julio instead. He got teary during Yesterday and I got teary during Maybe I’m Amazed. I swear I was high from that concert for a few days.

I still get a thrill from the memory. After that I played Jet and Live and Let Die, finishing up with Hi Hi Hi before heading into my building. Felt like a Monday but it was a Tuesday. No one in the office when I got in but within an hour people showed up.

Greg Stevens inquired about my wellbeing and I inquired about his. His portfolio in a shambles but he reassured me that there’s a place for me at the company and I have nothing to worry about, except perhaps cutting my hours back.

Vivek eventually came in and he too asked how I was feeling, making a comment about how he thought I might have gone on strike since the talk he and Greg had with me regarding the shorter work week. I told him that I would hang in there and I am quite loyal which he was glad to hear.

Some vendors stopped by, telling me about how my company could save money if we’d only switch over to their company’s machines. I just sat there as the woman said her speech and her manager kept telling me about how he bought GE stock two weeks ago and how he should have waited.

I felt bad for the sales woman since she was obviously saddled with a neckbone for a manager. Still I couldn’t help her, I couldn’t buy any products. I couldn’t tell her about the financial state of my company and told her I would get back to her with regards to the luncheon showcase next week that she invited me to.

After work I walked to the Path train, listening to Konk!, and enjoyed a Padron. Tomorrow is but another day, but at least I’m ready for a four day work week. And it was a two banana day. Tonight, the second debates with Obama and McCrazy.

one of Colbert’s green screen challenges, courtesy of the wonderful BettiCola

and to end on a good note, if you find yourself in Akron, OH on October 17, 2008 at 8:00 pm, you should go to the Akron Civic Theatre…
Akron’s own DEVO will appear on the Civic Theatre stage. This performance is a benefit for the Summit County Democratic Party. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, October 7th, at 11:00 a.m.

thanx to jockohomo for the tip

When the Whip Comes Down

Well yesterday seems to have been a better day than today. And the fiction I published yesterday seems to have struck quite a chord what with all the comments, all the ‘what the fuck was that?’. Really!

Last night was pretty much quiet, Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, with the Senate vote broadcast live during Rachel’s show. The bailout bill was passed 74-25, now it goes to the house.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were spot on, Colbert had James Taylor on his show, promoting his new album which is all cover versions of songs he really likes. I worked with James Taylor years ago, really nice guy, no star trip and the people around him were very nice too.

James was enjoyable, saw him sing (I’m A) Roadrunner, originally by Jr. Walker. There was another song following the commercial break, but the DVR didn’t catch it. Caught the news and then I snoozed.

Slept really well, woke up it was dark out. Bill kissing me goodbye, telling me he can’t wait for Sarah Palin to go down in flames.

I was wary even while lying in bed and told Bill, ‘Don’t be cocky’. Ran into Casey on the bus. Mr. Animated he is. We talked about the tonight’s debate, how gosh darned inept Sarah Palin is. Lucky Casey is going out of town with the missus this weekend. I’m staying put of course. He was off on his way to work via the subway, I walked through midtown, past the Tai Chi people in Bryant Park.

Stopped in Smilers on Fifth Avenue, West Indian Tony is still out. Been out a month I think. He’s got a bum knee and staying on his feet behind a grill all day is not the way for it to heal. Hopefully he has insurance, but being a short order cook in a deli, it doesn’t seem likely.

Heard from another old friend from my old neighborhood, Donna who has custody of her late sister’s son. Apparently Donna’s sister was married to an abusive guy, who abused her and their son. So now Donna has custody, but she and her husband are getting ready for a court battle over who the son should be with.

A family that loves the kid, or an abusive father who never really cared for the kid in the first place. I used to play with Donna until she got all girly.

Work was quiet and awfully slow. At one point this morning, Greg Stevens and Vivek sat me down to have a talk with me. It was about how things aren’t going so well, and if it continues to be this way, they may have to cut my hours, from a five day work week to a four day work week.

