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Manchester, England

Argh. 98 degrees inside the apartment, says my trusty thermometer. I choose to believe the thermometer. Last night when I wrote it was quite difficult. Couldn’t focus on the keys. Took me a while to get a grip. I was still out of it when Bill came home. I was surprised to see him, he said he told me he was coming home earlier in the day. I forgot, so fried I was. Not that I was caught in flagrante delectico. That happens to other people.

I tried to keep cool with the lights low, he comes home, makes pasta and turns on as many lights as possible. To his credit he bought me a Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge Brownie pint of ice cream so all was forgiven with but a flick of a switch. We watched the second half of A Hard Day’s Night. Bill thought it was called Ticket to Ride. I corrected him, telling him that he was thinking of Help. He really enjoyed the Ticket To Ride sequence, since it has the music notes on the Alps, a musician to the end.

I was waiting for the documentary on Roman Polanski. It’s been getting a lot of good reviews and as I turned the channel, I saw the opening credits to Hairspray, the musical version. It was cute and I saw it last year with Bill and Billie who was up from DC. I didn’t want to watch it again so I changed the channel again to Deep Impact. Which I had seen before but Bill had never seen it from start to finish. It was enjoyable somewhat each time Elijah Wood was on screen we’d yell out ‘Frodo!’.

When that ended Die Hard 3 came on and Bill was totally revved up for it so I went off to bed and slept a sweaty sleep, despite 2 fans a blowing. The Roman Polanski documentary is on tonight so that’s what I’ll be watching. Went to work this morning, it was 86 degrees, and that felt comfortable, but the nearest star, it’s rays are still quite powerful leaving me to seek sanctuary in the shade.

I had nothing to read, having finished the David Sheff book and the New Yorker. I could only stare out the window and look at all the single passenger cars heading into the tunnel. Such waste. Of course since gas is getting so expensive some people are actually using mass transit making things hot and crowded. I made it to the office, and changed my t shirt.

I called up the insurance company and asked them to explain my bill. They spelled it out, saying that since I had the extractions and the surgery on the same day, instead of getting $600.00 back I’ll be getting $129.00 instead. That sucked as I was planning on using the money towards the next dental appointment which was scheduled for July 2. I called up my dentist and had to cancel that and also ask her to write a letter saying why it was important to have the procedures done on the same day.

Apparently if I had one done on Monday and the other done on Tuesday that would have been alright. My dentist said she would check with her director. And to add a little salt to the wound, the $129.00 check was sent to the school and not to me. Again. They did this last time. If I want to appeal the insurance company’s decision, I have to do it in writing, and that should take about 30 days.

When I asked for the $129.00 check to be resent to me the initial neckbone said it would take 90 days. Then I was told 5 to 10 business days. Fucking assholes. And still no info from my dentist yet. Is this what I get when I go out of the plan and try to save some money? The procedures would cost a lot more if I went to an actual dentist in the plan. The dental school is about half that. Jerk off bastard insurance company.

After that I had errands to walk. Had to go to Saks Fifth Avenue for a director from my office. She’s in Europe and I tried doing it on the phone, but would up going to the store. Snooty but not as bad as I thought it would be and the men’s suits weren’t all that. I also found out and told Juan that we wouldn’t be hiring him for the summer. He was cool about it, he’s collecting unemployment, but I know they’re making a mistake, not but not hiring Juan, but by not hiring anyone at all.

Release Me

Well I haven’t had one in a while but today was just one of those days. Slept a bit later than usual, still at the office only 10 minutes late. Watched Rendition last night. Not that good a movie. I wouldn’t watch it again. Couldn’t be bothered. I’m sure their hearts were in the right place when they were making it, but ultimately there was really nothing worth looking at twice. Peter Saarsgard was the best thing in it. Jake Gyllenhaal was ok. Reese Witherspoon was ok. Meryl Streep, Alan Arkin, ok ok. I wouldn’t even watch it on cable.

