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Can’t Get Out of the Rain

Once again, this is being written on Bill’s Mac. As I was making some dinner an hour ago, the power went out and I have been having some difficulty getting my computer to start up again.

I’m sure it will, just not right now. Just not, when I have to write. Last night’s entry was quite late. I had taken 199 photos at All Points West and kept about 160. I got caught up in the editing and resizing before I started writing, which made me write so late.

And it wasn’t easy since I was fried from being out in the sun most of the day. Bill came home zombiefied after going out with the cast and crew to the Cubby Hole in the Village, just as I was getting ready for bed.

I do know I slept incredibly well, no thanks to the constant downpour. Bill was up before me headed to church. I slept in for another hour or two, no worrying about the sheets being hogged.

When I woke up it had stopped raining. I showered, got most of the purple X off my hand from the festival yesterday. I called Meghan since her niece was going to today and wanted the wristband.

I was going to go to the Guitar Bar and leave it with Jim Mastro but I called beforehand and Jim told me the niece had picked up the other wristbands and was on her way. It was just as well since once again, it was pouring out.

After a few hours of rain, and after I watched a documentary on Jack Wrangler, a 1970’s porn star the rain let up and I decided to drop off the 2 Netflix movies I had.

The other was Unleashed, starring Jet Li, Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman. I rented that one since the music was by Massive Attack. In the UK the movie is called Danny the Dog which is also the title of the soundtrack album. It was an OK kung fu movie, though a bit schizophrenic.

Had 2 California calls today. Annemarie for the usual weekend call and Juan who was in Berkeley visiting his uncle. Juan was hilarious and had me laughing quite a bit. He’ll be back next weekend.

And of course I wish Annemarie and Earl were around. I felt that way a few times last week, walking along some of the same streets I walked along with Anne & Earl.

Juan tried to convince me to go again to All Points West to see MGMT playing and take some pictures. But they’re not going on until late, and with all the rain in the past 24 hours, it’s more than likely muddier than ever.

And True Blood is on tonight and I am quite exited to see how things will turn out this week. I know I could watch True Blood anytime and here is MGMT playing a show that I could see for free, quite close to home, but I just don’t want to get caught in the rain.

As for work, I will probably go in on Tuesday to see how things are. I don’t have a phone and no computer thanks to Vivek so I don’t know what the point will be in going in.

Potatoes for salad are at a low it seems.

Just checked my computer, which still won’t reboot. Screen frozen. Leaving it unplugged for a while, perhaps that will do the trick.

It was Rand’s suggestion the other day to do that, so hopefully it will work again. Or I will just have to bring it to Rand’s again for a closer inspection.

Bill plugs in the computer and it reboots. This is written on my computer.

Tattooed Love Boys

Last night was pretty quiet, just hanging out, chilling. Listening to music mainly. Bill was out stage managing. Julio wasn’t doing much since he was getting up early for work today with NFL films and Eli Manning. Some football player I suppose.

Julio said this Manning fella was pretty tall, 6’5” to be exact. A real 6’5” as opposed to my pseudo 6’2”, so Julio said.

Bill came home a zombie once again and this time with a head cold which is probably from working too hard and not eating properly. I mentioned earlier that Bill should be more careful about his diet when working so hard, but as usual the words got in the way.

He soon fell asleep sitting up watching TV so I gently guided him to bed where he fell fast asleep. I watched some TV for a while and eventually joined Bill. That went well except for the part when I hogged all the sheets, making Bill a bit upset.

I woke up around 9:00, did my thing, bagels, newspaper. Almost got a haircut at Mr. L’s but my barber Tony always had someone in his chair. Made plans with Meghan to meet up this afternoon with Lily and Ruby at the Guitar Bar before heading off to All Points West.

It was just a quick hop to the train station from the Guitar Bar. We stopped for a slice of pizza in the train station before hopping on the Light Rail. Lily and Ruby and their friend Francesca were itching to see Arctic Monkeys and Gogol Bordello.

A friend of Meghan’s brother hooked us up with passes so admission was free which beats paying $90.00 a ticket. It was quite a nice day for a festival. Nary a cloud in the sky. The sun was beaming.

The girls ran into the crowd and Meghan and I found some shade and people watched while we split a beer.

Kool Keith played on a secondary stage and I don’t think I would have minded all the ‘mother fuckers’ coming from his set if it wasn’t for the teenage girls with us. But they were running around in the mud and weren’t paying much attention since they didn’t care for Kool Keith anyhow.