They wanted to keep me in the loop, and also said if I had any other offers I should seriously consider those offers. Unfortunately I have no other offers. That did my head in somewhat. I spent most of the day walking around in a daze.

It’s not necessarily the end, but the writing seems to be on the wall unless Greg and Vivek’s plans go through. If they don’t then the ship is going under. I left at 4:00 rather than 4:30. Nothing was going on and I had nothing to do. Didn’t feel like staying much longer.

Walked across town listening to Mambo’s from the 1940’s and 50’s and enjoying a Padron. Caught the bus and ran into Casey again, this time I was the animated one and he was not so much.

I walked over to the library and picked up The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. Blurbs by Howard Zinn and Studs Turkel on the back cover, so she’s in good company. That’s it for now. Just anticipating the debate tonight and hoping it goes well for Joe Biden.

Solid Air

Well Juan was here last night. A total surprise. He was ringing my bell five minutes after I got here. Lately the buzzer has been broken making communication to the street near impossible. I was hanging out the window yelling to whoever was ringing the bell, but they couldn’t hear me. Finally Juan looked up and I buzzed him in.

His car broke down in Newark and his mother wouldn’t help him so AAA picked him up and drove him to Union City where he fought with his mother and then walked down here to Hoboken. It was cool hanging out with Juan, of course.

Then Bill came home and we all watched Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. All very good despite Bush Co making his speech about how the economy is terrible. Nice for the idiot to notice. It happened on his watch and once again he has done nothing. Oh history will judge him harshly for sure, but I can’t wait for history.

From the History Boys: ‘History? It’s one fucking thing after another innit?’

Juan wound up sleeping on the couch, Bill and I snuggled in the bed. I told Juan that Bill is up at 5:30 and out by 6:00 and I’m up and out by 7:00. Of course at 6:45 Juan was still fast asleep with morning mouth. He does look adorable when he’s sleeping though. He got himself together and got a train back to Trenton. For me work was busy.

We had an auditor in the office which made Tom Chin extremely nervous. Still there was nothing to worry about. A steady stream of visitors were in today which made things busy for me but I didn’t mind. The streets are still on lock down outside the office and it’s going to be like this until next Friday due to the United Nations General Assembly.

I got through the day ok and had a nice walk past various agents and policemen. Gave some change to the homeless guy who always calls me ‘soldier’. Today he said I was looking sharp. I noticed that when I walk past some agents they look at me like I am one of them. I guess all thats missing is the tell tale bulge. No not that one. The bulge of a gun. A revolver.

I did run into Casey this morning. He’s been going in earlier so we’ve been missing each other. It was good to see him though. He doesn’t drink coffee but is quite caffeinated. We were talking politics which no one else on the bus seems to talk about. They talk about generally dumb things though the guy sitting next to me was writing a script and the scene he was working on takes place in a conference room.

It’s now a quiet and cool evening. Summer is officially over and autumn is here. One more day of work this week and then I can sleep late. I saw Sheilah Scully outside the supermarket and she was looking good. She told me she reads this blog and that she enjoyed my writing which is good to hear.

Looks like Washington Mutual is about to go belly up.

Pro-Tibet protestors

Daddy’s Home

Late start tonight. Drinks with a former co-worker, Brenda. She’s a sweetheart and we’ve been trying to meet up for drinks after work for quite a while, but things being what they are and life being what it is I usually had to back out. Tonight it all came together and we had some appetizers and some drinks and reminisced about who’s who, what’s what and things like that.

All very pleasant, she’s a luv she is. She’s still working with people I used to work with, now it’s a different company having been bought out a year or so ago. Two Stella Artois for me and I was set. We had drinks quite near Grand Central and so I walked her to the entrance and kissed her good night wishing her a safe ride home.

I decided to take the Path train home since waiting for a bus at the bus terminal can be quite tiring especially after the rush hour. Bright lights and a bunch of people I don’t want to see, or be seen by made the idea of the Path train that much more appealing.