Went to sleep after that. Woke up, just dragged my ass out of bed and slowly got my act together. Walked out, it was in the 40 degree range, promised to be warmer and windier later in the day so I gambled and went without my winter coat. I saw plenty of other people preparing for Arctic expeditions, usually it is people who’ve immigrated from warmer climes, but today it seemed like everyone but me bundled up. I was fine, I walk at a fairly good pace which gets my internal engine going nicely. Felt good, bracing winds at my back as I walked towards Grand Central.

There is a weird atmosphere in the office, Moe is not really gone. He’ll come in from time to time, but not really an employee anymore. No official announcement, just hearsay. I had to corner Vivek to get that info. Things are picking up a bit for me work wise. Trying to rent out office space, but no one is spending money on anything these days, and we’re asking for $3000 for a 10′ x 14′ office space, which can also be a drawback Other ads offer whole floors of office space for a little bit more than we’re asking.

At some point today, my self esteem crashed and I wondered if I was a bad person. There was no one to ask really. Bill has his own things going on so I sat with my existential dilemma which actually started a few nights ago as I lay in bed wondering what it was that people saw, when they saw me. That didn’t keep me awake at night, but did crack the door open allowing self doubt to creep in. Still, I got through it somehow. I know I’m not a bad person, but sometimes when I think of things I had done in my past, I really feel horrible. Case in point, I felt bad writing what I wrote yesterday about whats her name. I’ve decided to do my best to drop that burning coal and leave it alone. Move on, as it were.

Jay Leno apologized for what he said. I guess Jeff Whitty got his point across and I was glad to be able to help and show my displeasure towards Jay Leno. I should have done it long ago. If Jay Leno said his favorite color was green, I would have done the same photo anyhow.

Tonight, I decided to treat myself to a couple of slices of pizza. I don’t eat it as much as I used to so I went into a joint run by Albanians, posing as Italians, posing as Sodomites. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the Marquess of Queensbury aside. 2 slices for $6.00. I balked and spun on my heel and walked out to the sound of the counterman snotty and wishing me a good night. I could get 2 small pies for $10.00. A slice of pizza is cheaper in Manhattan. I guess since the pizzeria is close to Steven’s Tech, and all those kids have some disposable income, they can get away with those prices. So that’s it for today. I’m a good person with a lot on my mind. Grumble grumble.

Raybeats- Jack The Ripper

Delta Rain Dream

Well I think it’s safe to say today was an adequate day. Nothing special at all, despite it being a Friday. I wasn’t impressed, depressed, oppressed, or distressed. It was just simply ok. Last night Bill and I came home, so tired, me physically and a touch emotionally, Bill emotionally and physically. Can’t blame him, both his parents in the hospital, though his mother is scheduled to be discharged tonight, so Bill should be spending the night there on the sofa bed of pain. I plan on getting Bill an air mattress or something like that so that his nights sleeping there wouldn’t be so painful.

I guess eventually though we’d be moving our bed over there if and when we move. I’m leaning towards that scenario albeit reluctantly. I’m a jersey boy, been here all of my life and I like it. Also I feel it gives me a connection to my brother’s and their families and wouldn’t be so difficult to meet up with Annemarie and her family when they come east during the summer. I don’t really know right now, and would rather deal with it when it occurs. Plus who the hell wants to move again? I certainly don’t.

So when Bill and I got back from the hospital, I ordered a pizza from Grimaldi’s and Bill and I watched Ugly Betty and the Office. Bill went to bed during Scrubs and then I watched My Name is Earl and 30 Rock. Bill is relatively new to Ugly Betty and since last night was a repeat I had to explain various plots and subplots, who was who, who was actually dead, things like that. The Office was also a repeat, the one where Michael accidentally sends an email of Jan topless to everyone at Dunder Mifflin.