Arctic Monkeys were pretty good but I’m sure if they played a room like McSwells it really would have been impressive. After they finished, Gogol Bordello came on and they were entertaining for a while, but basically all their songs sounded the same after a while.

The girls loved both the Arctic Monkeys and Gogol Bordello. And the crowd did too.

My Bloody Valentine came on a while after that and sure enough they were incredibly loud. I saw them at Studio 54 19 years ago and they were phenomenal, here they were just loud and their power dissipated in the open air.

It was too much of a sound mess and with all the mud from the past week of rain it had worn the girls out. We headed out on the long trek back to the Light Rail, opting to skip the rest of My Bloody Valentine and totally missing Tool who was headlining.

We didn’t care to see Tool anyhow. People were streaming in to see Tool and only Tool as we were leaving.

Lot’s of Tool t-shirts were seen as well as quite a few Beatles t-shirts. Almost as many Beatles t-shirts as were at the Paul McCartney show a few weeks ago.

The ride back was fun, the girls were all charged up from the concert and Lily had legs covered in mud. We made it back to Hoboken where Lily tried cleaning off her legs in a fountain on Pier A, but the water pressure was too strong. She was able to clean her boots though.

A quick late night Thai dinner and soon they were dropping me off before heading off to Gen Ridge. Really a wonderful time today.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

my ersatz daughter, Lily

my ersatz daughter, Lily

Ruby, Francesca & Meghan

Ruby, Francesca & Meghan

8.1.09 All Points West 013
Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

Ruby's crush

Ruby's crush

8.1.09 All Points West 077
8.1.09 All Points West 102
Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello

8.1.09 All Points West 115
DJ dance area

DJ dance area

8.1.09 All Points West 118
Tool fans in Tool t-shirts

Tool fans in Tool t-shirts

8.1.09 All Points West 1198.1.09 All Points West 1208.1.09 All Points West 146
8.1.09 All Points West 152

Sing the Changes

Right now, everything is good. It’s been a weird kind of day. Slept in since my 10 hours of work were completed yesterday. I did get a call from Viveka about a marble mouse that Vivek was looking for.

I had it here, so I planned on bringing it in. I was also hoping to get my allotment of Hot Wheels cars but since yesterday was Vivek’s birthday, Sanjay and Abby and the birthday father to be went out gallivanting, rendering Vivek incapacitated and unable to come in.

Yeah, it sucked. But it wasn’t the end of the world and I know I will get paid eventually.

I hope sooner rather than later of course. I came home and decided to take random pictures of people on the streets. It was a nice day after all. Not one drop of rain and nary a cloud in the sky.

On the walk across midtown I was pleasantly surprised to catch a few whiffs in different areas of some pungent aromas. It was almost like it was twenty years ago. In broad daylight, some brave folk out for a toke.

I had almost forgotten that it can be done. Hell, I used to do it all the time. That was when I had cojones. Nowadays, not so much.

Came home and farted around. Returned some library books and walked around a bit. I saw Jim Mastro inside the Frozen Monkey Cafe so I walked in to say hello when Lily and Ruby Mastro walk up. Lily was drumming for some kids who take lessons at the Guitar Bar.

The girls told me Meghan was on the way. I stuck around and had some fun with Meghan who might have an extra pass for All Points West on Saturday if Jim couldn’t make it. She said she was going to let me know by tomorrow.

My Bloody Valentine and Arctic Monkeys are on the bill. There are other acts on the bill, but those are the two I would like to see.

I would have stayed at the Frozen Monkey Cafe but I was actually planning on food shopping. Plus it wasn’t Lily’s band, she was only filling in and the guys in the band really liked Guns & Roses and as annoying as that band used to be, hearing Sweet Child of Mine played by a 15 year old was more than I needed to hear.

I also made tentative plans with Meghan to hop on a train one day soon and just spend some time out in Glen Ridge. Been meaning to do that for a while now and since I’m not working, as Meghan pointed out, now would be as good a time as any.

And by now she meant next week. Now it a quiet evening, a breeze wafts through the open window. Haven’t hooked up the air conditioner. The fans have been good when Bill and I sleep.

It’s only when the sun is out, that’s when I would like to have an air conditioner on. Or to be in an air conditioned office, working.

7.30.09 RMNY 001
7.30.09 RMNY 054
7.30.09 RMNY 067
7.30.09 RMNY 068
7.30.09 RMNY 085
7.30.09 RMNY 089
7.30.09 RMNY 090
7.30.09 RMNY 094
7.30.09 RMNY 098
7.30.09 RMNY 101