As luck would have it a train pulled into the station and I was able to find a seat in a nearly empty car where I sat and continued reading Alan Bennett’s memoir, Untold Stories. Got off the train in no time and made a bee line so I could do a pee line in the loo in the Hoboken station.

Beautiful late summer night, I walked along the river. Couples, tourists and joggers all out and some taking pictures of the beautiful New York skyline which you can’t see if you’re in Manhattan. It’s a nice trap, how it looks so much better when you’re not in the city, then when you’re there it looks like something totally different.

Right now I’m home, Bill waited up for me to come home so he could go to bed where he is now. Rachel Maddow- we love her, is being so right on. Everything she says makes so much sense even if I did read it online a few hours ago. It just sounds so much better hearing it from her.

Last week on the bus, as I talked with Casey, he had a personal question that required the ‘I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a personal question’ line. I gave the go ahead and he asked if Bill and I ever considered having kids. I can’t speak for Bill since the subject never came up but I answered, no. I don’t want kids and overall I don’t like kids.

I love my nieces and nephews and I like my friends kids (love Alexander and Lily and Ruby etc) but no thanks, none for me. I don’t think I would be a good parent. I had parents that did their best, at least one of them did. The other saw his kids as his duty and his competition.

When Zed was alive, when he did something wrong it was difficult not to lose my temper and I wouldn’t want to inflict that on a child. Plus it’s so much responsibility, responsibility that lasts maybe for 18 years, maybe longer.

I’ve told Bill that I would love to get a cat (but he’s allergic) or a dog, but they tend to die on you and the heartbreak I felt after Zed died was near unbearable. If I could get a pet that died the day after I died, then I’d have no problem.

Now that would be an argument in favor of children. They’re supposed to outlive their parents so that would be cool with me. But no, no kids. Too much trouble and I’m selfish. I’d be a lousy parent and to my credit, I know that fact which is a lot better than some parents who are worse than I would ever be.

Thanks anyway.

Strange Overtones

It’s Tuesday again. It was like this last week and the week before that and it goes on further and further from here. Last night was Monday night, Bill and I watched Keith Olbermann who had some righteous indignation towards John McCrazy. Bill got very much into it, not going ghetto but politicized in a way. Then some Olympics then he was off to bed.

I’ve been playing DJ during the commercial breaks, going from roots reggae to the Stones to The Coasters to who knows where, finishing up with Les Paul and Mary Ford singing How High The Moon. Still sounds amazing over 50 years later, miles away from Mahwah where I believe Les Paul still resides.

Right now my computer is pissing me off. Very slow. I’ve been trying to burn some cd’s for Annemarie’s birthday but it’s been impossible. Keep getting some stupid code error. Pisses me off. Had to resort to plan B. Oh I am getting upset.

Presently running some spyware which is doing what it’s supposed to do I hope. More than anything the inability to burn cd’s is definitely pissing me off. I will have to work on that and send Annemarie the cd’s at a later date.

It’s a nice night for sure. Bill called to tell me that Rachel Maddow is getting her own show following Keith Olbermann. I’d like to think that the head of programming reads my blog but I doubt it.

Still no Casey in the morning. Maybe I’ve been leaving earlier, or he’s leaving later or on vacation. I remembered to bring something to read and of course, it’s Alan Bennett. Two short stories, The Clothes They Stood Up In and The Lady In The Van. The first story is funny, in a subtle English. I chuckled a few times reading it on the way in.

So far, a married couple have come back from seeing Cosi Fan Tutti and find their home has been burglarized with everything gone. Furniture, beds, phone, stove, every thing. The husband is a solicitor and the wife is a house wife.

They’ve lived a very sheltered life. No kids, no neighbors, no friends really. And they don’t interact with anyone in their town, in fact when he goes to use a pay phone at the laundromat, it was the first time he had ever been to one.