Scrubs was good, a bit of a downer ending, Kelso is going to have to retire, thanks to Eliot’s planning a birthday party for him, who is actually 65, not 58 like he’s been saying. I expect they’ll stretch that storyline until the end of the series which is this season. The main story was JD and Turk at odds about about growing up. Finally though Turk was able to play worlds tallest doctor in the hospital parking lot. My Name is Earl was ok again. Earl is still in jail, Craig T. Nelson reneging on his promise to shorten Earl’s sentence by shredding the certificates that Earl had earned.

30 Rock once again wore the crown of funniest show, Liz Lemon dating a 20 year old with mother issues, and Frank, played by Judah Friedlander, just wanted to be with the 20 year old and enjoy each others bodies as straight men do. Now I am watching Bill Moyers on PBS. His show tonight is about American evangelicals attempting to influence US policy towards Israel. One fat fuck was just at the pulpit saying that the Palestinians didn’t own their land for it was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Yes, that’s it.

Why not?

I would have preferred Boo Radley giving Israel to Jeb and Scout along with Dill, but fictional characters are just that, fictional, so it really shouldn’t make any difference should it? Argh. These ‘people’! They’re also saying that Hurricane Katrina was because of the US supporting Palestinians getting land in Israel. If they want to ‘save’ Israel move the fuck over there, shit heads. And do not come back. Fulfill your pathetic mythological destinies dumb asses. Get the fuck out of here. Good wholesome ignorant scum bags.

I feel better having written that.

Totally on an unrelated note, I lost over 6000 tracks on my iPod again. Presently reloading right now, for the past 4 hours. Everything is running slowly. Argh.


It’s Tuesday. I actually thought the work week would fly by, but it isn’t. I know it’s only Tuesday, but it’s a half week of work and yesterday and today has crawled. And now my computer at home is slow. Low on virtual memory it says but I don’t know how to increase the virtual memory so if any of you out there in cyberspace know how to remedy the problem, I would be forever in your debt. I know I’ve said it before, but this time I really mean it. Everything is slow slow slow and it’s driving me crazy crazy crazy.

Haven’t heard much from Bill regarding his mother so as far as I know, she’s still under observation at St. Vincent’s hospital. Bill is making progress on the paperwork for Medicaid, so his father should be covered as far as being in the nursing home, and I guess the same could be said about his mother. He certainly has his hands full, and all I could do is be there for him, which hopefully counts for something. I even made him his dinner last night. That was cool since he usually makes a mess with the pots and the dishes, I didn’t mind at all.

It was another rainy day today and still a chill in the air. I just have to get through a few hours tomorrow and I’ll have four and a half days. I finally made a reservation for the holiday luncheon which is now on December 18. Everybody eats and drinks and then goes home. It’s going to be a Mexican luncheon. Gone are the days of hiring a disc jockey, finding a big enough space to accommodate a hundred or so people. Nice and small and civilized and done during daylight hours which will minimize the hangovers the next day.

Presently watching Keith Olbermann who has John Dean on talking about Scott McClellan’s book about how Bush, Cheney, Andy Card, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby knew they were feeding McClellan lies during various press conferences. Lies about outing Valerie Plame, the top five in this bogus administration could all be going down. It’s the talk on the news shows though I’m tempted to see how Faux News is covering it. Not too tempted though, since I just ate. And Alberto Gonzales was heckled at a speech that he probably got 5 figures for. Just caught a glimpse of Faux News, they have Fred Thompson’s wife on talking about Thompson’s agenda. She’s dressed rather conservatively, meaning her tits aren’t falling out.

Other than that, it’s pretty quiet. Have to restart the computer to reboot. I’m still open to suggestions about how to increase my virtual memory. Leave a comment, or if you know me, email. I keep getting emails about increasing the size of my manhood so emails about increasing my memory would be gladly read and appreciated. Everything is slow today, including writing tonight’s entry. It wasn’t easy. Sometimes it is, but this wasn’t happening tonight. Obviously I have other things on my mind.