Of course there’s a lot more than that and I do Alan Bennett no justice in trying to describe his writing. So I’ll stop there. My copy is from Ramsey courtesy of the BBCLS, the cooperative system that Hoboken is a part of.

I am taking Juan to Girl Talk for his birthday in November. That promises to be a real good time. And next month is My Bloody Valentine as well as the B-52’s playing a free show by Kean University in Union, NJ September 6..

Here’s a thought I felt I should write down last night. Some straight people don’t want gay people around kids. The ‘official’ line is the skewed pedophilia fear, despite the fact that most reported pedophiles are straight men.

But perhaps on a deeper, unconscious level it’s fear of gaydar. The unspoken knowing that someone else is gay. It’s there, I have it. It’s defective but it works. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I think that some straight people are afraid of the gaydar coming from a child and picking up the vibe that that certain adult is different from what the child has come into contact with, and might identify more with the gay person rather than the straight people they might have been accustomed to.

What do you think of that? Comments please.

Slave to Love

It’s Monday again. And going to work is just something to do. Last night, Bill came home, actually was home before I was and cleaned up some of the apartment. Kudos for Bill on taking the initiative. Piece by piece, bit by bit, he’s slowly getting the apartment. And buying groceries.

In the 5 years we’ve been living together, he never really did that before. He usually gets off the bus and buys whatever he needs at the Village Market. They charge a bit more for the convenience. I tried telling him to just walk to the supermarket which is a block away from the apartment, but he never would, until now.

I’m glad he’s finally listened to me, especially since I stand to benefit from his errands. He watched the Olympics as I wrote, going off on what was going on during the games. I was trying to get the blog up so I wasn’t really paying him much attention.

A little after 10:00 he went to bed. I stayed up and watched the news, finally going to bed at 11:30. Fell almost immediately into a deep sleep. That only lasted a few minutes. I think I was dreaming about 9/11, when Bill turned and touched me on the arm which made me jump almost a foot into the air. He didn’t notice but I had some difficulty going to sleep for a while after that.

Next thing I know Bill is kissing me goodbye as he was headed out the door. I rallied and shaved for the first time in days and was soon out the door. As I got on the bus I realized that I had nothing to read. I hoped Casey would be on this bus, but he was nowhere to be found as the bus pulled away from his usual stop.

So I sat and stared out the window and silently judged my fellow commuters. So many one passenger cars going into the city. With the price of gas and the cost of the toll you’d have to have some money in the bank to commute solo each day.

Got to work. Half the office out on vacation. I put off some work from last week, planning on doing it this week. Errands to run and I took my time, even stopping off to get my shoes shined. No one noticed since hardly anyone was in.

Got a phone call from Pedro who I hadn’t heard from in weeks. Still a knucklehead. I love him and mean that as a term of endearment. He was asking me about E-trade, how reliable it is. Apparently he has some money and is looking to invest. What does he want to invest in? Coal. I asked him, ‘Coal?’

He responded, ‘Yeah coal nigga. C-o-a-l. Coal.’ I told him that I didn’t think it was a good idea and explained why to him. His response was the fact that China uses it, and they’re building a coal plant a day. Whether or not that’s true it’s a terrible idea and definitely bad for the environment.

It seems when I’m not around giving him the liberal slant on things, he gets wrapped up in the conservative bullshit. He basically repeated the talking points that have been regurgitated the past few weeks. How fossil fuels are a myth and other crap like that.

I also said that he should look into solar and wind power, renewable sources of energy. He said that they were nowhere near ready and I responded that is when you should invest, now, when they are still in research.

And also some guys up at MIT a few weeks ago, had found a way to store the energy provided by solar panels. I love Pedro so much and I hate to see him following the low thought patterns of his fellow corrections officers.

If I didn’t get through to him I would like to think I put a kernel of knowledge in his mind, as opposed to the third hand FuckSnooze talking points.

Here’s some extra pics from the weekend…

I think adults on Razor Scooters are dumb

Hoboken from the Heights

And away he goes…!

D’Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel?)

Ya heard?

Hairdresser On Fire

Well yesterday was fraught with nerves. Me snapping at Harpy, me joining a Facebook group dedicated to the Manhunt Boycott, posting a comment there only to have it deleted. The guy from Quebec who now resides in New York decided what I had to say was bound to distract from the topic of the boycott.

I thought if he had mentioned his problem with it to me I would have reworded it but he didn’t, it was his prerogative to do so. So after being censored on Manhunt, and then censored again by the Boycott of Manhunt group which was less than Jake, I quit his group and started my own which was my intention in the first place.

Jake was awfully nice to allow me to repost but by then I had left his group. Basically I was fired up and felt I had no support from people that I expected support from. C’est la vie. I’m over it. I have three people in my Facebook group, Boycott Manhunt.net and that’s fine by me. I’m quite apathetic on the subject today.

I don’t really give a damn. I got way too worked up on it. I would like to think I won’t get worked up on political matters again, but who knows? I’m sure there’s something down the line which will light my fire again. Too much passion. And the William S. Burroughs paraphrase was off putting to those who don’t or can’t think for themselves.

Woke up feeling not so bad physically but mentally I just wanted to stay in bed. I had to go to work since from what I heard yesterday, they are totally inept without me. Got to the office early. Been leaving the apartment a little before 7:00, no sign of Casey. Bill ran into the Caseys last night while he was at the laundry. Perhaps he’s been leaving later.

In any event I’ve been plowing through the New Yorker, and I’m almost done with it. I’m also in the Afterword part of Rip It Up by Simon Reynolds and Alan Bennett is patiently waiting in the wings. Got to the office, I was the first in. Got an email that someone was going to be late since he had gone out drinking with a coworker who was let go yesterday.

Not for doing anything wrong, he was doing a good job, it’s just that there’s no money. Greg Stevens once again reassured me that my job was not in any danger. Vivek flew to India to try to get some more money.

They have a plan to try something which if it doesn’t work by the end of the year, the company will possibly sink. I’ll hang in there, and see how it turns out. So now I work with five people whereas last year it was ten people.

The benefit of selling myself short. Don’t make enough money to be of any concern to the powers that be.

I did find a check for $78,000 on my desk this morning, but alas, it was not for me. Now it’s lightning and thundering outside.

Bill just came home and I’m tired. That’s all for now.

Smell ya later.

PS- Hello Sandy Allen, a song by Split Enz. Sandy Allen was the tallest woman in the world. She died yesterday. Split Enz wrote a song about her and her positive spirit after meeting her when she and the group were on the same talk show in the 1980’s.

No video for Hello Sandy Allen, but this is from the same album

I’ll Follow The Sun

Well I just got back a couple of hours ago from Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island. All is well. The ocean was like bathwater, it was that warm. A few jellyfish but that’s sort of expected in August down the shore. There were reports of lots of jellyfish off the coasts of NJ and Long Island, but it wasn’t too bad at least in Ship Bottom.

Thursday morning Bill was off to work after a nice dinner with Casey and his wife. It was at McSwells and it was a bit on the loud side. I don’t recall Steve Fallon allowing music that loud to be played in the restaurant, but these tattooed kids today…

Roda was managing and we saw him for a spell before heading home, Bill went right to bed and I soon after, after realizing that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Plus I had the trip down the shore the next morning. Bill was gone after a nice kiss and I was up getting things together.

Made sure the iPod was charged, had plenty to read and headed off to the bus having decided to avoid the stress of the morning rush hour which I deal with every day. Why should I have to deal with thousands of people on my day off? It was a lot less crowded and I was able to walk outside to see if the latests Mojo and Uncut magazines were on the stand yet.

They weren’t, and I still had the New Yorker and Rip It Up by Simon Reynolds. Got on the bus to Toms River where I would have to transfer. Listened to Scritti Politti and read the sad article about the gay soldier killed in Iraq. Then some of Rip It Up and soon I was asleep, waking up just outside of Toms River.

The Toms River sky

About 20 minutes later the transfer bus shows up and I’m on that heading down the back streets of Highway 9. Contacted my sister in law Elaine and let her know I would soon be in Manahawkin. I was unfamiliar with the route and the map on the schedule was no help at all.

The bus driver told me she would drop me off at the Manahawkin library but I got out a before that at Lake Manhawkin, walked 100 yards and found Elaine with her friend Irene. Got to Ship Bottom where Frank was on the couch watching TV, much like he does on Garfield. But it’s his vacation and he’s entitled to do whatever he wants to do.

Elaine and I walked over to the beach around 4PM. Still hot and bright out and the water must have been in the 70 degree range. Elaine’s not one to play in the ocean so I floated around and got beaten up a bit by the waves, which I definitely enjoy, though it’s always more fun if there’s someone else with you getting knocked around by the tide.

Frank and Elaine

After an hour or so of that we headed back home, Frank in a different position on the couch, Irene on the porch reading a book. I showered and alternated sitting outside with the women and sitting inside with my brother. We microwaved some vittles and watched some TV, Frank and I going for a ride in his car, looking for some place featuring a Grateful Dead cover band the next night.

Thankfully we couldn’t find it. No Deadhead me, whereas Frank used to be and still is somewhat. We talked about music and somehow Pat Boone came up. We also talked about how he is trying to be more positive and stop being negative which in an amazing coincidence for someone who looks a lot like Frank, I am trying to do the same.

I had gotten an email before I left from Casey who said he had a good time and that Bill was one of the most positive people he’s ever met. And it’s true Bill is so damn positive and I’m not. Sometimes a conversation between Bill and myself goes,
Bill: Isn’t it great that so and so had this happen to them?
Me: No. No it isn’t.

So to hear Frank talk about trying to be positive was a weird thing to hear.

I took a walk by myself when I came home, to the beach where I was a bit intimidated by the vastness of the ocean, at night, seeing a boat far away in the darkness. Looking north I could watch a lightning storm miles away, all the while amazed by the hundreds of suns far away in the universe, some dying, some dead with the light just reaching us now.

The beach at night

I am always in awe of just looking up in the sky and seeing all that, but you really can’t see it in Hoboken due to the light pollution of New York City. I came home to Elaine and Irene soon going to their bedrooms and I stayed up with Frank watching some of the Colbert Report but the waves beating me up in the afternoon took it’s toll and soon I was asleep in bed.

And that’s where I had this odd dream about Pat Boone coming onto me, wanting to get a threesome going with Scott from Stevens Tech, unseen in the next room. In the dream Pat Boone was really hung. I woke up just then, and no I didn’t try to go back to sleep.

Got out of bed, and went and got coffee for the coffee drinkers. Went to the beach around 10:00. Not too crowded save for a group of Christianists praying in the sand. A youth group actually repeating whatever it is they were told. There were about 50 kids ranging from about 8 to 16, led by slightly older teenagers, cheerleaders for god.

Took a while for the water to warm up again, Elaine, Irene and myself enjoyed ourselves, the two of them collecting shells. After getting lunch for everyone I jumped in the water. We were sitting in the surfing area so I had to walk about 100 feet north. By that time there were a lot of people on the beach, a lot of families.

When I would go to the beach with Julio and Stine, we would make a point to get as far away from people as possible. It was impossible to do that at Ship Bottom but I made the most of it.

Elaine and Irene left around 2:00, I stayed until about 5:00, going back in the water and occasionally silently freaking out when my hand would brush a dead jellyfish. Dinner was Italian take out which was mediocre.

Just sat around and watched TV with Frank and drank sangria with Elaine on the porch. Since I was beaten up by the ocean so much more in the afternoon I wound up falling asleep at 9:00.

This time I dreamt I was driving the brown Ford Econoline from my HBJ days, driving in Manhattan with Zed my late cat and the namesake of this blog. Like I used to do, in the dream I was driving through Central Park and heading for Farfetched which was now located in a glitzy store in Times Square.

It seemed to be quite a success, enough so that neither Susan nor Lois, not even Harpy were working. I had to pick up something behind the counter and though I didn’t know the girl behind the register, she knew me. Zed and I were back heading through Central Park when I woke up and took a picture.

Then went back to sleep, waking up a little while later, Elaine and Irene cleaning up since we needed to be out by 11:00AM. I went out and got coffee and helped clean up when I got back. Took a walk on the beach, just a handful of people, fishermen and surfers out so early.

We were on the road in two cars, Elaine and Irene in one car, Frank and myself in his. Had a nice ride home talking about familiar subjects in every sense of the word. Now I am home and ready for a nap. Tonight’s plan, dinner with Julio and hanging out with Juan. So perhaps a disco nap is in order.

No nap, second wind, more pics…


♫ everybody’s working for the weekend ♪


Leftover Secrets To Tell

Well it’s now Tuesday. Not a bad day at all. Last night was Monday and as I started to watch Bill Olbermann, Harpy called. That was a good call, funny and enjoyable and me giving Harpy advice to sometimes bite his lip and keep his mouth shut. We all have to do it from time to time and sometimes if you want to keep a job that is what you have to do most of the time.

I hope he heeds my words. Getting a job is tough these days and sometimes you just have to play the game. Twenty years ago when we were younger, things were different. Of course a lot of those time we were basically wasted. Coming down, well right next door in the next cube is a friend with something to pick you up. I guess that lasted a couple of years, it’s hard to tell.

Nowadays, I know I can’t bounce back like I used to so I don’t do those things anymore. I paused Keith Olbermann while Harpy chatted and was back to watching it about a half hour later. Bill came home in the meantime and he’s been enjoying Olbermann more than I do.

I was waiting for Weeds again. Very good episode, but not as good as the previous week. Celia seems to have developed a love for blow, while Silas is seeing a cougar as Shane bashed the most popular kid in his new school with a cafeteria tray, telling the kid as he was splayed out on the floor not to fuck with him.

And of course Nancy has her own thing going on as does Andy the coyote. Nancy playing with fire and Andy will have a different fire in a leg brace coming after him from south of the border. Bill was in bed halfway through and I continued watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl which was the season finale. That was pretty good. I don’t keep and eye out for that show but once I start watching it I get caught up.

After that was the news, I stayed up long enough to see what Otis Livingston was wearing and then I was the other lump in the bed. Before I knew it it was 6:00 and Bill was kissing me goodbye as he headed off to the gym. I was out of bed soon after that and I was out the door about 45 minutes later.

On the bus I run into Casey again. Such a ball of energy as opposed to me needing another cup of coffee. I think I was able to hold up my end of the conversation which wasn’t as death oriented as yesterday. Casey told me about his script and he emailed me a copy.

It’s pretty good actually. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, too many interruptions during the day, meaning too many prying eyes. I would like to be able to sit down and read it from start to finish which I’ll do later.

I had a few errands to run again which made it good to be out of the office. Been noticing a lot of people with broken arms lately. I suppose that could be the latest fashion and I’m glad I disdain the latest fashions.

I do look forward to wearing a suit and tie again when it gets cooler outside. I saw a few good looking guys today all suited up and wonder why they don’t sweat like I do. They must take cars and taxis mostly and don’t do too much walking in the heat. Still, I can deal with the heat the best as I could and maintain my casual appearance.

Tomorrow night Bill and I are having dinner with Casey at Margherita’s on Washington Street. That should be fun.

Here’s a pic or two.

The Index Finger

The Knee

The tourists

28 years ago…..?

Double Feature (courtesy of BettiCola)